Our Ukulele group, known as the ‘Ukuleers’, meets as per below.  Anyone who can play a few chords is welcome to join us for a fun session, or indeed if you wish to just come along and sing with us !

Ministry Centre (Main Hall) Christ Church, Long Lane, Aughton
First and third Fridays of the month
  • Leader: Tony Crimlisk - 01695 421602
  • Coordinator: Val Bullen - 01695 572794



The Ukulele group is now restarting on  Friday 17 SEPTEMBER. 

We will be meeting at our usual venue – Ministry Centre, Main Hall,  10.00-12.00.

Our next dates are then:
  1 & 15 Oct,       5 & 19 Nov,      3 Dec    we then break for Xmas


Thinking about joining the UKULELE group?

Beginners are most welcome too, even if you can only play a few chords.

If you don’t yet have an instrument then come along and sing with us anyway to see what fun it is and also that it is not too difficult an instrument to play either. 

Contact Tony (see above) for more information.

Whilst you are waiting you can also learn, remotely,

just click on  Play Ukulele!  thanks to our Leader, Tony Crimlisk.



The Aughton & Ormskirk u3a ‘Ukuleers’ is a friendly, fun, group who meet together to sing well-known and popular songs accompanied by strumming along with our ukuleles.   Playing a musical instrument is known to keep the mind active and to help avoid some of the mental problems of older age, and the ukulele is one of the easier instruments to learn.  Anyone who already plays the Ukulele a little is very welcome to join us, as indeed are those who just wish to ‘sing-a-long’, see what we do, and maybe try it out for themselves.

Almost all our members have only learned to play over the last year or two.

Maybe, after seeing how easy it is to get started and how quickly you can progress, you too will “get the uke bug”!  


The UKULEERs enjoyed performing at the 15th Birthday Celebration on 13 October 2018 –

see below.  Click or tap on any pic to run slideshow.

Play Ukulele!

Tony Crimlisk, Leader of the Ukulele Group has sent in the following message and kind offer:

In isolation? Now’s your chance to learn a new skill. Why not beg, borrow or steal a ukulele and have a go? This is just a brief introduction to show how easy it is to start.

To get underway, download these instructions from Tony.

Playing the Ukulele

PLAYING THE UKULELE has never  been more popular.   It all started in 1879 with immigrants from Funchal in Portugal going to Hawaii to work in the sugar plantations.  They brought with them a small 4-stringed guitar-like instrument called a ‘machete’, which the Hawaiians took to immediately – especially the Royal family.  They called it a “ukulele” – pronounced “oo-ku-lay-lay” and meaning “jumping flea” because of the dexterity of the players’ fingers.   So the instrument we know as the ‘ukulele’, far from being an ancient Hawaiian instrument as many people think, is actually less then 150 years old!

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