Country Dancing

Why not join our very friendly U3A group and give it a try. There is no need to bring a partner and we cater for both beginners and those with some experience.

Aughton Village Hall (In normal times)
11.00 - 12:30
  • Leader: June Jones -  01695 726696
  • Note from the Website Manager:
  • Prior to times of Covid-19 isolation, there were regular Group Posts about the dances at meetings. Scroll down past the main Group Page to read these interesting and informative Group Posts.
  • Don't miss the latest Post about how the Group is innovatively dealing with the situation, keeping in touch and even dancing  remotely! Contact the Leader if you would like to  join in with this virtual dancing from your own home.  

In 1651 the music publisher and book seller John Playford began to publish the music and notation for the “Country Dances” that were popular in the elite society of the time. When Playford died in 1686, his son Henry continued the collection and other publishers joined in. By the end of the eighteenth century country dancing was popular at balls, assemblies and private gatherings all over the country.

In the early 1900s, Cecil Sharp began to study the Playford collections, and he produced a number of Country Dance Books. Since then, other dances have been discovered and many new dances have been devised, using the traditional style. Now we have a wealth of material at our disposal, from fast and furious to slow and stately, and everything in between.

Here are some of the comments from members of the U3A Country Dance Group:-

“Lots of fun!”

“Exercise your brain and body.”

“Whatever the challenge we have in our dances, we always have fun”

“Great fun and nobody minds how often we get it wrong”

“As soon as you hear the catchy music you want to dance: This is exercise at its  best for both body and mind with good company too – lots of fun!”

“Great teacher, very patient, exercise the body and the brain in good company”

There are a number of websites that show the dances in performance, including:

A Country Dance group in New York

A Country Dance group in Boston

Beginners taster sessions on the first Friday in the month.
Why not gives us a try!


Updating Country Dancing news December 2020.

🎄Well here we are in December, no dancing since mid March 2020.

Some of us have managed to stay in touch with a WhatsApp group, cheering us up and covering diverse topics.

However GOOD NEWS. A few weeks ago June started solo Zoom English Country Dancing sessions, in our regular dance slot of Friday mornings at 11.00.

It’s not as scary as it may sound and is getting to be enjoyable. Seeing fellow dancers for a chat and a tea break, we never had one of those before. Hearing the familiar tunes, dancing the dances. No need to worry if you make a wrong turn or forget how to do a Grimstock Hey, you can’t upset anyone, there is only you to dance as freely as you wish.

June has posted details on the recent November u3a enews and she can be contacted if you would like to join us. (June’s email address is in the enews and her phone number is in the main Country Dancing Group Page.) 🎄

🎄Stay safe and hopefully Covid-19 vaccine will enable us to meet up in the Village Hall in 2021.

Good wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

New dancers for the new year

Welcome to five new dancers so far this year, it great to have new people join us.

7.02.20 Some of Liz’s birthday requests.(L)

  • (The) Farmer’s Joy a Joseph Pimentel longways dance, with joyful tune by Adam Broome.
  • Pine Cones a 3 couple Pat Shaw dance from 1974. (L)
  • Alice longways dance by Philippe Callens 2002 in waltz time. (L)
  • Double Jubilee a 3 couple set dance by Gary Roodman 2015 with a tune by David Wiesler. (L)
  • Ladies of London a traditional dance from 1718.

some danced two or three times.

14.02.20 more of Geraldine’s & Liz’s birthday requests.

Most appropriately Valentines Day a longways Playford dance 1650.

  • Sailor’s wives a 3 couple dance danced twice. (G)
  • Sea Breezes another 3 couple dance also danced twice. (L)
  • Marching to Praetorius a 2 couple dance by Gary Roodman 1996. (G)

21.02.20 and another of Geraldine’s birthday requests!

  • Jamaica we danced the longways version which is the original way from 1670.
  • Greenwich Park a longways dance.
  • Morrison’s Reel a 5 couple dance which we danced twice to give all a turn. (G)
  • Zig Zag Tuesday a longways dance with unsurprisingly zig & zag moves.
  • Fourpence halfpenny farthing a traditional longways Playford dance from 1709.

28.02.20 A special treat today dancing to live music with Frank’s band & June calling as usual. Many thanks.

  • Indian Queen a longways dance.
  • Corelli’s Gavotte this speedy longways number certain gave us a challenge…
  • Lead through and Cast away a 3 couple dance.
  • A Lady remembered a JohnWood longways dance. We recall dear departed dancers.
  • Maiden Moor a 4 couple dance with music/choreography by Tom Cook & Brian Jenkins, 1980.
  • (The) Ladies of London from 1718.
  • and finally The Duke of Kent’s waltz a longways dance from 1801.

followed up with refreshments, and thanks to all.

2020 here we come…

10.01.20 Elfrida calling the dances today starting with:-

  • The first of April ??? a longways traditional dance from 1780.
  • Childgrove another traditional dance 1701.
  • My Lord Byron’s Maggot a longways dance with clapping 👏🏼.
  • The Leaving of Liverpool to the tune the Merry Flirt. A 3 couple dance.
  • Liberty from The Yorktown Victory Ball, a 3 couple dance 1781 to the tune Bridle path.
  • Portsmouth a longways dance.

17.01.20 Happy New Year to June. With some more of Geraldine’s Birthday (2019) choices.

  • The Welch Dance a longways dance from 1790’s.
  • Soldiers and Sailors a longways dance (G)
  • For Rebecca a square set dance for 4 couples, constantly changing partners, until you get back home. (G)
  • and another of (G) Geraldine’s choices Prince William of Gloster’s Waltz. From 1801, reconstructed by Pat Woods 1958.
  • The Greenwich Pensioner a 4 couple dance from 1790.

Advance notice for Live Music event on Friday February 28th.

24 01.20

  • Whim of the Moment L/ways
  • Karla’s Waltz L/ways
  • My Lady Anne 3 couple
  • Braes of Dornoch 3 couple, with note to do it again on a future occasion.
  • Wooden Shoes L/ways.
  • Holborn March 

31.01.20 Elfrida recording

  • St. James’ Gardens L/ways danced twice, quick moves!
  • Wooden Shoes L/ways.
  • Shandy Hall 4 couple sets, circles & half stars.
  • Shepherd in the fields 3 couple sets X3.
  • Holborn March L/ways.

NOTICES. (more country dancing)

Monday 10th. Feb at Emmanuel Church hall at 7.30 Charity Night.

Friday 28th February Live music from Change of Key (Frank’s band)

Last dances in the year 2019.

6.12.19 Elfrida recorded the dances.

  • Childgrove – longways
  • Turning by threes – 3 couple longways, danced it twice after lots of practice.
  • The soldier and the sailor – longways, danced it before, with poussettes and half figure eights.
  • Jamaica – 4 couple dance.
  • Gloster reel – longways.

Then 16 of us enjoyed the meal at the Stanley.

13.12.19 Several of Geraldine’s birthday requests:-

  • Geud Man of Ballangigh a longways Playford dance from 1709.
  • Mirror Me a 3 couple Loretta Holz 2007 dance.
  • another of Geraldine’s waltz requests, April’s Lady, 3 couples in circle.
  • The Queen’s new square (not one of Geraldine’s) longways.
  • Holborn March published by Johnson 1742.

20.12.19 some more of Geraldine’s requests, (she knows what she likes and we like them too.)

  • Wooden Shoes pub. Playford 1703 a longways dance.
  • Loose Ends a 4 couple dance with draw poussettes. This is the first dance with poussettes, see later for a different form.
  • Sellenger’s round, as expected, a circular dance.
  • Dunham Oaks a longways dance, from the dances of Brian Wedgbury 2004, with straight poussettes
  • and finally another of Geraldine’s favourites, a suitably jolly dance to end 2019, The Comical Fellow.

🎄🎄Happy Christmas to all and our thanks to June for her patience and skill, leading our group for another year. Also for Elfrida, deputising from time to time.

See you all in the New Year on January 10th.





November dancing

1.11.19 some chosen by Pat as her birthday requests.

  • The Pursuit x3 a longways dance with several layers of complexity from the Walsh collection 1714-19.
  • Trip to Bavaria by James MacGregor-Brown a 4 couple set danced twice.
  • Rostillion from J&W Neal 1726 collection.
  • (The) Working Masons in Merlin a longways dance, also from Neal collection 1726. What an amazing title.
  • St. Katherines another longways dance from the Neal collection 1726.


  • Portabella a longways dance from the Walsh collection 1715.
  • Pool’s Hole a longways dance from Dancing Master 1690 reconstructed in 2011 by Christine Robb.
  • Double Jubilee a contemporary 3 couple dance by Gary Roodman, & tune by Gary Wiesler.
  • Sea Breezes another 3 couple contemporary dance by our very own June Jones.
  • Gasconne a longways dance 1710 & interpretation by Pat Shaw.

15.11.19 recorded by Elfrida, with a limited number of dancers.

  • Lead through and Cast away – longways 3 couple set
  • Broom the broom, the Bonny Bonny broom a 4 couple set, danced twice.
  • A June Jones composition, with no title so far, a world premiere, a 4 couple set, danced twice to 2 different pieces of music, one a slower deliberate beat, the second a more racey Scottish reel. The dancers preferred the more racey one!. I look forward to encountering this dance in the future.
  • Happy Days  – a 3 couple dance. Version 1 with Grimstock heys, version 2 with cross heys. Cross heys preferred.
  • Doldrums – 4 couple square set, 3 figures and a chorus, danced twice.

22.11.19 Session with live music from Frank and fellow musicians. Recorded by June.

  • Nampwich Fair longways.
  • Portabella longways.
  • The Waggoner 3 couples.
  • Irish Lamentation longways.
  • Lord of Carnarvon’s Jig 4 couples.
  • Rostillion longways.

Refreshments followed.

29.11.19 4 new dances today.

  • The Welch a traditional longways dance.
  • The Journey 4 couple dance.
  • The Exact Tuesday a June Jones longways dance.
  • The Bonny Bonny Broom 4 couple dance from 1651.
  • The Greenwich Pensioner the song composed by Mr. Dibdin 1791.

🎄🎄🎄Please note Christmas lunch after dancing on December 6th.

 AND We will be dancing as usual on the 13th. and the 20th. December.




October dances including ‘June’s Master Class’

4.10.19 Elfrida recording.

‘June’s Master Class’ by default. We must nearly all have decided to holiday at the same time as only 3 dancers were present today, hence the 2 couple dance ‘Master Class’. It certainly tested June’s ability to improvise & succeed! Well done dancers and June.

  • Handle with Care 2 couples facing each other, music by Handel.
  • Hoop’t Petticoat 2 couple longways from 1726.
  • Improvised by June for 2 couples – a slip jig renamed ‘June rejigged’. To the music Yellow stockings.
  • Cobblers Hornpipe, a longways reel in triple time so counting in 6s.
  • Turn of the Tide, another adaptation for 2 couples, 1s improper & having a lovely solo part leading down, then reversing, then leading up & reversing.
  • then Handle with Care again, by request.

⭐️ for June, what a talented teacher we are lucky to have, able to adapt such dances ‘off the top of her head’ so to speak.

11.10.19 Back to normal numbers today!

  • Greenwich Hospital a longways dance from 1718 pub. Playford.
  • The Haymarket, a play on hay/hey as this dance included a Morris Hey and a Grimstock Hey. A 3 couple dance.
  • The Leaving of Liverpool. Called by John & danced twice.
  • Cobblers Hornpipe, dance for 3 couples as it should be – see above.
  • Come let’s be Merry another 3 couple dance from 1727 pub. John Young.


  • Zephyrs and Flora a longways dance from The Walsh collection 1715.
  • Sir Watkin’s Jig for 3 couples danced twice.
  • Stafford Castle a contemporary Naomi Alexander longways dance. We had limited success; to dance again with alternative music?
  • Alice another contemporary dance 2002, by Philippe Callens, waltz time & danced twice.
  • Namp(t)wich Fair longways from John Young’s Dancing Master 1726.

25.10.19 Birthday requests for Pat Mc.

  • Wooden Shoes longways dance.
  • She looked down her nose and sneered danced to a new tune.
  • Fittleworth Frolic a circular dance for 5 couples but we danced with 7, the men’s Star was a bit of a dash for the shorter legged dancers!
  • Hole in the Wall a triple time longways dance.
  • Mendocino Redwood written in Gary Roodman’s choreography class at English Week 2005 Mendocino Woodlands State Park.
  • finally Irish Lamentation.

Each year I count (roughly) all the different dances we have danced.

This year October 2018 – 2019, we danced – 178.

Most danced ;-

is – ⭐️ Namp(t)wich Fair

5 share the next place – Orange & Blue, Young Phyllis of Wakefield, Gasconne, Trip to Sheringham and Irish Lamentation.

10 share the next place – Farmer’s Joy, Roll the Line, Ladies of London, Rostillion, Whim of the Moment, A Fig f0r Bonaparte, Wibsey Roundabout, We will down with the French, The leaving of Liverpool and finally Wooden Shoes.

☹️ N.B. Unfortunately the front door will now be locked during classes. (so please arrive on time!) This is following some incidents.





September dances

Leading down, then they’ll be casting back….


  • Liberty from the Yorktown Victory Ball 1781. A 3 couple dance.
  • Trip to Sheringham a square set 4 couple dance.
  • The Jackdaw a Scottish 4 couple dance.
  • Bells of Oxford a longways dance.
  • (The) Irish Lamentation a longways dance from the Walsh Collection 1735.
  •  Whibsy Roundabout a circular dance by Gary Roodman 1995. A big favourite, everyone is moving all the time! We got a bit stuck when we danced this in August last year but cracked it straight off today ⭐️.
  • The Dutch House a longways dance.


  • Lead through and cast away a 3 couple dance.
  • The Healing Touch choreography by Ron Coxall, a 4 couple dance.
  • The Introduction a 4 couple dance by Fried de Metz Herman 1999. We did this 3 times to perfect it,  a lovely dance but quite difficult.
  • The Doldrums a 4 couple square set dance. From The Maggot Pie Collection 1797 (ref. Colin Hulme)
  • Trip to Sheringham a 4 couple dance.


  • Brighton le Sands a June Jones longways dance.
  • Sion House pub.Playford 1701, longways dance.
  • Newsham Review another June Jones dance, for 3 couples.
  • Conwy Castle a longways dance by Tom Harnden.
  • A School for Scandal a 3 couple dance from 1778.
  • Rostillion a longways dance from 1726 by John & William Neil.
  • Lord Caernarvon’s Jig dance for 4 couples. Adapted by Cecil Sharpe 1910.

We did a lot of dancing today to build an appetite for our enjoyable ‘Summer lunch’. Our thanks to June for organising it. So nice to see a few former dancers.

27.09.19 Elfrida recorded the dances. Thanks to her. Just a select 8 dancers today.

  • Prince of Wales Fancy from 1792, we were wondering which future King this referred to, danced twice.
  • Star Of Kintra a Trevor Monson dance from 2004. Kintra a settlement on the N.W coast of the Ross of Mull. Loads of practice at this dance, but eventually perfected it.⭐️
  • Upton Priory a waltz rhythm, some gypsy moves & slow changes but again cracked it in the end.⭐️
  • Lastly  The Doldrums, see 13. 09.

An enjoyable if brain taxing & physical morning!



and one more week for August…


  • St. James Gardens a longways dance.
  • Bonnie lads and lasses a longways dance by the Neal brothers, John & Will 1726. We were praised by June for the timely execution of this dance.⭐️
  • Six for Gold 3 couple dance by June Jones, for inspiration: see 5.07 19.
  • Roundabout our coal fire Music & choreography Bride 1776, interpretation by Jacqueline Schwab. A dance to remember for a cold Winter’s day!
  • Ladies of London a 1718 longways dance.

August dances

Leading up.


  • Brighton le Sands a longways dance by June Jones based on this area of Merseyside.
  • Alice a Philippe Callens contemporary, longways dance in waltz time.
  • Barbarini’s Tambourine dance from the Walsh collection 1747. Music by Handel.
  • Whibsey Roundabout it will be no surprise to find that this dance is circular. A Gary Roodman 1995 dance and one of our big favourites.
  • Fret and Rejoice. Another Gary Roodman dance from 2015, there is an underlying story to this composition. The music is by Dave Weisler whose son apparently lost his favourite soft toy Tiger, hence the ‘Fret’ followed by the ‘Rejoice’ on finding it.
  • (The) Faithful Shepherd a longways dance with more music by Handel.


  • (The) Faithful Shepherd see last week.
  • Bonnie lads and lasses a new longways dance for us and for June.
  • Fret and Rejoice also see last week.
  • Shandy Hall a 4 couple dance x2. Choreography and music by George Middleton 1977. (lots of turns!)
  • Bonnets so blue a longways dance.


  • The Ladies of London a longways dance from 1718.
  • A Lady Remembered a John Wood longways dance with a haunting tune.
  • Hoop’t Petticoat, a new 2 couple dance, a nice little dance!
  • Monks’s March with the Wanders, another new dance, summed up by June “as interesting”. An interesting figure of 8; lots of clapping with partners and neighbours.
  • Namptwich Fair 1st appears in the John Young Dancing Master 1726.

23.09.19 Elfrida calling and recording the dances. With assistance from John.

  • Birthday Reel 4 couple longways danced x2.
  • We will down with the French 3 couple longways. John calling.
  • Orange and Blue 3 couple longways x2.
  • Leaving of Liverpool 3 couple longways x2.
  • (The) Farmer’s Joy, longways.

July dancing

🎂 A very special Birthday event took place on Wednesday 3rd July, one of our country dancers celebrated her 90th. with a Grand dance, live music and guests from all her dancing groups, with June calling the dances.        😘 We wish her many more dancing years. It was good fun.

5.07.19 Elfrida recorded these dances-

  • Irish Lamentation longways dance, a nice gentle pace.
  • Lady Lucy’s Maggot – a 3 couple longways dance, ‘the pousette sandwich’, as June described it, from the request list. So good we did it x3. A June Jones composition in honour of her cat, Lucy.
  • Six for Gold – 3 couple dance, middle couple always the working couple. Left & rights, half heys, half circles, somewhat challenging since we have difficulty with our right from our left! Another June Jones composition in honour of the 6th Championship of her favourite team, no need to name it! Perhaps we should publicise this to LFC.
  • Double Duet – a Gary Roodman dance, music was a minuet by Handel, in 3 time but not a waltz.
  • Finished with Rostillion.

12.07.19 Some of Wendy & Geraldine’s birthday requests.

  • Comical Fellow a longways dance, published by Thompson 1776.
  • The Drummer also longways, reconstructed by Charles Bolton in 1992.
  • Leah’s Waltz a 3 couple dance by Fried de Metz Herman 1984.
  • Trip to Bavaria a 4 couple dance of some complexity. By MacGregor-Brown, music The Ashoken Farewell, by Jay Ungar 1982.
  • Shandy Hall a 4 couple dance x2. Choreography & music by George Middleton 1977.
  • and finally Bonnets so Blue longways dance.

19.07.19 The Birthday continues………….with more dancing, live music from The Lancashire Workshop Band, Frank on fiddle, Ian on guitar and Will on concertina and lunch. Many thanks to all for making this event go with a swing.

  • Princess Royal a longways dance.
  • My Lord Byron’s Maggot Playford 1701.
  • The Hide(?) a 3 couple dance.
  • Handel with care, a 2 couple Gary Roodman dance, danced to Handel’s Water music.
  • Upon a summer’s day (but it started to rain). Playford 1651
  • Draper’s Gardens a longways dance from the Dancing Master 17th. edition.

26.07.19 a selection of slow tempo dances to allow for the heat outside.

  • St. Andrew’s Gardens a longways dance.
  • Prince William of Glouster’s Waltz by Preston 1801 reconstructed by Pat Wood 1958.
  • Holmfirth Square, as might be expected danced in a square. 4 couple.
  • Greenwich Hospital a longways dance, published by Playford 1718.
  •  Prince of Wales Fancy 1792.
  • Bonnie Cuckoo by Gail Ticknor.




June country dancing & a bit of May!

Oops…..see May, I missed the 31st May (as I wasn’t there) & had all the dates wrong, we appeared to be dancing on Saturdays not Fridays……apologies.

31. 05. 19 Elfrida recording.

  • Pilgarlic the bald man, danced x2
  • Merry Andrew, with half turns & both left & right diagonals. Both these dances practiced for a big Birthday event in July.
  • Lady Lucy’s Maggot – a new dance. Nice dance with a bit of a challenge, nick named ‘a pousette sandwich’.  A June Jones composition & Lady Lucy is her cat!
  • April’s Lady 3 couples in a circle with a waltz rhythm. We were so good at this, we were praised for our performance.👏🏼
  • Lord Howe’s Jig from 1777.
  • Lead through and Cast away, music from P&P vol4.
  • Jump frogs jump, music same CD as above.

And now into June……also recorded by Elfrida.


  • Lord Phoppington a longways dance.
  • Nonesuch 2 danced before & simpler than Nonesuch, hole in the wall crossings, back to backs and plenty of practice crossing up and casting.
  • Doctor Vincent’s delight – 3 couple sets. Charles Bolton composed it and wrote the music, quite speedy but enjoyable, back to backs, circles, gypsies, L and R turns and changing partners!  Took a bit of practice.
  • The Ladies of London – longways dance
  • We will down with the French, 3 couple sets, danced before with added Allemande as a way of changing sides.
  • Whim of the Moment – longways.


  • Nonesuch 2 (see last week). Walsh collection 1709.
  • Roll the Line a longways dance. Another dance for the Birthday event.
  • Zig Zag Tuesday another longways dance. Obviously includes zigzag moves.
  • Giant Steps a 4 couple dance.
  • Rostillion by John and William Neal 1726.

21.06.19 Elfrida and John calling the dances.

  • Trip to Sheringham a 4 couple dance.
  • Namp(t)wich Fair a longways dance.
  • (the) Fair American longways.
  • Go to the Devil and shake yourself, this title always fascinates me, what can be the inspiration?
  • A Fig for Bonaparte longways.
  • The Farmer’s Joy a contemporary dance from 2012.


  • Elverton Grove from the 1712 Walsh collection of 24 dances, music by Handel.
  • The Irish Lamentation another longways dance from a later the Walsh collection 1735.
  • Pilgarlic  (see May)
  • and Roll the Line again, we should be spot on for July!
  • Deodar a longways dance.
  • Holborn March published by Playford 1742. (I almost typed Holborn Hill!)




Dances in May


  • Corelli’s Gavotte a lively longways dance, with lots of right/left challenges!
  • Bouzer Castle a longways dance that we danced last week , but to a different tune.
  • The Temple of Health a 3 couple dance from the Ken Sheffield collection. Grimstock Heys and diagonals.
  • another 3 couple dance Dunant House Waltz, by Colin Hulme 1993.
  • A Lady Remembered a John Wood longways dance.
  • another longways dance Freeford Gardens by David and Kathryn Wright.

11.05.19 Elfrida calling…

  • (The) Farmer’s Joy a longways Joseph Pimentel dance.
  • Trip to Sherringham a 4 couple dance.
  • very appropriate for dancing in May, Spring Fever  a 3 couple dance to the tune Shades of Green.
  • Orange and Blue a 3 couple dance from 1815.
  • A Fig for Bonaparte a longways dance from Thompson collection 1804.
  • Birthday Reel (although we don’t have any birthdays to celebrate today.)
  • Young Ph(y)llis of Wakefield a longways dance from The Elephant’s Stairs C.D album by Persons of Quality.

18.05.19 June calling..

  • Childgrove a longways dance pub. by Playford 1701 reconstructed by Cecil Sharpe & others to include Cecil Sharpe siding.
  • Happy Hey(s) a 3 couple dance.
  • The Belle of Greenboro a Gary Roodman dance from 2012.
  • Dunant House Waltz a 3 couple Colin Hulme dance, x2, with 1/2 heys and changing along the lines.
  • Wooden Shoes longways dance.


  • Wooden Shoes a longways dance which first appears in 1701 pub. by Playford.
  • The Ruby composed by Bert Eccles from West Kirby Folk Dance Group.
  • Pilgarlic a nippy 3 couple dance. According to the Phronistery ( a dictionary of obscure words)

A Pilgarlick is ‘a poor wretch, self pitying person’ although it could also refer to a bald headed man. I think a current politician may refer to the Phronistery………no prizes for guessing the right one!

  • Roll the Line
  •  Criss Cross Jig a 5 couple dance.
  • and our last dance in May is Holborn March a longways dance from 1740.



April dances. See 12th for the 1st of April!!

They say variety is the spice of life, we test that theory in April as we have three Dance Mistresses:- June, Clare and Elfrida.


Clare is calling the dances today with live music from Frank on violin/fiddle, Ian on guitar and Will on concertina. Many thanks to them for giving up their time and making a most enjoyable session.

  • Upon a Summer’s Day a 3 couple dance from 1651 pub. Playford.
  • Auretti’s Dutch Skipper a new longways  dance for us, traditional Regency dance from 1756. Pub. Rutherford.
  • Trip to Richmond another new longways dance, music and choreography by Kate Riley 1956.
  • I care not for these ladies a circlular dance by Kitty Creelman Skobela 1969.
  • The Alderman’s Hat a lively 3 couple dance from 1774 pub. Thomson.
  • Young Phyllis of Wakefield 1714 pub. Walsh.
  • The Hop-picker’s feast another new 3 couple dance for us. Pub. 1786 Thomson.
  • the next 2 dances are also new ones. Mr. Heywood’s success a longways dance.
  • Half Hannikin the circular version from 1651 pub. Playford.


Elfrida calling today, many thanks to her.

  • 1st April a longways dance circa 1733.
  • Indian Queen an old favourite, a longways dance reconstructed by Cecil Sharpe 1922.
  • Birthday Reel most appropriate as we have a cluster of Birthdays to celebrate. A 4 couple dance x2 to the tune Connaught Water.
  • still on the Spring theme Spring fever a 3 couple dance x2, to the tune Shades of Green.
  • (The) Farmer’s Joy by Joseph Pimentel 2012, tune by Adam Broome and played by the band Gold crest.
  • Leaving of Liverpool a 3 couple dance to the tune Rigadoon and played by band Brass Tracks.
  • Guildhall a longways dance by Naomi Alexander.

No Dancing on Good Friday.

We welcome back Dancing Mistress June with thanks to her. Several new dances to keep our feet and brains going!

  • Rostillion by John and William Neal 1726. a longways dance.
  • Belle of Greensboro a Gary Roodman dance 2012 to the tune of the same name by Lydia Ievins.
  • Scotch Cap a 3 couple dance pub. 1651 Playford, with a contemporary variation by Andrew Shaw.
  • Bouzer Castle Playford dance from 1679.
  • The New Slip a longways dance.
  • and finally Holborn March another longways dance from 1742.

Even though we missed a dancing session, we seem to have done a lot of dancing, thanks to all concerned.

Many dances in March….

    and under the Arch…..

Five Friday dance sessions in March with the addition of a joint dancing session with Upholland U3a country dancers.

1.03.19 Jim’s Birthday requests:-

  • Childgrove 1701 longways Playford dance with Cecil Sharpe reconstruction.
  • Geud man of Ballangigh a longways dance 1728.
  • Black Nagg a short sharp 3 couple dance from 1657, still popular after all these years.
  • and a more contemporary dance Marching to Praetorius by Gary Roodman 1996 a 2 couple square set dance.

and Marion’s Birthday request although Tim may have had some influence with the choice?

  • St. Swithin’s Day Hornpipe a 2 couple dance
  • Indian Queen a longways dance.
  • (The ) Whim of the moment this includes an Allemande dance figure. Longways dance published by Thompson 1791.

8.03.19 Elfrida recording. Some more of ? Marion’s Birthday requests

  • Welcome in the May longways, lots of double figure 8’s !!
  • Broom, the broom, the bonnie bonnie broom 4 couples longways. Playford style with starbursts.
  • Trip to Bavaria, another 4 couple dance, one of our favourites, another of Marion’s birthday choices. Lots of half turns and counting 4s for the beat. As June said we are getting better at this, so it’s not as much fun as the chaos it used to be!
  • Peace be with you a 1986 contemporary longways dance by Fried de Metz Herman.
  • Nonesuch, did it twice, 4 couple dance 1651.
  • Nampwich Fair, longways. A good session.


  • Young Phyllis of Wakefield 1714/15 dance with interpretation by Andrew Shaw.
  • A Lady Remembered a John Wood dance with a haunting tune. We remember the loss of former country dancers Mona, Chris, Rosemary and recently Barbara M. All lovely people and great characters.
  • Sailor’s Wives a 3 couple dance with Chevron figures.
  • Welcome in the May see last week.
  • Sea Breezes a June Jones 3 couple dance.
  • Gasconne a 1710 dance with contemporary interpretation by Pat Shaw.


  • Portsmouth ?1670/1701 longways Playford dance. Remember ‘the Billy Bunter theme tune’.
  • Revolution de la France a longways dance.
  • Captains Maggot a 3 couple dance from 1696.
  • Trip to the Dome a large circular contemporary dance.
  • Of Noble Race was Shinkin Playford 1698. Another mystifying title.
  • Kensington Court 1695 longways dance.

Many thanks to Upholland U3a Country dance group for inviting us to join them for more dancing on 26th. and many thanks to June for calling and to Frank & his fellow musicians for providing the lively LIVE MUSIC,

29.03.19 Elfrida’s Birthday requests:-

  • Orange and Blue a 3 couple dance.
  • Hen Run a longways dance, music and choreography by Bernard Bentley. (apologies for miss naming him in an earlier post)
  • Ranelagh Gardens longways dance.
  • Meillionen a 5 couple Welsh dance, giving particular importance to the steps.
  • The Disbanded Officer pub. by Playford 1787/89

and to end an enjoyable but busy month Spanish Jig longways 1721.


February, full of birthday requests.

some birthday requests from Marion  and Liz.


  • Alexander’s Birthday a 2 couple contemporary Gary Roodman dance. (Liz request)
  • Newcastle a 4 couple dance Playford 1651 (Elfrida request)
  • Eastbourne Grove a 3 couple dance, see last week. (Marion request)
  • De’il tak the Warr another 3 couple dance from last week. (also Marion’s request)
  • Mile of Smiles another contemporary dance, by Joseph Pimentel, 2012. (Liz request)

Circle left…


  • Mendocino Redwood a longways dance. (Liz request)
  • Freeford Gardens a longways dance.              ditto.
  • Morrison’s Reel a longways dance (Geraldine’s request)
  • Chickpeas and Spinach a 3 couple dance, not a Vegan recipe.
  • My Lady Winwood’s Maggot a 3 couple dance Playford 1726. Maggot meaning a fanciful or whimsical thing.
  • Mount Hills a Playford longways dance 1721. (also Liz request) All nice flowing dances.


  • Gasconne a longways dance 1710, with interpretation by Pat Shaw.
  • Nonesuch a 4 couple 1751 dance with 5 parts ending in a circular hey.(yet another Liz request)
  • Charlene’s celebration a 4 couple, Gary Roodman 2005 dance with music by Charlene E. Thomson.

This was a historic birthday request from Frank, well, he set us a challenge!! Danced 3 times…and still working on it.

  • Elizabethan Tango?
  • Namptwich Fair a longways dance.
  • The Drummer a big favourite with everyone.


  • Ladies of London 1718 longways dance.
  • Trip to Blenheim. A little bit of history here, Queen Anne made a gift of Blenheim Palace (1705-1722) to John Duke of Marlborough, for his glorious 1704 victory over the French and Bavarians in the War of the Spanish Succession.
  • Chickpeas and Spinach danced last week.
  • No Taxes a 3 couple dance, last danced February 2018!
  • and finally April’s Lady a 3 couple circular dance.

T for Technique, when doing a turn with 3 people cup hands together “to drive” the turn around.

A busy month with a good selection of favourites and new challenges.




Joyous January

Bend those knees!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR LEADER & DANCERS, may 2019 be a healthy & happy one.

Already 11.01.19 Elfrida is our Dancing mistress today.

  • (the) Farmer’s Joy a Joseph Pimentel longways dance from 2012.
  • the First of April another longways dance but from 1733.
  • Leaving of Liverpool a 3 couple set, danced twice.
  • Liberty from the Yorktown Victory Ball 1781.
  • Sprigs of Laurel a longways dance from 1794. Choreography & music by Ann & Peter Thompson.
  • Go to the Devil and shake yourself a longways dance.
  • Gloster Reel 1796 longways.

18.01.19 Elfrida recorded the dances.

  • St. Andrew’s gardens longways.
  • Lord Phopington longways, from the Walsh Collection 1718.
  • We will down with the French a 3 couple set danced twice.
  • Orange & Blue another very enjoyable 3 couple dance.
  • Meillonen a 5 couple Welsh dance.


  • The New Slip longways. A new dance for the group.
  • Eastbourne Grove a 3 couple dance, also not danced before.
  • De’il tak the Warr a Scottish lament 1721  3 couple dance, 3 times.
  • Deodar longways.
  • Bonnets so Blue also longways.


December country dancing

Country Dancing Group – 7.12.18 A special treat today as we danced to a live band The Lancashire Workshop Band and had refreshments afterwards. They kept us on our toes and we and the band earned those excellent refreshments.

Dances :-

  • Sprigs of Laurel a longways dance published by Ann & Peter Thompson 1794
  • Young Phyllis of Wakefield another longways dance.
  • Pine Cones a contemporary dance (1974) by Pat Shaw for 3 couples.
  • The Drummer a longways dance & big favourite which we haven’t danced for a while, so very enjoyable.
  • Trip to Sheringham a 4 couple square set dance which we danced twice.
  • The Geud man of Ballangigh A Playford dance from 1728.
  • and to finish Guildhall a longways dance.

there was dancing on the 14th but not recorded.

                                                           No dancing  until 11th January when Elfrida will be our dancing mistress, June Jones returns on 18th and anyone thinking of a New Year activity will be very welcome to join us then.

Many thanks to June for another great year of Country dancing. Also her alternate Elfrida for keeping us dancing when June has a break.

Hope you all enjoyed a good Christmas and have a Happy Healthy 2019.

Country dancing in November

Leading down in a longways dance

A few statistics:- from October 2017 – October 2018 we have danced 132 different country dances.

the Top Ten ie danced 4 times or more are:-

1st. joint Comical Fellow and (The) Farmer’s Joy

3rd. The First of April

4th.  joint Namptwich Fair and Whim of the Moment

6th. Jamaica and Indian Queen

        Young Phyllis of Wakefield and Captain Cotton’s Maggot

now to November’s dances

2.11.18 some Birthday requests for Pat Mc. & Wendy.

  • Gasconne a longways dance from 1710 with a contemporary interpretation by Pat Shaw.
  • Maiden Moor a 4 couple dance, choreography & music by Tom Cook & Brian Jenkins.
  • Slof Galliard another 4 couple dance by Pat Shaw, danced twice & great when it goes well…a case of doing all the right moves but not necessarily in the right order on this occasion!
  • The Disbanded Officer a longways dance from 1787.

9.11.18 more Birthday requests, from Geraldine,

  • Welcome in the May a longways dance. The weather was not quite the same as when we danced this in  May.
  • Valentine’s Day longways dance.. from the Walsh collection 1718.
  • Loose Ends a 4 couple dance with Pousettes & called by Elfrida.
  • Sailor’s Wives a 3 couple dance x2, with chevron formation.
  • Heidenroslein a 4 couple square set dance by Pat Shaw 1970.
  • Comical Fellow a longways dance from 1776. (making a bid for next years top dances?)

and 10.11.18… Thanks & well done to the dance team and June….

Country Dancing at the U3a 15th Birthday party.


  • Black Bess a longways dance from 1696.
  • Wibsey Roundabout a contemporary 5 couple circular dance by Gary Roodman.
  • Sea Breezes a 3 couple dance.
  • The Old Mole an old traditional 3 couple dance dance from 1651, which has 6 parts to it, x2.
  • ending with She looked down her nose and sneered, which has to be one of the most intriguing titles.

23.11.18 Elfrida & John calling the dances, thanks to them.

  • (The) Farmer’s Joy from 2012. (also making a bid fro next years top dances?)
  • Gloster Reel 
  • A Fig for Bonaparte from 1804 a longways dance.
  • Whim of the moment a longways dance.
  • Braes of Dornach pub. J.Johnson 1753 a longways dance.
  • Guildhall a contemporary longways dance by Naomi Alexander.

30.11.18 Also our ‘Christmas lunch.’

  • Gasconne (see 2.11)
  • Conway Castle longways dance requested by Geraldine.
  • Marching to Praetorius a 2 couple square dance by Gary Roodman 1996.
  • New German Waltz waltz rhythm from 1795.
  • Lord Caernarvon’s Jig a 4 couple Playford dance.

A treat next session 7.12.18, dancing to live music by  The Lancashire Workshop Band.





October – preparing for 15th U3a birthday demo!

June has our full attention-ready to dance.

5.10.18 Thanks to Elfrida for recording once again.

  • Longways – Amazonian Archers
  • 2×4 couple – Trip to Bavaria
  • Indian Queen
  • Oxford Bells
  • 3 couple – Black Nag
  • Longways – Freeford Gardens.

12.10.18 ‘ the volunteer’ country dance group of 6 dancers (no room for more) practise their moves on stage.

  • Spanish Jig longways dance

The following 3 dances are to be danced tomorrow at the party.

  • Black Nag a 3 couple dance Playford style 1657
  • Upon a summer’s day (wishful thinking) another 3 couple dance Playford style 1615.
  • Leah’s Waltz a contemporary dance by Fried Metz Herman.
  • Leaving of Liverpool
  • Fourpence half pence farthing longways dance 1709.

19.10.18 Congratulations to the Dance demo team, well done.

  • Whim of the moment longways.
  • (The) Oldenburgh Bonnet a 3 couple dance. This refers to the bonnet worn by Lady Oldenburgh.

It was quite a challenge ….but fun & danced twice.

  • The Newsham Revue a June Jones dance
  •  De’il take the Warr, a 1721 3 couple dance, reconstructed by Andrew Shaw

26.1018. some of Pat Mc’s birthday requests:-

  • Fittleworth Frolic a circular dance.
  • Pine Cones a 3 couple Pat Shaw dance from 1974.
  • Summers waltz longways.
  • Hyde Park a 4 couple square set dance Playford 1651
  • Captain’s Maggot a 3 couple dance
  • and finally (The) Geud Man of Ballangigh 1698 a longways Playford dance.


September dances

7.09.18 Elfrida recording.

  • Whim of the Moment danced twice, longways dance.
  • Tipoo Sahib another longways dance.
  • Upon a summer’s day 3 couple dance.
  • Princess Royal longways dance.
  • Indian Queen another longways dance.


  • The Farmer’s Joy, a Joseph Pimentel longways dance.
  • Tambourine Dance from the Walsh collection (with some reconstruction)
  • Lord Caernarvon’s Jig a 4 couple Playford dance, adapted by Cecil Sharpe 1910.
  • Alexander’s Birthday a 2 couple square set dance by Gary Roodman for his grandson. He has named a dance after each of his 6 grandchildren. A clever dance, alternately dancing with your partner & your neighbour.
  • Go to the Devil and shake yourself a longways dance with a terrible title!

21.09.18 Elfrida recording once again, many thanks to her.

  • Jamaica a 4 couple dance. Current T.V series Upstart Crow uses the same music.
  • Le carillon d’oxfort 1706
  • Amazonian Archers a longways dance.
  • Tambourine Dance. See last week.
  • Buskin a 3 couple dance.”A buskin is a half boot which laces closed but is open across the toes”
  • The Farmer’s Joy. See last week. All very enjoyable dances.


  • Prince George-longways
  • Harlequin in the mud-longways from 1742 reconstructed by Andrew Shaw 2012. Another amazing title for a dance.
  • ‘A circular dance under construction’ June Jones work in progress. very enjoyable.
  • Enfield Common Playford 1701-longways.
  • Bells of Oxford-longways.


Five sessions of August country dancing.

I looked for a holiday theme in our dances this month, and found a few:- Sea Breezes, and The Brighton Review seemed the most obvious.

3.08.18 Some of Wendy’s Birthday requests.

  • Newcastle a 4 couple square set traditional dance 1651, which we danced twice.
  • The Slof Galliard a Pat Shaw 4 couple longways dance 1975. A challenge but we rose to the occasion, twice.
  • Nonesuch another traditional dance 1651 Playford, 4 couple longways, also twice.
  • Heidenroslein another Pat Shaw 4 couple square set dance, waltz time.


  • Black Bess Playford 1696 longways.
  • Sea Breezes (3rd. version, June Jones choreography.) 3 couple dance.
  • Sion House Playford 1701, longways dance.
  • Mile of Smiles a Joseph Pimentel contemporary longways dance.
  • The Brighton Review a longways dance.


  • The Siege of Limerick Playford 1698 longways dance.
  • Meillion, a 5 couple Welsh country dance, with clapping.
  • Fittleworth Frolic a 5 couple circular dance.
  • Of noble race was Shinkin another great title but what does it mean? Playford 1698, music from The Beggars Opera.

24.08.18. Elfrida is calling today’s dances.

  • The 1st. of April (well we had April showers!) Longways dance 1773 published by Thompson.
  • Wibsey Roundabout a 5 couple Gary Roodman 1995 circular dance. Our mechanics were a little rusty today!
  • Birthday Reel a 4 couple dance x2.
  • Portsmouth longways dance.
  • (The) Jackdaw a 4 couple Scottish dance.
  • The Comical Fellow a longtime favourite, pub. Thompson 1776.
  • The Farmer’s Joy a Joseph Pimentel dance 2012.


  • Zig Zag Tuesday a longways dance.
  • St. Swithin’s hornpipe a 2 couple dance.
  • The New Exchange a 3 couple dance.
  • Dunant House another 3 couple dance.
  • Namptwich Fair a longways dance.

Joyful June (five dancing Fridays)

1.06.18 Elfrida recording the dancing today.

Starting with-  Young Phyllis of Wakefield practising cloverleaf turns…

  • Deodar a longways dance
  • Captain’s Maggot a 3 couple dance.
  • Bar a Bar a longways danceinterpreted by Fried de Metz Herman (see 18.05.18)
  • Grimstock 3 couple dance.


  • Hyde Park a square set dance from 1651.
  • Portsmouth longways dance pub. Playford 1701. Music- Portsmouth.  (here’s a fact you can’t live without knowing, this was the signature tune to the Billy Bunter T.V series  oh wayback!
  • Meillionen a 5 couple Welsh traditional dance.
  • Ladies of London a longways dance
  • Namptwich Fair.
  • Dutch House definitely a challenge for those of us left /right challenged.

15.06.18 Elfrida directing todays dancing.

  • Faithful Shepherd a longways dance.
  • The Gloster Reel a longways dance.
  • Rakes of Rochester.
  • Pine Cones a 3 couple Pat Shaw dance.
  • Comical Fellow a firm favourite.
  • Leaving of Liverpool a 3 couple dance.
  • and finally Farmer’s Joy longways.

22.06.18 Elfrida recording the dances today.

  • Ladies of London longways.
  • Summer Waltz another longways dance.
  • Sailor’s Wives 3 couple longways with Chevrons!
  • Brighton Review longways.
  • Mile of Smiles 
  • Whim of the Moment both longways.

29.0618 Double session today as June calling at afternoon Strawberry Dance Upholland.

  • Captain’s Maggot 1696 Playford
  • Grimstock 3 couple dance from 1651
  • Hyde Park.
  • Broom the bonny Broom 4 couple longways. Playford 1651.



Welcome in the May (see 11th.)

This month’s dances:-

4.05 18

  • Brighton le Sands a longways dance by June Jones. Practice of straight heys.
  • The Doldrum a 4 couple square set dance from 1797, in The Maggot Pie Collection. (ref Colin Hume)

1st block of new English country dances for maybe 80 years, certainly since  John Playford’s day. Written by Marjorie Heffer & William Porter from Cambridge.

  • The Archbishop a 4 couple dance by Fried de Metz Herman, 1991. Music from Sellenger’s Round. 
  • Princess Royal a Pat Shaw longways dance.


  • Wooden Shoes a longways dance.
  •  Welcome in the May. A most appropriate longways dance for this month and what a splendid month it is turning out to be.
  • Lead thro’ and Cast away
  • October’s child a dance by Ken & Naomi Alexander.
  • Namptwich Fair longways dance.
  • Jack’s Maggot longways dance.


  • Mount Hills a longways Playford dance 1721. Free flowing.
  • Diversions. A longways Ellen Taylor dance 1980’s.
  • Bar a Bar from The Walsh collection 1719 (interpreted by Fried de Metz Herman)
  • Friday Frolic this could describe our weekly Friday dance sessions!


  • Captain Cotton’s Maggot 1750 from Johnson collection.
  • Wolverton Hall a longways dance.
  • Chestnut 1651 3 couple Playford dance.
  • Pool’s Hall longways.
  • Gued man of Ballangigh Playford dance 1698.

April’s Dances

6.04.18 Elfrida calling today’s dances, our thanks to her.

An appropriate start to the month with:-

  • The First of April  a longways dance, from 1773.
  • The Farmer’s Joy  a contemporary dance by Joseph Pimentel 2012.
  • Whim of the Moment a longways dance, pub. Thompson 1791. John made his debut as a caller of dances & he made a great start.
  • Criss Cross Jig a 5 couple dance.
  • Comical Fellow from Thompson 1776.
  • Guildhall a contemporary dance by Naomi Alexander.

13.04.18 June returns to call the dances & our thanks to her.

  • Ladies of London
  • Shrewsbury Lasses a triple minor dance.
  • The First of April (June missed it last week)
  • The Short and the Tall a 4 couple contemporary dance by Ron Coxall from the  ‘Jogs to the Memory’ collection. We all need those at times!
  • Wolverton Hall a longways dance.
  • Holborn March longways dance from 1740’s.

20.04.18 recorded by June.

  • Nampwich Fair a longways dance.
  • Upton Priory and
  • Fields End are both modern dances with unknown choreographers.
  • My Lady Winwood’s Maggot a 3 couple dance.
  • Love’s Triumph another 3 couple dance.

27.04.18 called and recorded by Elfrida.

  • once again The first of April
  • The Farmer’s Joy. see 6.04.18
  • Leaving of Liverpool 3 couple dance. X2
  • Birthday Reel (not celebrating anyone’s Birthday) A 4 couple dance.
  • Holborn March a longways dance.
  • Comical Fellow and Guildhall also longways dances.

March, not very Springlike!


Today we danced:-

  • Nonesuch a 4 couple longways dance. Playford 1651 one of the first published.
  • The Mulberry Garden a longways dance. Playford 1670.
  •  The Soldier and the Sailor another longways dance.
  • Honeysuckle Cottage a contemporary dance from 2003 choreography Gary Roodman. In his classification this is one of his easier dances. I didn’t find it too easy!
  • Fittleworth Frolic a circular dance for 5 couples.

a lovely selection of names today.


  • Young Phyllis of Wakefield a longways dance.
  • Maiden Moor a 4 couple dance by Tom Cook & Brian Jenkins.
  • The Spring another traditional dance.  Thomas Bray 1699. The weather outside the hall was anything but Springlike & we didn’t have much Spring in our steps!
  • The Bonnie Broom a 4 couple dance.
  • Money in both pockets an early American dance about 1800.

16.03 2018 recorded by Elfrida.

We had 16 dancers again today.

  • Spanish Jig music was Strong roots by Bare Necessities. (June was celebrating footballing victory)
  • Kind & Easy from 1716, longways which was anything but kind & easy. Arranged by Andrew Shaw, danced twice.
  • June’s Challenge! a 4 couple set- Phoenix Rejuvenated, a Pat Shaw composition. Danced twice with slowed down music but we struggled with lots of 1/2 turns etc. Volunteers then danced it at the right speed.
  • Gray’s Inn Masque a 4 couple dance.
  • 1st. April to finish.

23.03.2018 some deferred Birthday requests & some of Elfrida’s new ones.

  • Spanish Jig (no footballing celebration today though) Walsh collection 1755.
  • Childgrove  1701 Playford with various reconstructions, a longways dance.
  • Trip to Bavaria a 4 couple dance, always a bit of a challenge but great when we get it right!
  • For Rebecca a square set dance.
  • The Devil’s Dream a longways dance, pretty fast, with lots to fit in. (even though June slowed it down)
  • A Lady Remembered a John Wood dance.

Please note, no dancing next week as it is Good Friday. Returning on Friday 6th. April.

February dances & ‘brain work’.


Elfrida recording this session. June made our brains work today, lots of new dances!

  • Maiden Moor – 4 couple, by Tom Cook 1980. An enjoyable dance.
  • Kind and Easey – longways, Kynaston 1716 with Andrew Shaw adaptation, sedate.
  • Sea Breezes – 3 couple longways, a June Jones composition.( the name may change as there are other dances with the same name) An enjoyable waltz rhythm dance.
  • The Werneth Wheel – 3 couple longways, not tried before & unlikely to try again.
  • No Taxes – 3 couple longways, a nice dance.
  • First of April – longways. Most straight forward dance to finish.

9.02.18 including another of my Birthday requests*

  • The Whim of the Moment a longways dance, pub. Thompson 1791.
  • * Picking up sticks a 3 couple dance Playford 1651 includes men & women’s ‘sheepskin hey’. There has to be something good about a dance that is still being danced 367 years later!
  • Maiden Moor see last week.
  • The Short and the Tall a 4 couple dance.
  • The Devil’s Elbow a Ron Coxall dance, we are coming back to this one.
  • Young Phyllis of Wakefield from the Walsh collection 1719 longways dance.

16.02.18 including some of Jim’s Birthday requests*

  • *Comical Fellow
  • *Gued man of Ballangigh Playford dance 1728.
  • *Black Nag 3 couple dance longways, Playford 1657, adapted Cecil Sharpe
  • Marching to Praetorius a contemporary 1996 Gary Roodman dance, music by Michael Praetorius.
  • Childgrove Playford 1701 with various reconstructions.
  • *Indian Queen longways Playford 1701.

23.02.18 including some of Pat L’s Birthday requests.*

  • *Sprigs of Laurel pub. Ann & Peter Thompson 1794
  • Comical Fellow Thompson 1776
  • *(J) Fandango a 3 couple dance with diagonal moves to keep us on our toes!
  • Upon a Summer’s day another original dance from 1615 Playford.
  • Jamaica 4 couple dance Playford 1670.
  • Mount Hills longways dance Playford 1721

2018 Happy New Year.

 Another year of enjoyable country dancing awaits.

Many thanks once more to Dancing Mistress Elfrida for taking this session. When June has a holiday it’s thanks to Elfrida that we are able to have a dancing session, which we all enjoy.


  • Farmer’s Joy a longways contemporary dance by Joseph Pimentel danced to a joyful tune. A very good start to the New year.
  • The Jackdaw a Scottish dance for 4 couples.
  • Trip to Sheringham
  • Jamaica a longways dance published by Playford 1670. We decided the tune has recently been used to introduce the recent T.V series Upstart Crow (a Shakespeare spoof)
  • Loose Ends a 4 couple longways dance with Pousettes.
  • Birthday Reel a 4 couple longways dance. Danced twice.
  • Comical Fellow pub. Thompson 1776.

12.01.18 recorded by Elfrida. Welcome back June as Dancing Mistress.

  • Heidenroslein 4 couple dance by Pat Shaw. A Birthday request carried over from last year for Geraldine. a waltz rhythm, nice dance elegant & sedate!
  • Work in progress. A June Jones composition. Music Lord Foppingham. We’ve done this a few times & it’s not gone to plan but today we cracked it!
  •  A new German Waltz 1795. Longways, a waltz rhythm again, & another sedate elegant one.
  • She looked down her nose and sneered  Longways, with a courtesy turn.
  • Diversions  Longways. by Ellen Taylor from 1980’s.


  • Winter in Brasstown by Philippe Callens  3 couple dance. A Birthday request (Liz. that’s me!)
  • Peace be with you by Fried de Metz Herman, 1986, a longways dance.
  • Pinecones by Pat Shaw a 3 couple dance with 1/2 Heys.
  • Young Phyllis of Wakefield a longways dance from The Walsh collection 1719.
  • My Lady Winwood’s Maggot. Playford 1726 a 3 couple dance. Maggot meaning a fanciful or whimsical thing.


  • Grand Square a 4 couple square set dance.
  • Sir Watkin’s Jig a 3 couple dance, pub. Johnson 1750. This & the next two dances all Liz’s Birthday requests!
  • Slof Galliard a 4 couple Pat Shaw dance from 1975. A good video on You Tube.
  • Turning by Threes a 3 couple, Gary Roodman dance from 2003.
  • First of April longways dance, pub. Thompson 1773. Although we have a while to go to reach April it was lovely to have a Spring tune to accompany this dance.
  • finally Gloucester Reel.


dancing in December


  • Ladies of London 1718 longways dance to music from The Beggar’s Opera.
  • Jonda’s Jig a 3 couple dance with chevrons.
  • Friday Frolic a longways dance.
  • Scotch Cap 1651 published by Playford with diagonals.

Have a look at William and Mary Heritage Dances video on You Tube.

  • Fourpence Ha’penny Farthing 1709 longways dance Playford.
  • Indian Queen 1701 longways.


  • Sailor’s Wives June Jones choreography, 3 couple dance with chevron formation.
  • Albert’s Way (?) 4 couple dance.
  • The Disbanded Officer pub. by Thompson 1787
  • Queen’s Jig from Dancing Master 11th Edition. Playford, reconstructed by Cecil Sharpe 1911.
  • Chestnut 1651 a 3 couple dance.
  • Farmer’s Joy  contemporary dance 2012 by Joseph Pimentel

This session was followed by our Christmas lunch at local hostelry. An enjoyable chance to chat & eat.

15.12.17 Short session with refreshments.

Christmas wishes to all.

Dancing recommences on the 5th. January 2018 with Elfrida, Dancing Mistress.

June Jones returns on the 12th. When New members are welcome.

*New (& old) dances in November.

3.11.17  Some dances this month are Geraldine’s Birthday requests:-

  • * Princess Royal a three couple Pat Shaw dance. A good video if you look for Pat Shaw dances.
  • Comical Fellow
  • Loose Ends
  • Mirror Me a three couple dance, 2007.
  • Marching to Praetorius a contemporary dance from 1996.
  • Freeford Gardens a longways dance by David & Kathryn Wright.

10.11.17  Elfrida recording the dances, continuing Geradine’s Birthday requests… Some quite challenging!

  • * Welcoming the May – longways.
  •  Valentine’s Day – longways, from the Walsh collection 1718. A Nick Broadbridge’s adaptation (probably)
  • * October’s Child – longways, Ken & Naomi Alexander, choreography & music.
  • Jamaica danced twice. 4 couple dance.
  • * Soldier & the Sailor – longways.

17.11.17  some more of Geraldine’s Birthday requests….

  • Morrison’s Reel (or Measure) a five couple Roy Golding dance.
  • * Lyme Park a Triple Minor dance from 1791. Triple Minor dances were very popular in the 17th & 18th Century as the number ones are the main dancers giving  the twos & threes more time/ opportunity to “flirt”.
  • * Revolution de la France.

It may look as if we didn’t do too much dancing today but we spent some time ‘perfecting’ the triple minor.


  • Namptwich Fair a longways dance.
  • * Simone’s Semicentury a Phillipe Callens 2003 longways dance to a traditional tune,

D’Uytrechise Ureeden by Estienne Roger c1715.

  • * Spring in Sepastopol a 2009 longways dance, music Boree The Old Batchelor by Purcell, 1691
  • * Queen’s Borow a three couple dance.
  • Fourpence Ha’penny Farthing published by Playford 1709.

In December – 8th. Christmas lunch after dancing.    

  15th. Final dancing session before our Christmas break. Including Refeshments.

Return to dancing on Friday 5th January, with Elfrida calling.




October. Ten years of country dancing.

Strictly speaking we celebrated 10 years of U3a Country dancing last month.

On behalf of all current and former dancers a very big Thank You to June for leading us so well all these years.

Of the 125 dances this year (so far) the 10 most danced are :-

  1. Birthday Reel
  2. Holborn March
  3. Guildhall
  4. Indian Queen
  5. (The) Farmer’s Joy
  6. Trip to Sheringham
  7. Comical Fellow
  8. Ranelagh Gardens
  9. Tipoo Sahib
  10. (The) Fair American


  • Fourpence Ha’penny Farthing 1709 published by Playford
  • Young Phyllis of Wakefield a longways dance from the Walsh Collection 1719
  • Whibsey Roundabout a 5 couple circular dance 1996 by Gary Roodman.
  • a work in progress by June Jones
  • Tipoo Sahib

13 10.17 recorded by Elfrida. A busy session.

  • Hyde Park a 4 couple square set. (danced twice.)
  • Loose Ends another 4 couple set. Longways.
  • more work in progress June Jones.
  • Guildhall a longways dance by Naomi Alexander.
  • Devil’s Maggot a longways dance by Diane Schmidt 1933. Playford style ‘need to stay alert’
  • Mulberry Garden
  • Lord Caernarvon’s Jig


  • A Lady Remembered by John Wood. For Rosemary.
  • Constant Billey a 3 couple set. Music from The Beggar’s Opera
  • Lady Lucy’s Maggot
  • Maiden Lane 1650 from 1st Edition English Country Dances. Cecil Sharpe interpretation.
  • Namptwich Fair.

27.10.17 some 0f Pat Mc’s birthday requests.

  • Upon a Summer’s day longways
  • Ranelagh Gardens by June Jones
  • Whibsey Roundabout by Gary Roodman
  • Trip to Sherringham 4 couple square set.
  • Leah’s Waltz from Jane’s birthday requests.
  • Hyde Park see 13 th.





September, five Friday’s for dancing.


  • Merry milkmaids 1615, one of the very early 4 couple dances. It would be hard to find ‘a milkmaid’ these days, merry or not.
  • Trip to Sheringham a 4 couple square set dance, danced twice as we liked it.
  • Hunsdon House 1657 another 4 couple dance incorporating ‘the grand square’.
  • Hearstease 1651 a longways Playford style dance.

a good selection of Traditional dances.


Our thanks to Dancing Mistress, Elfrida, who  took today’s session.

  • Birthday Reel danced twice to 2 different tunes from the CD Orions Ring tracks 17, & 10, being today’s favourite.
  • The Jackdaw a Scottish dance.
  • Comical Fellow longways dance from 1776 published by Thomson.
  • The Faithful Shepherd 1769 another longways dance.
  • Criss cross Jig a 5 couple dance. A first for the caller & all of us, it went well.
  • Holborn March 1740 a longways dance.
  • Guildhall a  contemporary dance by Naomi Alexander.


Elfrida reporting a fun, action packed session.

Jane’s delayed Birthday requests with some influence from Wendy! A selection of Maggots.

  • Lord Byron’s Maggot, as one more dancer was needed, June danced with a ‘ghost’ always a challenge & a novelty for those who had not had this experience!
  • Jack’s Maggot– longways.
  • My Lady Windward’s Maggot-longways 3 couple set, so we did it twice with some dancers changing in.
  • Mr. Isaac’s Maggot challenging but enjoyable.
  • Bonnets so blue.
  • Border Waltz.
  • Comical Fellow a favourite with Geraldine.

A good programme.


  •  Trip to Sheringham.
  • Connaught Water a 4 couple dance by John Wood.
  • Heidenroslein by Pat Shaw, music by Heinrich Werner, waltz time. Danced twice, I think this could become a favourite. It is Pat Shaw’s centenary this year.
  • Marching to Praetorius 1996, a Gary Roodman 2 couple dance, Playford style in a square set. The music by Michael Praetorius.


  • Star of Kintra by Thomas Monson 2004. There was some debate about the location of Kintra, it is a settlement on the Northwestern coast of the Ross of Mull.
  • Barbarini’s Tambourine 1735, a longways set from the Walsh collection. Barbarini was apparently a dancer pictured with a full crinoline. As there is lots of ‘passing by’ in the dance it must have been quite a feat to accomplish.
  • Captain Cotton’s Maggot 1750 from the Johnson collection.
  • Ranelagh Gardens a June Jones dance, still in ‘a work in progress’ we last danced it in April.
  • Farmer’s Joy 2012 by Joseph Pimentel. A joyous close to the session and the month of September.


If it’s August it must be Whitby Folk week.

We keep country dancing through August.


  • The Welch dance (not a spelling mistake) danced to music from The Beggars Opera.
  • Of Noble Race was Shenkin.
  • Sailors Wives Choreography by June Jones. With a chevron formation.

Two Birthday requests for Margaret

  • Upon a Summer’s Day
  • The Archbishop a contemporary dance by Fried de Metz.
  • and The Braes of Dornach a 3 couple longways set pub. by Johnson 1757.


  • My Lady Anne a 3 couple dance
  • The Temple of Health ”   ”   “
  • Wooden Shoes a longways dance from the Dancing Master 1703.
  • The Ladies of London 1718 another dance to music from The Beggars Opera.
  • Of Noble Race was Shenkin which we did last week. A longways dance from 1695 John Playford.
  •  Chestnut a 3 couple dance from 1615.
  • The Farmers Joy a contemporary dance by John Pimentel.

Then we all enjoyed our Summer lunch at the Stanley Arms.


  • Connaught Water a 4 couple dance (we needed more practice)
  • Portabella a longways dance pub. John Walsh 1715/18.
  • Lady Williams Delight a dance from 1989 by Rich Galloway.
  • Tippoo Sahib (the Francophile ruler of Mysore 1700’s)

As June is at Whitby, Elfrida is dancing mistress & recorder.


  • The Birthday Reel x2
  • The Jackdaw x2 a 4 couple Scottish dance.
  • Jamaica x2
  • Comical Fellow a longways set 1776 pub. Thomson.

July summer is here

1.07.17 The U3a Summer social & buffet with ‘entertainment’ from the Country dancing group. June called the dances and after a short demonstration there was lively dancing for all, accompanied by much laughter.

Then back to our usual sessions:-


  • Bonnets so Blue -longways dance.
  • Wooden Shoes another longways dance.
  • Meillion a 5 couple dance from Wales.
  • The Ladies of London music from The Beggars Opera.
  • ‘a work in progress’ by June Jones a longways dance, waltz time with’ hole in the wall’ crossing.


  • Christchurch bells to a new tune.
  • St. Catherine by the Neal brothers 1700’s.
  • The New Exchange a 3 couple dance Playford 1690.
  • Pool’s Hole 
  • Mile of Smiles contemporary dance 2012 by Joseph Pimentel an American.
  • Indian Queen.


  • Mile of Smiles see last week, more practise gave much improvement, an enjoyable happy dance.
  • (the) Star of Kintra by Trevor Monson 2004
  • Portabella a longways dance  1718. We last danced this in July 2016.
  • Farmer’s Joy another dance by Joseph Pimentel 2012.


  • Queen’s birthday– longways.
  • Sailor’s wives – 3 couple sets- a world premiere composed by Elfrida Izzett which was a dance with a new move in it – chevron. Elfrida also recorded this weeks dances, so well done to her. (I added this bit!)
  • Border Waltz country dance by Ellen Taylor – 3 couple set.
  • De’il tak the War – 3 couple set , the Scottish lament.

June (Jones) in June

Keep dancing







2.06.17 Dances:-

  • O’er the hills and far away
  • (The) old wife behind the fire 1726 Neal. In spite of this grim title, it was danced to a very jolly tune from the Beggar’s Opera.
  • Old Hob or The Mousetrap a longways dance.
  • Mirror Me a contemporary dance by Loretta Holz 2007. I think this may become a favourite.
  • Welcome in the May. Is this the blossom or the month?
  • Farmer’s Joy danced to another jolly tune.


  • A lady remembered longways dance.
  • Botany Bay. A Sicilian circle but danced longways.
  • Winter in Brass town another contemporary dance by Philippe Callens a Belgian.
  • Mirror me (see above) we danced this twice, so already becoming a favourite. A 3 couple dance.
  • O’er the hills and far away.
  • Shandy Hall a 4 couple dance by George Middleton 1977.

T for Technique. CROSS HEYS. In 3 couple dance as the 1st. couple begin to move, simultaneously the 2nd. couple move out to the side and move into the 1st. position to give the 1st couple room. (this makes sense when you are dancing.)


Elfrida calling the dances.

  • Birthday Reel a 4 couple dance.
  • Jamaica a 4 couple dance from 1670 Playford.
  • Christ church bells in Aughton a longways dance.
  • Sprigs of Laurel a longways dance published by Thompson 1794
  • Guildhall a contemporary dance by Naomi Alexander.
  • Holborn March a longways dance from 1740.
  • Maids of March longways.


some of Wendy’s Birthday requests:-

  • Rakes of Rochester from the Johnson Choice collection of favourite country dances (200) vol. 4. 1740
  • Comical Fellow pub.Thompson 1776
  • Slof Galliard by Pat Shaw. 2017 happens to be the Centenary of Pat Shaw’s birth.
  • Leah’s Waltz a contemporary dance by Fried de Metz Herman.
  • Paisley Waltz a 4 couple square set dance.
  • Lord Carnarvon’s Jig 1615.


  • Take a dance a longways dance.
  • Trip to Bavaria another choice of Wendy’s, a 4 couple dance.
  • Black Nag a 3 couple dance
  • Leah’s Waltz see above.
  • Trip to Sheringham a square set dance.
  • Grimstock with 3 Heys, Grimstock, arches and circular.

We danced a further dance, not yet named and a work in progress (June Jones 2017) to the pretty tune

Dance of a Lifetime.

Tomorrow we participate in the U3a Summer Social, demonstrating some Country dances

and hoping others will join us.

The Merry Month of May

No dancing around the Maypole but plenty of dancing on:-


  • Greenbank Park one of June’s dances premiered in July 2016. A 3 couple dance.
  • Low Hill another of June’s dances including a Morris Hey, also 3 couple.
  • My Lady Whinwood’s Maggot
  • Chestnut Playford 1615
  • Braes of Dornach

12.05.17 recorded by Elfrida.

  • Wits End a 2 couple dance.
  • The Baffled Knight Tim’s birthday choice 4 couple longways dance from the Maggot Pie collection 1930’s.(danced twice it was so successful)
  • Gray’s Inn Mask 4 couple dance from Dancing Master 1651.
  • Whim of the Moment Thompson 1791 4 couple.
  • Trip to Bavaria 4 couple.


Elfrida called & recorded this session with help from Greek Delight a holiday gift from Geraldine.

  • Leaving of Liverpool
  • Spring Fever
  • Black Nag
  • Upon a Summer’s Day
  • Liberty


June & Liz back from holiday.

  • The Farmer’s Joy a 3 couple contemporary dance from 2012 by John Pimentel. We decided the joyful tune had something to do with the title but we could be wrong.
  • Wits End a 2 couple dance by Bill Wolding.
  • Love’s Triumph 3 couple dance (reconstructed from the original).
  • Twas o’er the hills and far away 1715 a 3 couple dance.
  • Indian Queen a longways dance published Playford 1701. A dance we know very well.

Just three sessions in April


We start with-

  • Namptwich, the old name for Nantwich in Cheshire.
  • Greenbank Park, a three couple dance, choreography by our own June Jones.
  • Ranelagh Gardens another of June’s dances (a work in progress she called it.)

Ranelagh Gardens was a famous pleasure garden in the time of Jane Austen. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the dance title. Liverpool’s Ranelagh Gardens 1722 where modelled on the London Chelsea garden.

  • Mulberry Garden In contrast to the contemporary dances, this is from 1675. A longways dance, Playford style.
  • The Fair American a longways dance.


  • Guildhall, a contemporary dance by Naomi Alexander.
  • The Rakes of Rochester.
  • Maids of March.
  • Leaving of Liverpool a three couple dance.
  • Merry Flirt.
  • Spanish Jig longways dance.
  • Holborn March.
  • Loose Ends.

with one of our all time favourites completing the session The Drummer. Music by Brass Tacks.


  • Spirit of France C1781
  • The whim of the moment published by Thompson 1791.
  • The Prince Regent
  • Karla’s Waltz. Music by Celtic Rose.
  • Chestnut Playford 1651
  • The Fair American.


March was a busy month

Our Taster sessions in January have produced some new and enthusiastic dancers so welcome to them.

In addition to our usual Friday sessions, on March 7th. we had an additional dance, June’s significant Birthday Tea Dance, we were joined by Parbold & Upholland U3a country dancers and other dancers associated with June. It was a most enjoyable afternoon with live music from Denise and Norman Bearon. Thanks for all who contributed to make it a happy afternoon and celebrate with June.

In preparation for the 7th on 3.03.17 we danced

  • A Lady Remembered choreographed by John Wood
  • Lord Carnarvon’s jig a 3 couple dance. Playford 1651
  • Trip to Sherringham
  • She looks down her nose and sneers, Longways. (the slow version)
  • Nonesuch a 4 couple dance Playford 1651


  • The whim of the moment a longways dance 1700 published by Skillern.
  • The maid peeped out the window or the Friar in the well. Such amazing titles! Playford 1690
  • Mr Isaac’s Maggot a longways Triple time dance 1695
  • The Old Mole a 3 couple dance in six parts.
  • Fourpence halfpenny farthing Playford 1709. I wonder what the monetary value of this would be now?

I missed the next few sessions but Elfrida recorded the details.

17.03.17 Sixteen dancers danced

  • Otterspool longways with some practice on clover leaf turns
  • If all the World were paper a 4 couple dance in square set.
  • Swirl of the sea                            ”        ”        ”              ”       “
  • Disbanded Officer longways.

Some were danced twice.

T for Technique/ Etiquette points.

If there is a musical introduction, use that to honour one’s partner before starting the dance, as in Swirl of the Sea.

  • Otterspool longways, Technique practice The Pousette, keeping straight lines, acknowledging one’s partner, trying to pause in unison, draw and full Pousettes.
  • Calderstones longways. June’s choreography. Practice with dolphin hays.

Music “Lord what comes to my Mother”!

  • The baffled Knight  4 couple sets, if he was baffled, so were we, lots of hopping. Playford style. It came from a new crop of dances from a compilation called Maggot Pie in the 1930’s when people were being encouraged to compose new dances. Some were disastrous apparently!
  • A Fig for Bonaparte longways 1804.

31.03.17 Elfrida not only recording but calling too.

  • Birthday Reel 4 couple dance
  • Jamaica                  ”              “

all longways

  • Faithful Shepherd 1769
  • Sprigs of Laurel 1794
  • My Lord Byron’s Maggot
  • Spirit of France c1781
  • Holborn March 1740
  • Guildhall modern

I make that 25 dances plus the Tea dance.


A New Year post.

keeping on dancing.


Our new year starts with Dancing mistress Elfrida calling the dances.

  • Holborn March. pub. 1740
  • Liberty
  • Guildhall
  • Spanish Jig
  • Spirit of France. Country dances of Colonial America.
  • Indian Queen



June is back taking the session.

  • Sprigs of Laurel
  • Go to the Devil and shake yourself. What an amazing title but we all seemed to survive!
  • A fig for Bonaparte. pub. Thompson 1804.
  • Birthday Reel
  • I care not for these ladies. A contemporary dance 1969 by Katherine Creelman.
  • Comical Fellow,


  • Sprigs of Laurel a longways dance.
  • Tippoo Sahib from 1792
  • Harvest Reel
  • The Militia
  • Guildhall by Naomi Alexander
  • The Fair American.


Belated Birthday requests from John.

  • The Fair American, obviously enjoyed last week.
  • Jack’s Maggot. Maggot being ‘a fancy’ not a slimy creature!
  • Birthday Reel
  • Newcastle
  • Brighton Review

a good selection.


Belated Birthday requests from Liz.

  • Rakes of Rochester published Walsh 1748
  • Spanish Jig.
  • Postie’s Jig. Another of John’s requests.
  • The Introduction, (this needed further practise.)
  • Indian Queen 1701.


  • Corelli’s Gavot. longways dance
  • Mendocino Redwoods  ”     “
  • Turning by Three’s a contemporary 3 couple circular dance by Gary Roodman. (another of Liz’s requests)
  • Trip to Bavaria.
  • Take a Dance. pub. Thompson 1765.
  • Indian Queen.


  • Mrs Stewart’s Reel.
  • The Introduction a Fried de Metz Herman 1999  contemporary dance. Practise makes for improvement.
  • The maid peeked out of the window
  • Broom the bonny broom
  • Peace be with you (another Liz request) and another of Fried de Metz Herman’s dances.


Pat’s Birthday requests

  • The Ragg  Neal c.1726
  • Grimstock. Lots of Heys to dance.
  • The Gued (good) man of Ballangigh. Playford 1728
  • Leah’s Waltz
  • Tippoo Sahib
  • Queens Jig.


Birthday & group requests


group includes the birthday celebratory....

Dances 4th November

  • Hen Run which you can see on You Tube.
  • Shrewsbury Lasses published Thompson 1785
  • Leah’s Waltz a contemporary dance 1989 choreographed by Fried de Metz Herman.  A lovely flowing dance.
  • Postie’s Jig
  • The Leamington Dance 1811

11th November dances

more of Geraldine’s birthday requests

  • Gued Man of Ballengigh (possibly James IV of Scotland)
  • Queen’s Jig 
  • Morrison’s Reel 
  • For Rebecca
  • Sellenger’s Round a circle dance.
  • Valentines Day

18th November dances

  • Alexander’s birthday a contemporary dance, choreographed by Gary Roodman. Alexander being one of his grandsons. Look up Gary Roodman Facts for information & some dances to view. (Cf videos)
  • Leaving of Liverpool we danced this twice but to different tunes. (not the expected tune though)
  • Fandango
  • Jamaica
  • Meillionen a Welsh country dance.

A very nice selection of dances.

A Gary Roodman quote “After dancers have learned one of my dances, I would like the flow of the dance to seem as inevitable as the flow of the music with little need to concentrate on what comes next. I may not achieve that but I find the pursuit, great fun”.  We’re working to meet Gary’s vision!

CHRISTMAS LUNCH 9th December book with June.

Dancing resumes after Christmas on 6th January.

NEW DANCERS WELCOME at TASTER SESSIONS in the New Year ( to be arranged)

updating our news

2nd September dances

  • Shrewsbury Lasses 1765 Thompson
    Williamson Square
    Nonesuch 1651 Playford style
    Birthday Reel

9th September dances

  • For Rebecca
    Trip to Bavaria (from Wendy’s birthday requests)
    The Hen Run– Bernard Bailey. The music to this dance sounds a lot like chickens!
    Duke of Kent’s Waltz. Vocal accompaniment “The Dancing” by Julie Tabor. All about going dancing on a Saturday night, finding the perfect partner to waltz with, and trying to forget that Monday morning and work will come around far too soon…

16th September dances

  • The Fair American Longways set dance published in Virginia c1781
    Lord Phoppingham          ”                  ”     published in Walsh Collection 1718
    Half Hannikin
    Upon a Summer’s day 3 couple set published in the Dancing Master 1st edition 1651
    Freeford Gardens Longways set dance choreographed by David & Kathryn Wright 1982

23rd September dances

  • Wooden Shoes longways dance published in Dancing Master 1703
    The Dutch House
    Sir Watkins Jig Johnson 1750. Have a look at the You Tube video
    The Belle of Amherst choreographed by Gary Roodman.
    I might have mentioned once or twice even, how much we enjoy his dances! Lastly:

          Dunham Oaks choreographed by Brian Wedgbury 1972
30th September dances all 3 couple..

  • Avoncroft choreographed by Pat Shaw 1962
    Founder’s Day    ”               ”   David & Kathryn Wright, another contemporary dance.
    Dunant House Waltz choreographed by Colin Hulme
    Merry Andrew
  • and on to October 7th.
  • The Introduction by another contemporary choreographer Fried de Metz.
    You can see all her dances on:

You Tube- just type in Fried de Metz country dances, well worth a look.

  • Dutch House
    The Disbanded Officer
    Jack’s Maggot

October 14th dances

with alternate Dancing Mistress Elfrida.

"Star turn"

“Star turn”










and a right hand turn....

and a right hand turn….

and a left hand turn.

and a left hand turn.








  • Holborn March Wright 1740 music form the Brass Tracks C.D
  • Portsmouth
  • Guildhall
  • Liberty from the Yorktown Victory Ball 1781
  • Spanish Jig 1721
  • Christ church bells in Aughton

October 21st dances

with lots of ‘Heys’ to practise….

  • Brighton le Sands (with straight Heys) choreography by our own June Jones.
  • Calderstones (with Dolphin Heys)                    ”                ”                          “
  • A Lady Remembered choreography by John Wood
  • Consequences a 4 couple dance by June, the consequence seemed to be that the music got faster & faster!
  • Alterations (perhaps aptly named after the fast consequences) from the J.J. Drinkwater collection 1753

28th October dances (all 3 couple.)

with another alternate Dancing Mistress Wendy.

  • Upon a Summer’s day
  • Pilgarlic
  • Liberty
  • Leaving of Liverpool

dancing in August continues

5th August.

  • Nonesuch Two ( not to be confused with Nonesuch) a 4 couple dance
  • The Introduction another 4 couple. Lots of diagonals to keep us on our toes!
  • Terpsicourante a Gary Roodeman dance from 2000. Quite a challenge, with lots of turning!

check it out on dance

Americans are obviously far less self conscious than us, happy to be filmed in the most amazing outfits!

  • Indian Queen a good old favourite.

Dancing 0n 12th August. (contribution thanks to Elfrida)

We were challenged again this week.

  • The Ragg Longways dance c 1726 by John & William Neal from Ireland
  • De’il tak the war – a Jacobean lament 1742. 3 couple longways set, danced twice it was so good.
  • The Old Mole “a wacky workout”
  • Pilgarlic followed by Mulberry garden.

Dancing on 19th. August

  • Whibsey Roundabout another Gary Roodeman dance which is very popular, no one gets to stand still.
  • Fandango Playford style 3 couple, danced twice we have danced this recently and it is a favourite for many.
  • Delia very different in style, think elegance, grace and ball gowns. Grimstock Hey.
  • The Queen’s Jig 1701 Playford style with Cecil Sharp (banana) siding.

T for technique. This dance move is characterised by good eye contact. Each person moves forward to their partner, making eye contact whilst they “banana” past each other in each direction.

  • The Ragg danced last week but to a different recording.

T for technique see below The Star. Take hands across, as if shaking your partners hand. Give the Star tension by keeping the elbow bent & helping to drive the Star around.

swing to the left

T for technique. The Star

Dancing in August

We do not have a holiday break from Country dancing so if you are at a loose end on a Friday morning at 11.00, now is your chance to try our country dancing group. You would be most welcome.

We have had an enjoyable few months dancing many new and familiar dances.

In MAY we joined the Parbold & Upholland U3A for a Tea Dance with live music and June calling, they kindly laid on an excellent afternoon tea which was delicious, however June made sure we all had plenty of dancing before hand. Many thanks to all who contributed to this event.

On the 6th May we danced

Morrison’s Reel, Whibsy Roundabout, Peace be with you and Jenny Plucked pears.

on 13th we danced Carla’s Waltz, Dunant House, Jenny Plucked pears again, a 3 couple dance Playford style 1651. Fandango 1774, very lively .

on 20th Merry Andrew, The Old Mole 1651, Newsham Review, St Andrew’s gardens.

June is trying to improve our Dancing Technique.

  • Eye contact is characteristic of English Country Dancing and can be used to convey instruction, direction or traditionally, admiration, when there was little opportunity for conveying this.
  • The Pousette, in this figure it creates a beautiful line if each couple observes their neighbouring dancers, pausing and acknowledging them as they complete the figure. see
  • The Star, (or cross hands) it is important when taking the hand of the opposite dancer to create some tension or mutual resistance, this enables “the star” to move round with speed and ease.

on the following week we danced St Andrew’s gardens again, sometimes we repeat dances either to improve on the previous session or just because we like them! The Belle of Amherst a Gary Roodman dance. Two waltz’s Wednesday waltz and Leahs then Leamington Dance.

into JUNE Leamington Dance again, Knives and Forks 1726 an Irish dance in triple time, on You Tube (not us)

Fandango 1774 see Kensington Court one of the oldest published dances 1695.

on 10th we danced Oxford Circus a contemporary dance 1992 by Colin Hulme. Peace be with you 1986 a Fried de Metz Herman dance.

Conway Castle, Portabella and Gloucester Reel completed the session.

on 17th we danced Kensington Court again, Turning by Three’s a 3 couple Gary Roodman dance. We always enjoy his dances, they are all so very clever and different. Shrewsbury lasses, Pine cones by Pat Shaw. Finally Golden Dreams.

on 24th The Rakes of Rochester 1748, Whibsey Roundabout another Gary Roodman! Conway Castle, Fandango and Peace be with you all recently enjoyed. Ending with Lord Byron’s Maggot.

Into JULY when Wendy & Geraldine held the fort!

on 8th His Royal Highness Prince of Wales Favourite (who?). Hot off the press! Greenbank Park, a June Jones World Premiere a 3 couple dance. Back to 1781 with New Rigged Ship from the Yorktown collection. Then a challenge Grimstock with lots of “Heys”.

Elfrida recorded the next 2 sessions

  • A Fair Crossing -square set
  • Slof Galliard
  • Gray’s Inn Maske
  • 2 couple sets from a Hornpipe, currently no name ( June’s composition) with a step-hop rhythm which was enjoyed so much they did it 3 times! June’s Joy was a title suggested from the dancers.
  • Bonny Cuckoo was the final dance.

the 22nd.

  • Doldrum a 4 couple set,
  • Queens Jig longways
  • St. James Park
  • Devil “tak” the war, 1772 a lament for all the men taken by War.
  • Pilgaric 18th Century.
    A Summer Lunch followed at the Stanley Arms.

Our last session in July

Portabella was tried again twice and we almost perfected it!
The Introduction a contemporary dance by Fried de Metz Herman
The Rotunda, as might be guessed a circular dance.
Comical Fellow

Queen Elizabeth, Angela Rippon and Elfrida.

What you may wonder do this group have in common? Two have had recent birthdays and all are fit for their respective age!

Angela Rippon’s recent T.V programme How to Stay Young advocated dancing as one of the best ways to stay fit, although we had some debate as to whether we danced with sufficient vigour!

On the 1st of April we danced Elfrida’s requests with some lively Jigs, Spanish Jig, Lord Carnarvon’s Jig.

Liberty & Trip to Bavaria followed, also pretty lively. Meillionen a Welsh dance and Sallengers Round. Finishing with Comical Fellow 1776.

There are over 10 videos of Sallengers Round on You Tube, take your pick. As it is a dance from 1670’s is obviously a favourite of many groups.

We may have danced vigorously enough to fulfil Angela Rippon’s fitness criteria.

Our next 3 sessions with Dancing Mistress’s Elfrida & Wendy leading.

Christ Church bells of Aughton, Maids of March, Leaving of Liverpool,

Liberty. Danced from the Yorktown C.D. The dances on this C.D are in the style of those danced at the Victory Ball after the Battle of Yorktown Virginia 1781, when the combined forces of American Continental Army and French troops defeated the British Army. They are a great collection of dances & tunes.

Guildhall, Rakes of Rochester, and Indian Queen completed the session.

Comical Fellow, Sprigs of Laurel, Indian Queen, Mendocino Redwood, Maids of March and Christ Church Bells in Aughton and The Drummer kept us busy for this session.

Our 1st dance on 22nd. April was Jamaica. Acknowledging The Queen’s 90th. birthday yesterday,  Birthday Reel followedmusic Connaught Water. By a strange coincidence this tune was also listed for the next dance Trip to Sherringham. Elfrida found another tune Up and down the City Road, which caused some laughter as we felt we were in the school playground, but it worked! Guildhall, The Jackdaw, and finally Liberty.

Our last April session we welcome back June, who has been laid low but is recovering. Some more dances from the Yorktown Victory Ball see above The Fair American, Boston Assembly followed by Freeford Gardens. Then 2 “Maggot” dances, a Maggot believed to be a whimsical dance;  My Lady Winwood’s Maggot and Jack’s Maggot 1670, have a look at for a stylish performance with a good example of a Hay for three. Lastly Lord Phoppington.


Catch up


Please note there will be no dancing on Friday 25th. March Good Friday.



More Birthday requests, Pat has her choices, Leah’s Waltz a contemporary 3 couple dance from 1995. Music-Amelia’s waltz. Scotch Cap 1651, 3 couple Playford style; October’s Child 1980 & Disbanded Officer 1789 both Longways dances.

The following week’s dances included some we are demonstrating for a small Dance Display at St. Annes Church Monday group. Rostillion. Bonnets so Blue and Tipoo Saib an Indian longways set. On to Lady Winwood’s Maggot with trumpet accompaniment from Brass Tacks and then Black Nagg both 3 couple dances. Finishing with My Lord Byron’s Maggot and the popular favourite The Drummer.

Thanks to Elfrida and Wendy for the above contributions.

An enjoyable Dance Display and participation from the Monday club on 29th., see above.

Conway Castle, Hop pickers feast 3 couple. St. James Park then The Chase a lovely circular dance and Elverton Grove a longways set.

Dunham Oaks another Longways contemporary dance followed by Withsend a 2 couple set. Peace be with you 1986 by a Dutch choreographer, with the rather splendid name of Fried de Metz Herman. Jack’s Maggot  an adaptation of a Cecil Sharpe original. Finally Newsham Review.

  • Our last session before Easter.

Our first square set dance was so new it had yet to be named (one of June’s) it worked well and I’m sure it won’t be long before we dance it again, with a name.

This was followed by another very lively square set dance TrelawneyJack’s Maggot again to see if we could perfect the Hey for 3. The brilliantly named “She looks down her nose and sneers” followed by Salutation, a dance in triple time. Last but not least a lively Jig.





Birthday requests 2016

John, Liz, Jean & Pauline are all another year wiser…. requests included Guildhall, Calderstones with

the Dolphin Hey, which looks really impressive, see below. Birthday Reel, Trip to Bavaria both 4 couple dances.

 Whibsey roundabout a circular Gary Roodeman dance. Have a look at

(Click on English country dance, modern.) A Welsh folk dance Meillionen mid 17thC,

Octobers child a Naomi Alexander dance from 1970. Postie, Morrisons Reel, & Gloster Reel.

We danced into FEBRUARY with Kensington Court, My Lady Winwood’s Maggot. Maggot Old English meaning an eccentric or fanciful idea. A 4 couple square formation dance Trip to Sheringham, Leah’s Waltz & Mary’s moments.

doing the Dolphin Hey...

dancing the Dolphin Hey in Calderstones

Sprigs of Laurel Thompson 1794, Indian Queen Playford 1695, Cecil Sharpe interpretation 1701, Maybird a circular dance, Oxford Circus Colin Hulme & Eastwell Park, all danced last week.

into the new year


Dancers all ready for new year action…

our new year started with another  ‘volunteer’ dance mistress, Elfrida and some favourite dances including Christ Church Bells (June’s choreography), Maids of March, Jamaica, Birthday Reel, Liberty and Sprigs of Laurel.

To see how the dance is performed in costume, view at :

                                                             www.janeaustendancers youtube

June followed up this session ( 15th. Jan) with Wolverton Hall 1678, Kensington Court 1695, Braes of Dornach, Carshalton Grove, and a very nice circular more contemporary dance, I care not for these ladies by Kitty Creelman.


Some dances to catch up on from the end of 2015

Hyde Park a square formation four couple dance, Mr Haynes Reel a longways set, School for Scandal 1778 either 3 couple or triple minor longways, Braes of Dornach 1757 a 3 couple dance and Grimstock 1651 longways.

If all these descriptions sound a bit complicated, it really just shows the variety of dances covered. As June explains each dance and we walk it through, it all becomes clear.

June’s choreography

June not only calls our dances but choreographs new ones.

We have just danced St. James gardens & Calderstones, the titles seem to follow a local or Liverpool theme.

More enjoyable dances Merry Andrew & Childgrove. Less successful was Absent Friends which won’t be repeated!


Volunteer caller

As June is taking a break, one of our “group volunteer callers” Wendy is dancing mistress. (3 have been brave enough so far to try calling) with me assisting on the CD player.


Comical Fellow a dance from 1776

Mendocino Redwood 2009. This dance was created as the result of a Gary Roodman dance writing workshop, inspired by the class walking through the Redwood forest to the landmark Big Tree in Sequoia National Park. Gary Roodman’s dances are some of our great favourites. You might want to Google Gary Roodman.

The Rakes of Rochester music by Handel.

Faithful Shepherd

and finally another contemporary big favourite The Drummer with music from Brass Tacks.

Birthday requests

Following on from last week we completed a Birthday request list, some 10 dances! June hopes this will set a precedent for us all to emulate. Try to select 8 when it’s your Birthday, to help you with this, I plan to list each week’s dances for reference.

Since June started the group over 400 dances have been attempted, some with more success than others, so there are plenty to choose from. Today we danced through the centuries from 1600’s to 1980’s.