Wine Tasting

Six wines for tasting, expert advice and entertainment thrown in.

Scout & Guide HQ
'Usually' 4th Friday of the month
7.30 pm
  • Leader:  Iain Smart - 01704 220 618
  • Coordinator: Sally Kirby - 01695 572616

Tasting Dates

24 September

22 October

3 December

We taste six wines, usually three white and three red, which are presented by a local wine expert who also judges a ‘guess the price com­petition’.

Please ‘book early’  with the Group Leader or the Group Coordinator and if neces­sary, ‘cancel promptly’ to allow others to take your place, as events are very popular and numbers are limited.

The Admission Fee, payable at the door, is  £10 including the session fee

All are welcome to our wine events, especially new members. Please come and join us and enjoy some really nice wines with good company.