German Conversation

This is a mixed ability group learning the art of German Conversation

Scout & Guide HQ
2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month
1.00 pm - 3.00 pm
  • Leaders: Norma Wardle and Joyce Coppock
  • Coordinator: Joan Ratcliff - 01695 422151

Meetings in 2018-2019

14th and 28th November 2018
9th and 23rd January 2019
13th and 27th February 2019
13th and 27th March 2019
10th and 24th April 2019

Currently the class is full, however, there is a waiting list. Any U3A member interested in joining, please contact the coordinator to be placed on the waiting list.

German Conversation Party – Christmas 2016

Christmas Party (Weihnachtsfest)

On 14th December the German Conversation Group held their Christmas Event.

Sixteen members of the group attended.

Norma, Joyce and Joan organised a varied programme also the provision of drinks (hard and soft !) and nibbles of the sweet and savoury kind.

Joan’s husband , Colin, had prepared an  excellent printed programme and also took photographs during the event.

There was a short play from the more advanced group, anagram and a crossword puzzles to solve,   (though none of those present were Bletchley material! )

The rendition of the beer drinking song was lame at the first singing and improved at a second attempt.

After a short break when we partook of food and drink, and chatted, there was role play presented by a part scratch crew from the less advanced course. This was slightly chaotic due to lack of rehearsal and the hard variety of drinks at break time.

The Singing of “O Tannenbaum “ and “Stille Nacht” were much improved on the Beer drinking song probably because all were more familiar with the tunes . They were a nice note on which to end the event.

All departed in good spirits and will meet up at the first meeting in January 11th 2017.

Party Brochure …………

Party Fun and Feasting …………

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Christmas Programme 2015

Seventeen members of the group and our leaders enjoyed an early celebration. The eats and drinks were excellent, the singing enthusiastic though not always tuneful!! Thanks go to Norma Joyce and Joan for their excellent organising ability.

National U3A Adviser for German

Instead of our usual twice monthly Wednesday meetings, our dedicated leaders and group members attended for three successive Wednesdays when in early September we had a planned visit from Alastair Sharp,  the National U3A Adviser for German.

Alastair was complimentary about the organization and enthusiasm of all involved  “It was interesting, informative and fun,”  he commented in the email he sent to thank us.

Alastair Sharp, the National U3A Adviser for German pictured with Joan Ratcliff, Norma Wardle and Joyce Coppock

Alastair Sharp, the National U3A Adviser for German pictured with Joan Ratcliff, Norma Wardle and Joyce Coppock

German 2

A specially convened session was held at the Ministry Centre to fit in with Alastair’s diary