Disabled Access

disabledpThe majority of u3a meetings are held  in the Scout & Guide HQ next to Christ Church. Disabled access is by a ramp and both rooms have doors wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair. There is  a disabled toilet.

Help With Hearing

disabledhBoth rooms in the u3a headquarters are fitted with a loop system to enable deaf or hard of hearing people who use a hearing aid to hear sounds more clearly. Remember to switch your hearing aid to the ‘T’ position. Please let the Group or Event leader know if the loop system is not being used or is not working at any u3a meeting. Read more about hearing loss and loop systems on the Hearing Link website.

Help with Reading Webpages

disabled_blindYou can make webpages easier to read on your desktop or laptop computer by increasing the font size in whatever browser you are using. Just press Ctrl and ‘+’ (plus) on your keyboard to increase the size. Use Ctrl and ‘-‘ (minus) to decrease it again. You can repeat to make the text larger / smaller.

There are other methods of making text larger.

You can check on the Microsoft help page to see how to increase the text size for a variety of browsers

Essential information is also given given on the BBC accessibility web page. Select the “I can’t see very well” section.

If you need help or information on accessibility for your particular device or Internet, please ask to see a Computer Helper  at a Horizons meeting. They will try to help if they can.

Last Updated on May 24, 2024