Aerobics Lite

A seated exercise class. A must for anyone who wants to maintain their mobility and flexibility and would like to keep their muscles strong for everyday activity.

Aughton Village Hall
  • Instructor: Nicky Garforth - 07916 142992
  • Coordinator: Pat Harwood - 01695 57264 or 07501 925388

Aerobics instructor – Nicky Garforth – has put together a programme of exercises which work through the whole body and can be done standing or sitting.

They are set to music and are fun so you don’t realise until the day after just how hard you have worked those muscles.

Classes are at Aughton Village Hall on Tuesdays at 1.15p.m.  If you think this could be for you, come along to a session – free of charge – to assess and chat to Nicky if you have any mobility or medical issues. Also you can  contact Pat Harwood 07501 925388 for more details.

Last Updated on March 21, 2024