Latin & the Roman World

The members of this group have been reviving their interest in Latin for 9 years now, sociably translating passages of the language and discussing the history and culture.

Scout & Guide HQ
1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month
2.00 - 4.00 pm
  • Leader: Dennis Morley - 01704 545805
  • Coordinator: Chris Procter
The Group Page below refers to more normal times.  But this Group is carrying on regardless while maintaining social distancing. See the Latin in Lockdown Group Post as an example of their virtual activities.  

The first meeting of the spring session begins on Tuesday 7th January 2020 14:00 – 16:00 in the Scout HQ.

We have now completed Book 5 of the ‘Cambridge Latin Course’ and the ‘Oxford Latin Course ‘ Book 3. The course will now be based on ‘Latin Beyond GCSE’ by John Taylor and the Cambridge Latin Anthology. Wherever appropriate, we shall be looking at current English usage in the media, where the Latin grammatical influence is present – or absent!

On occasions we have short presentations on Roman history and culture.

Edmund Moynihan is providing presentations on early Roman History, and Brian Farrimond is presenting ‘Medieval Latin Manu­scripts: the lay and clerical experience’.

New members welcome.

A course for members wishing to start to study the language, or returning to it after some years, may commence if there are sufficient numbers showing interest.   The course will be based on the Cambridge Latin Course Book 1.  For more details please contact Chris or Dennis. 


Latin in Lockdown

Leader of the Latin & the Roman World Group, Dennis Morley,  has sent the Web Team the following example of their activities during Lockdown.  The Group is certainly being kept busy.

Lockdown for the Latin Group means just a change of method, as the group have continued their course without interruption.

Although “red ink” assessments are not used, there is a lively exchange of translations and comprehensions. This week we are looking at some “Cicero” to see whether Boris was affected by his rhetoric.

I attach a selection of cuttings from local and national rags all of which contain some “errors”; a big part of Latin in translating from English is to strip the language down to its most literal form.

See how many errors you can spot! Responses published in next edition.

Lapsus Linguae u3a

The Association this year argued that schools could only afford a 2% increase for teachers, meaning the remaining 0.75% would need additional funding.

This legislation will mean that myself and many other families will, hopefully, not have to endure   the torture of not knowing where their loved one’s remains can be recovered from.

I do not know if this follows a decision to purge the party of moderates like us, or if it was a crude attempt to see us fold under pressure.

The Church of England has published official advice that sex is only good for married heterosexuals only.

Pervert jailed for abusing girl now sent down for rape.

Labour MPs can barely look one another in the eye, let alone be bothered to seriously challenge the government.

For more than 25 years, she only told a few people close to her about the encounter.

Re-cycling is well established in kitchen and grocery products, with Tesco announcing last week that it was removing certain shrink-wrapped multipacks.

People doubtless go to church for all sorts of reasons. But I’d advise anyone looking for friends to inspect a church’s advice on relationships.

At a summer camp in Ohio, I complained to colleagues about the state of my hair, due to the wind.

Remember that not all the attendees would be fervent followers of Jeremy.

Still, if there’s one upside to Brexit it’s that hopefully we will be seeing a lot less of Farage.