Our Virtual U3A

By | March 22, 2020

An increasing number of Groups (and Organisers of other events and individual members) are being very innovative in carrying on remotely! 

  • Computer Advice –  remote support by email and phone.
  • Choir – Is it true that some U3A singers are following Gareth Malone on YouTube? See a Classic fm article on the Great British Home Chorus.
  • Creative Writing – a virtual monthly meeting via emails and possibly Instagram. Still in the setting up phase.
  • Country Dancing – write in the enews of 1 Apr 2020, 10:42  “We’ve set up a WhatsApp group to keep in touch & cheer us up.”  See the enews item for contact details if you’d like to join in.
  • Digital Photography – still running its popular Photo Competition. Get snapping!
  • Gardening Group – members have been sent a most informative email via Beacon including hints on where to order garden-related supplies.
  • German Conversation are are keeping in touch by email.  And one member, at least, seems to be “spending his isolation looking up and sending things to cheer us all up”.  Good idea!
  • Italian – We heard through the grapevine that the Tutor is setting homework!
  • Science – featuring  online Science Quizzes that any member can try out.  If your Group would like to know how to produce such a Quiz, contact the Web Team via the email address below.
  • Ukulele -The ‘UKULEERS’ will still be keeping in touch with each other with items about the ukulele, including self help videos.  What a good time to learn to play the ukulele!  Contact Leader, Tony Crimlisk, for more information.
  • Additionally, remote help has been offered by a member on one of her interests – Geneaology.  See the enews sent out to members only via Beacon on Sat, 28 Mar, 09:21 for this kind offer and contact details. Maybe a new Group possibility for the future?
  • Various members have helpfully suggested the following ideas:

An item appeared in a recent enews saying “Keeping fit while isolating is extremely important.   There is no reason not to keep fit so have a look at these NHS videos”.

The Speaker Meeting organiser suggests having “a look at the TED talks website, which is packed with talks on all kinds of subjects”.  Some Meetings have been cancelled for the duration but alternatives are being planned – see the Speaker Meeting page.

There has been mention by a couple of members of a local (non-U3A) Zumba class already being run using Zoom. Perhaps some of our classes could carry on in this way?

Check out the Website’s new Culture at Home Post for those missing their theatre and music outings and meetings.

  • Any More Ideas?

If you as an individual or your Group has found a way to carry on regardless,  then please email the Web Team and we’ll add it to the list. You may inspire others to have-a-go too.  If you struggle with ideas or expertise in the appropriate technologies, again contact us.  Together, we can get creative, learn and share skills,  and at the same time help members feel more connected and less isolated.

email: webteam@aughton-ormskirk-u3a.co.uk

Note that the normal monthly enews is now being sent out more regularly.  If you’d like an item to appear in it, send to the enews Editor at:

email: enews@aughton-ormskirk-u3a.co.uk

Try to keep the enews items brief.  If it is long, send it in to the Web Team instead for publishing on the Website.  The Web Team will then provide a link to be included in your shortened enews item.