Textiles and Quilting

Members learn from each other about quilting, embroidery, knitting, crochet, sewing, cross-stitch and anything else you wish to introduce

Scout & Guide HQ
10.00am -12.00 pm
  • Alayne Trigwell - 07341 279175
  • Gillian Skinner - 01704 579085
  • Marilyn Jones - 07721 434758

Why not come along and have a chat over a cup of tea and see if anything would interest you. We are a friendly Group who meet every week and will make you feel very welcome. During the year we hold workshops, demonstrations and hold ‘show and tell’ events.


Quilting is being revitalised and those who wish to learn to quilt and/or improve their skills will be meeting up on the first Wed of each month at our usual venue.     If you wish to use a sewing machine any other week, tables can easily be set up to facilitate.        There will still be our usual set up for all other crafts every Wed including the first one.

If you have any ideas for workshops/events/demonstrations talks etc, please let one of us know.



Please contact any of the Leaders for more information.

More Work from 2018

Some more of our work from 2018

Our Work displayed at the U3A Showcase 13 October 2018

A Rainbow of Christmas Gifts

We each received a beautifully wrapped but blank Tote Bag which members hope to decorate in individual ways

New Term – September 2017

Some of our work and events during the last two years

New jumper for Cathleen’s grandson