Short Courses

Face-to-face courses and other activities, have been nigh impossible for much of the time since March 2020. Nevertheless, check out Our Virtual u3a page for remote activities which continued  to be on offer by Groups during this time of  restricted contact.

But, even under Pandemic Lockdown conditions, there has been a great opportunity to learn, remotely, how to Play Ukulele!,  thanks to the Ukulele Group Leader, Tony Crimlisk.  And we hear that remote Bridge Courses have been running. And the National u3a has been doing sterling work providing a very good range of remote opportunities throughout the pandemic.

There are, of course, loads of non-u3a opportunities on the Internet for online learning and joining in with remote classes.  If you are struggling to find suitable links or need help with the technologies involved, contact our u3a Computer Advice helpers via  or

Pre-pandemic, Aughton & Ormskirk u3a had been organising Short Courses by and for its members over many years. Originally, these courses usually ran for around 6 sessions in length. In the past we have covered a diverse range of subjects such as chemistry, botany, astronomy, geology, poetry, painting, stained glass, meditation, memory, dancing, crafts.  They typically drew on the skills, knowledge of members,

Of  recent times, the Learning Opportunities have been more varied in format eg a Series of Talks and / or Outings, One-off Workshops, Demo Sessions, Practical Tutorials and so on. Topic examples have included sessions on First Aid and the Use of Defribillators (from Professionals).  Taster sessions on skills such as Ukulele, Tai Chi, Tap Dancing have led to extra permanent Groups being formed.

 Let’s hope we can return to and enjoy our more normal activities soon.

But please bear in mind that new learning oportunities such as the Short Courses will not be able to recommence post-pandemic unless and until members step up to share their skills and help organise them.

Help and support for this endeavour can be provided by the Group Support SubcommitteeMembers of this committee can be contacted by email at:

Short Courses Photos

Some of the plants we learnt about on the excellent Short Course on Botany in 2018 run by Peter Gately. This took place in the classrom and, literally, in the field!

The 3 Peters of the Church History Group have run several excellent series of talks and visits on Cathedral Architecture over 2016 – 2017, another in 2018 and a third in 2019. Unfortunately, the 2020 series was cancelled for the obvious reason. Check out the Church History Group page for great photo galleries of cathedrals they have covered.