Country Dancing

Why not join our very friendly u3a group and give it a try. There is no need to bring a partner and we cater for both beginners and those with some experience.

Aughton Village Hall
11.00 - 12:30
  • Leader: June Jones -  01695 726696

Some Historical Background

In 1651 the music publisher and book seller John Playford began to publish the music and notation for the “Country Dances” that were popular in the elite society of the time. When Playford died in 1686, his son Henry continued the collection and other publishers joined in. By the end of the eighteenth century country dancing was popular at balls, assemblies and private gatherings all over the country.

In the early 1900s, Cecil Sharp began to study the Playford collections, and he produced a number of Country Dance Books. Since then, other dances have been discovered and many new dances have been devised, using the traditional style. Now we have a wealth of material at our disposal, from fast and furious to slow and stately, and everything in between.

Our Country Dances

To see the sort of dances we do, scroll down to the Group Posts below for a regular update.

Our Country Dancing Photo Gallery

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Comments from members of the u3a Country Dance Group:

“Lots of fun!”

“Exercise your brain and body.”

“Whatever the challenge we have in our dances, we always have fun”

“Great fun and nobody minds how often we get it wrong”

“As soon as you hear the catchy music you want to dance: This is exercise at its  best for both body and mind with good company too – lots of fun!”

“Great teacher, very patient, exercise the body and the brain in good company”

Some websites showing dances in performance:

A Country Dance group in New York

A Country Dance group in Boston


Last Updated on January 16, 2024

Live music for the start of our May dances.

3.05.24 Live music from Change of Key, Frank – lead violin, Brian – melodeon, Ian – violin/fiddle and Steve – guitar.

  • The Waggoner a 3 couple dance pub. Thompson 1783.
  • Welcome in the May an appropriate dance for May. A contemporary longways dance by Sharon Green 2018.
  • Mardigras Minnesota another longways dance.
  • Chestnut a 3 couple dance from Dancing Master 1651- 1796, interpreted by Cecil Sharpe 1912 x2
  • Barn Dance Reel a 4 couple dance x2.
  • Christina a Naomi Alexander longways dance from 1992.
  • Mendocino Redwood a longways dance by Margaret Devlin, Bob Fraley and Elizabeth Zekley 2005. Music- Woodlands Walk by Jonathan Jensen.

Thanks to the Band for a very enjoyable session.

10.05.24 ** Elfrida birthday requests, * other requests.

  • ** Guildhall a longways dance.
  • Spanking Jack a 1726 longways John & William Neal dance from Margaret McFarlane’s collection of dances.
  • ** Sam’s Maggot a 5 couple dance choreography & music Walsh c1728 reconstructed by Andrew Shaw. Fast becoming a favourite dance.
  • Diversions an Ellen Taylor longways dance 1989.
  • ** Christmas Stars a 3 couple dance.
  • Princess Royal a longways dance , choreography and music Pat Shaw.

17.05.24 Elfrida recording the dances including some more of her birthday choices.

  • Which Way Now a 4 couple dance x2. A June Jones dance involving diagonals and stars.
  • Rostillion a longways dance.
  • a 5 couple dance Nan’s Ring in circle formation by Elsie Wilson?
  • Longways St. Crispins Eve 
  • Lord Caernarfon’s Jig a 4 couple dance

24.05.24 ** more of Elfrida’s birthday choices.

  • Morrison’s Reel a 5 couple dance x2
  • Blythe Company a 3 couple dance by Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett 2012.
  • The Italian Disappointment by John & William Neal 1726.
  • ** April’s Lady a waltz for 3 couple in circular formation.
  • Hoffedd Miss Hughes a Welsh dance by Ian Hughes. “Hoffedd” translates as “Lovely”
  • Picking up Sticks a traditional Playford dance 1651 for 3 couples.

31.05.24 ** and a few more of Elfrida’s birthday choices.

  • The Spaniard a longways Playford dance from 1777.
  • ** Six for Gold a June Jones 3 couple dance x2
  • ** Sam’s Maggot (see 10.05)
  • Bonny Cuckoo a 4 couple dance by Gail Tichner 1986.
  • St.Katherine’s a John & William Neal longways dance 1726.
  • Gasconne a longways dance from 1710 interpreted by Pat Shaw.

A full and enjoyable dancing month. Our thanks to all who contributed.

Last Updated on June 4, 2024

April’s dances.


  • The Maid peeked out the window a 4 couple dance.
  • (The) King of Poland a 4 couple dance. Choreography & music Playford 1698.
  • Wibsey Roundabout a 5 couple circular dance by Gary Roodman 1996. As requested by Pat & John & loved by us all. The tune Hugh O’Donnell by Carolan.
  • St. Andrew’s gardens a longways dance with a choreographer much closer to home, our own June Jones.
  • Turning by Threes another Gary Roodman dance for 3 couples from 2003.
  • Cobbler’s Hornpipe another 3 couple dance in triple time, by Jenny Beer 1701, the tune Tourner a Trois by Paul Machlis.

several danced twice.


  • Minnesota Mardi Gras a longways dance.
  • Greenwich Park a longways dance adapted by Cecil Sharp 1922 from the 1698 dance.
  • Karla’s Waltz a longways dance.
  • Chestnut a 3 couple dance from The Dancing Master 1651-1796. adapted by Cecil Sharp 1912.
  • My Lady Winwood’s Maggot a 3 couple dance from Dancing Master 1728. One of June’s favourite dances.
  • Top and Bottom a longways dance by Bernard Bentley 1971. All danced several times.

No dances recorded from 19th.

26.04.24 Elfrida calling the dances today.

  • Robert’s Reel a 3 couple dance x2.
  • Dover Pier a longways dance by Preston 1791.
  • Spanish Jig another longways dance from Dancing Master 1721.
  • My Lord Byron’s Maggot a longways Playford dance from 1701 with clapping.
  • Guildhall a longways dance.
  • Alabama a 4 couple dance in a square formation.
  • Birthday Reel a 4 couple dance.



Last Updated on April 26, 2024

Our Country dances in March.


  • Jack’s Maggot a longways dance from 1702 published by Playford.
  • Morris On see last week. Still needing more practise!
  • Yellow Crocus also from last week, a June Jones, longways dance, adapted slightly from last week x2.
  • No Taxes a 3 couple dance x2 from 1791.
  • Sadler’s Wells a 3 couple dance from 1728


  • Jamaica (the original longways format) Pub. Playford 1670.
  • Double Duet a Gary Roodman longways dance from 1999.
  • Gathering Hay (whist the sun shines) a 3 couple dance with’ heys’.
  • I care not for these ladies a circular formation, choreography and music by Katherine Creelman Skrobela 1969
  • (A) trip to Amsterdam a longways dance by Philippe Callens.
  • Grimstock a 3 couple Playford dance from 1652 including 3 different ‘heys’. Grimstock, Arches and Circular.

15.03.24 June recorded the dances. Two new dancers join us.

  • Upon a Summer’s Day a 3 couple dance from 1651.
  • The Magpie a longways dance.
  • My Lady Anne a 3 couple dance.
  • Pilgarlic  a another 3 couple dance from 1751.
  • Delia & another 3 couple dance,  choreography by Ellen Taylor 1997.
  • ?  A starter dance.


  • Bonnet’s so Blue a longways dance.
  • Ladies of London from the Walsh collection 1740.
  • Which way now a June Jones 4 couple dance with diagonals and stars x2.
  • The Bonny Cuckoo by Gail Tichnor 1986, to the tune Sheebeg & Sheemore (or Si Beag Si Mhor) by Turloch O’Carolan. x2.
  • Nampwich Fair a longways Playford dance from 1726.



Last Updated on March 22, 2024

February dances on the fabulous new floor.

There was no dancing on 2nd. February as a new floor was being laid at the Village Hall.

9.02.24 The floor has been completed and looks amazing, we’re almost afraid to dance on it but of course we do. Some of John’s birthday choices* & some of Liz’s **

  • *De’il tak the Warr a 3 couple set from 1721 reconstructed by Andrew Shaw 
  • **Mile of Smiles a longways dance by Joseph Pimentel, with the tune by Dave Wiesler.
  • **Young Phyllis of Wakefield a longways dance from ’24 Country Dances for the year 1715′ with interpretation by Andrew Shaw. From the Elephant Stairs CD 2007. On this track the jazzy piano is played by Rebecca King from California, includes clapping.
  • **Bar a Bar a longways dance  from The Walsh collection 1719
  • Drive the cold Winter away (we wish) a 3 couple dance from 1651 Dancing Master. x2.
  • The Queen’s Birthday a longways dance pub. Playford 1703.

A good session for longways dances as we had a good turn out, nearly a full compliment of dancers.


  • Jump Frogs Jump a 3 couple dance x2.
  • The Yellow Crocus a new longways June Jones dance still under construction.
  • Scotch Cap a 3 couple dance from The Dancing Master 1651.
  • Lord Fopp(ph)ington a longways Playford dance from 1701 with interpretation by Pat Shaw 1965. Lord Foppington was a character in the comic play The Relapse or Virtue in Danger!
  • She looked down her nose and sneered…a longways dance.

23.02.24 Elfrida recording the dances.

  • Fourpence halfpenny farthing L/w.
  • Yellow Crocus see last week. 
  • Morris On With Morris Heys, ‘we practised and practised until we got it right’.
  • Gold for the Matthews, one of Philippe Callens dances with Morris heys and gypsy moves, danced x2.
  • Forty bar jig, a good dance and not too challenging! L/w
  • Princess Royal also L/w.


Last Updated on February 26, 2024

Dances for the New Year.

Wishing us all a Happy and Healthy New Year.

5.01.24 Still some of Geraldine’s Birthday requests to carry over from 2023. *

  • * Valentines Day a little out of season but a nice longways dance Pub. Playford 1679 interpreted by Pat Shaw 1966.
  • Zig Zag Tuesday a longways dance, with zigzag moves.
  • April’s Lady waltz for 3 couples danced in a circle x2.
  • Morrison’s Reel  a Scottish country dance devised by Roy Goldring,  for 5 couples.
  • Queen’s Jig pub.Playford 1701 a longways dance.

12.01.24 and still some more of Geraldine’s choices.*

  • *Trip to Richmond a longways dance by Kath Riley 1956 x2.
  • *Sailor’s Wives a 3 couple dance x2.
  • *Trip to Bavaria a 4 couple Scottish country dance & all time favourite. Devised by James MacGregor Brown 1960.
  • Punch and Judy a longways dance.
  • Lord Caernarfon’s jig a 4 couple dance Playford 1651, reconstructed by Cecil Sharp 1910.

19.01.24 Some of John’s Birthday choices.*

  • * Marching to Praetorius a 2 couple Gary Roodman dance 1996 x2.
  • Bonnie Lads and Bonnie Lasses a 4 couple dance.
  • * Eastbourne Grove (rover) a 3 couple dance by Kevin Prigmore 2015.
  • On the Edge no.2 a 4 couple dance x2.
  • If all the World were Paper 1651 Playford, with re interpretations.
  • Triplicate danced in lines of 3. By Peggy Roe 2012.

26.01.24 some of Liz’s Birthday choices.*

  • The Maid Peeked out the Window a 4 couple dance.
  • * Mendocino Redwood a longways dance by Mary Devlin, Bob Fraley & Elizabeth Zekley 2005.
  • * Peace be with You a longways dance by Fried de Metz Herman 1986.
  • Newcastle a traditional dance from 1651 danced in a square formation. Happy memories for one of our dancers, dancing this in her 20’s.
  • * Brighton le Sands in contrast, a contemporary a longways dance by our own June Jones.
  • Shandy Hall another contemporary dance from 1977, music & choreography by George Middleton.

N.B THERE WILL BE NO DANCING ON 2.02.24 as the floor in the Village Hall is being upgraded.

Back on the 9th.




Last Updated on January 26, 2024

Last dances of the year.

1.12.23  Some of Geraldine’s birthday requests*

  • * (The) Geud man of Ballangigh a longways dance, pub. Playford 1698. Also on Pat’s birthday list.
  • * Christmas Stars very seasonal…a 3 couple dance also danced in December 2022.
  • The Fair Quaker of Deal, a longways dance from the Walsh collection 1715, with some adaptation by J.J. Coincidentally I visited Deal a few weeks ago.
  • Solitaire a longways dance.
  • Whim of the Momentlongways dance pub. Thompson 1791.

8.12.23 Elfrida recording the dances.

  • Christmas Stars see last week.
  •  Jamaica a 4 couple dance x2. 
  • Clopton Bridge a 4 couple dance x2. A hornpipe, so hop skip rhythm.
  • Maiden Moor a 4 couple dance x2.
  • Bobbing Joe another 4 couple dance.
  • Upon a Summer’s day some wishful thinking here as it’s pouring rain outside!  A 3 couple dance.

15.12.23 more of Geraldine’s birthday choices*

  • * Mirror Me a 3 couple dance x2. A lovely dance once you get into it.
  • * Marching to Praetorius a 2 couple Gary Roodman dance. x2
  • Abbot’s Way a 4 couple dance x2
  • The Doldrum this 4 couple dance has some tricky moves, we danced it twice to try to nail them!
  • The Maid Peeked out the Window a 4 couple dance x2.

22.12.23 Our last country dance session before Christmas and the New Year. We celebrated with live music from Change of Key (Frank’s Band) and refreshments.

  • Trip to Sheringham a 4 couple dance, in a square formation. The musical accompaniment was a Seasonal Medley.
  • Jackdaw another 4 couple dance.
  • Eastbourne Grove a 3 couple dance.
  • The Hive another 3 couple dance.
  • Lord Caernarfon’s Jig a 4 couple dance Playford reconstructed by Cecil Sharp in 1910
  • (The) Comical Fellow a favourite 4 couple dance, pub. Thompson 1776 on which to end 2023’s dances.

We danced most of them twice.


Our many thanks to June for keeping us dancing. Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.


Last Updated on December 28, 2023

November dances

3.11.23 Elfrida recorded the dances.

  • Birthday Reel a 4 couple dance
  • Jackdaw 4 couple dance, to a different, more lively tune – Cumberland Long Eight.
  • Jump frogs jump 2×3 couple set.
  • The Magpie – longways.
  • Sprigs of Laurel – longways
  • Brighton Review – longways.

10.11.23 from June’s dance records.

  • The Merry Monarch 3 couple dance.
  • Aughton Reel 4 couple dance.
  • Leaving of Liverpool 3 couple dance
  • Trip to Sheringham 4 couple dance in a square formation.
  • One each & all together (unlikey to repeat this dance)
  • Lord Caernavon’s Jig 4 couple dance 1851 reconstructed by Cecil Sharp 1910.

17.11.23 including some of Geraldine’s Birthday requests.

  • Barn Dance Reel.
  • Brighton Le Sands a June Jones longways dance.
  • Welcome in the May slightly out of Season but a good longways dance by Sharon Green 2018.
  • and following on the theme Upon a Summer’s Day a 3 couple dance.
  • The Spaniard choreography & music, Playford 1777.
  • Whim of the Moment a longways dance , choreography & music Thompson 1791.

24.11.23 John called the dances.

  • Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself a longways dance from 1795/99
  • A fig for Bonaparte longwaysby Henry Thompson 1804. On 2nd December 1804 – Bonaparte was crowned Emperor of France. (some kind of political comment?)
  • The Whim of the Moment see last week.
  • We Will Down with The French a 3 couple dance following the French theme, Thompson 1780 reinterpreted by Charles Bolton 1997.
  • Brighton Review a longways dance 1794.
  • The Leaving of Liverpool 3 couple dance x2.

Delighted to announce, that this month we’ve had a new couple join the group. Still room for more dancers if you’d like to try Country Dancing.

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Autumn is here – October’s dances.

6.10.23 Elfrida recording the dances.

  • Duke of  York’s cotillion – 3 couple dance (deferred)
  • Prince Rupert’s March see last week.
  • Bartlett Bells also danced last week.
  • Greengage a nice longways dance & music.
  • James’ Park – longways, also deferred.
  • Whim of the moment – longways, went well , all went home happy.


  • The new Rigged Ship a 3 couple dance.
  • Fine Dame a 4 couple dance by Simone Verheyen.
  • Nonesuch a 4 couple dance pub. Playford 1651, adapted by Pat Shaw 1964.
  • On the Edge II a June Jones 4 couple square formation dance with Grand Squares.
  • Lord Caernarfon’s Jig a 4 couple dance from 1651, reconstructed by Cecil Sharpe 1910.


  • Hit and Miss a 2 couple dance, pub. by Playford 1651 in The English Dancing Master.
  • St. James Park  a longways dance from 1718, source John Young.
  • Fret and Rejoice a longways Gary Roodman dance from 2015.
  • If all the World were Paper… a traditional 4 couple dance from 1651 in a square formation.
  • She looked down her nose and Sneered a longways dance and a fascinating title!
  • Nampwich Fair a longways Playford dance.


  • Barbara Walton’s delight a 3 couple dance, apparently written by her friend Irene Crew. Barbara was due to retire but sadly died before this happened. Published in 1999.
  • The Slof Galliard a 4 couple dance by Pat Shaw in 1975, everyone is dancing all the time in this flowing dance. (a belated birthday request from Wendy)
  • Handel with Care a 2 couple Gary Roodman dance.
  • On the Edge II see 13th. danced a few times.
  • Jamaica a 4 couple Playford dance from 1670 adapted by Tom Cook.

A good selection of both Traditional and Contemporary dances.


Last Updated on October 27, 2023

September dances.


  • One is one and all alone…..a longways dance by Fried de Metz Herman 1994 part of a series.
  • Freeford Gardens another longways dance by David & Katherine Wright. Good tune.
  • Dancing at Lughnasa a 4 couple June Jones dance MarkII
  • Black Bess a longways dance from Dancing Master 1696-1728
  • Faithful Shepherd a longways dance Charles & Samuel Thompson 1773.
  • Gasconne see 21.07 23


  • Winifred’s Knot a 4 couple dance from 1652.
  • The Merry Andrew  a 3 couple dance by Marjorie Heffer & William Porter 1932
  • The Waters of Holland a 3 couple dance by Pat Shaw 1971
  • Dunant’s House waltz a 3 couple dance by Colin Hume 1991.
  • Bells of Newport a longways dance.

15.09.23 Elfrida calling the dances today.

  • The Prince Regent a 3 couple dance.
  • Simple square as  befits the title, danced in a square formation for 4 couples. From Margaret McFarlanes collection of dances.
  • Birthday Reel a 4 couple dance. Just because we like it, not for anyones Birthday!
  • Which way now MkII a June Jones 4 couple dance with diagonals & stars!
  • Go to the Devil and shake yourself a longways dance 1795/9.
  • Trip to Sheringham danced in a square formation. The music getting faster & faster.

22.09.23 Elfrida recording the dances for the next 3 sessions.

  • a longways dance Olive Grove danced to the tune Childgrove.
  • a 3 couple dance April’s Lady a waltz danced x2.
  • a 3 couple dance A Lady Remembered.
  • a longways dance The Militia danced April 2023.
  • a longways dance  Irish Lamentation a slow waltz from the Walsh Collection 1735 and rather beautiful.


  • In the Fields of Frost & Snow a longways dance.
  • Bartlett Bells with diagonal Heys.
  • Prince Rupert’s March a 4 couple dance with lots of casting & 1st man in the lead.
  • Dunham Oaks a longways dance.
  • Prince William of Gloucester a longways waltz.


Last Updated on October 17, 2023

August dances


  • Barberini’s Tambourine a longways dance from the Walsh Collection c 1735. We last danced this in August 2019.
  • Bartlett Bells another longways dance.
  • Greensleeves and Yellow Lace this is a 3 couple dance which has gone out of fashion but June is keen to give it another chance. From Dancing Master 1721. It was challenging!
  • Handel with care Gary Roodman 2 couple dance from 1987. 

We danced most of these dances x2.

11.08.23 Some Golden Oldies from 1650’s. (ex 3 & 5)

  • The Maid peeked out the Window or The Friar in the Well a 4 couple dance x2.
  • Gray’s Inn Mask a 4 couple dance with the tune at varied speeds. Very enjoyable.
  • Cat’s Cradle Mk2 a June Jones 4 couple dance. Mk1 28.07.23.
  • Bobbing Joe a 4 couple dance, slow and measured. 4 movements synonymous with Traditional dances.
  • Ashley’s Ride a 3 couple American dance 1795 by Nancy Shepley.
  • Upon a Summer’s Day a 3 couple dance. A fitting finish to an August summer day.

18.08.23 Elfrida recording.

  • Chocolate Cake 4 couple- which we’ve danced before. You can never have enough cake!
  • Bobbing Joe see last week. Music- Balshazzars Feast playing J.Playford’s Secret Ball.
  • Alice – Longways, one of Phillipe Callan’s dances.
  • Connaught Water was tried but abandoned!
  • Swirl of the Sea – square set 4 couple dance.
  • Whim of the Moment – longways. Went well.


  • The Happy Couple a longways dance x2.
  • Prince Georges Birthday a longways dance from 1713 with ‘clapping’ to your neighbour and to your partner.
  • Dancing at Lughnasa a 4 couple dance. x2
  • St. Andrew’s Gardens a longways dance x2

I may have missed a dance here but will add next month if so.

Last Updated on August 30, 2023

July – dances.

7.07.23 Elfrida recording the dances. More of Wendy’s birthday choices.*

  • Black Nag (see last week)
  • *Leah’s Waltz ditto
  • Leaving of Liverpool ditto
  • *Trip to Bavaria 4 couple Scottish dance by James McGregor Brown.
  • *Wibsey Roundabout a 5 couple dance in circle formation, by Gary Roodman 1966.
  • *Morrison’s Reel another 5 couple dance.


  • *The Rakes of Rochester  a longways dance from 1756 by Rutherford.
  • Money in both pockets a longways dance c1800.
  • One is One… a longways dance by Fried de Metz Herman 1994.
  • Black Nag, Leah’s Waltz, Leaving of Liverpool these 3 dances are being demonstrated at the U3a 20th Celebration later this month.
  • Irish Lamentation a longways dance c1735 pub. Walsh.
  • Christina a Naomi Alexander longways dance.


  • Six for the Six proud walkers…another Fried de Metz Herman dances 1995.
  • The 3 demonstration dances, practise makes perfect!
  • Double Jubilee a 3 couple Gary Roodman dance c2015. Tune (a great one) by Dave Wiesler.
  • Giant Steps a 4 couple June Jones dance, we’re still making a giant effort to improve this .
  • Summer Waltz a longways dance
  • Gasconne a longways dance from 1710 reinterpreted by Pat Shaw 1965.


  • Waters of Holland a Pat Shaw dance from 1977 x2.
  • a June Jones – in progress dance, possibly named the Cat’s pyjamas! we will see.
  • the 3 demonstration dances -final rehearsal for tomorrows celebration.
  • The Baffled Knight a 4 couple dance by Heffer & Porter 1932 one of the early contemporary choreographed dances. (Becoming less baffling!)
  • Nonesuch a 4 couple dance Playford 1651
  • Lord Caernarfon’s Jig another 4 couple dance from 1651 reconstructed by Cecil Sharpe 1910

Last Updated on July 28, 2023

June dances


  • A Lady Remembered a John Wood longways dance.
  • The Merry Andrew a 3 couple dance 1932 by Heffer & Porter, published by Maggot Pie.
  • The Baffled Knight also by Heffer & Porter 1932. I think we were a little “baffled” with this dance, one to return to!.
  • Wakefield Hunt a 3 couple triple minor dance by Thompson 1779.
  • Moonlight a 3 couple dance
  • Dover Pier a longways dance from Preston 1791.

9.06.23 Elfrida calling. June having a well deserved break.

  • Jump Frogs Jump a 3 couple dance.
  • The Journey a 4 couple dance x2.
  • Prince of Wales Fancy a 4 couple dance.
  • The Morning Rout a fast 3 couple dance with ‘trotting step’ Thompson 1789 x2
  • Roberts Reel a 3 couple dance.
  • The Hop Pickers Feast a 3 couple dance Thompson 1786
  • Nampwich Fair a longways dance. Playford 1726.

16.06.23 No dancing today

23.06.23 Elfrida calling and recording the dances. Some of Wendy’s Birthday choices * Also Marie’s Birthday request +

  • Jump Frogs Jump 
  • * Liberty.
  • * The Leaving of Liverpool.
  • * Leah’s Waltz – Wendy chose The Ashokan Farewell music.
  • + Upon A Summer’s Day 

Most danced twice.

30.06.23 Welcome back June with more of Wendy’s Birthday choices*

  • * (The) Black Nag a 3 couple dance Playford 1657 x2
  • * Jackdaw a 4 couple dance x2
  •  Prince of Wales Fancy a 4 couple dance
  • The Prince Regent a 3 couple dance x2.
  • Trip to Sheringham a 4 couple dance in square formation x2. Not the speedy version.
  • The Leaving of Liverpool  a 3 couple dance to the traditional tune, x2. I have previously attributed this dance to June but this is incorrect. Choreographer is not known.
  • (The) Comical Fellow a 4 couple dance music & choreography by Thompson.


Last Updated on July 3, 2023

It’s Maytime, dances this month.


  • Slof Galliard a 4 couple dance. In February when we last danced this, “We needed more practise” today we finally cracked it ! x2
  • The Northdown Walk a longways dance, choreography & music by Goulding 1820. Some J.J adaptation.
  • The Pursuit a longways dance with ‘Heyes’, see 21.04.23 a challenge 2 weeks ago. Danced several times but practise makes perfect!
  • Up to no Good a June Jones 3 couple dance, requested by Elfrida, x2
  • The Ladies of London a longways dance from the Walsh Collection 1740.


  • Welcome in the May a longways dance by Sharon Green 2018.
  • Lovely Nancy Choreography & music by Johnson 111 1744. A longways dance.
  • Chickpeas and Spinach a 3 couple dance requested by John. This might sound like a recipe but was a challenging dance.
  • The Recruiting Officer a 3 couple dance interpreted by Pat Shaw 1960 from Nathaniel Kynaston 1710 in the Walsh collection.
  • Canadian Traveller a longways dance by Pat Shaw.

19.05.23 recorded by Elfrida.

  • Millicent’s Jig from 1651, a nice 3 couple dance.
  • Chelsea Reach a 4 couple square set, Playford style with lots or parts to it, danced x2.
  • Friday Square another 4 couple square set dance – music was Life in the fast lane from the Short & Sweet CD.
  • Swirl of the Sea 4 couple square set in waltz time, another mini challenge, accomplished 2nd. time around.
  • Lord Caernarfon’s Jig a 4 couple longways dance enjoyed by all.

26.05.23 – Elfrida again.

  • School for Scandal x2 June adapted a triple minor dance to a 3 couple, which worked well.
  • Happy Heyes x2 – 3 couple dance which includes ‘cross heyes’.
  • Greengage a longways dance at a  slower pace.
  • Lovely Nancy (see 12.05)
  • Jack’s Maggot longways dance.

Last Updated on June 6, 2023

April’s dances

14.04.23  Some of Elfrida’s Birthday choices.

  • Rostilion John & William Neal 1726, a longways dance.
  • Bar a Bar from the Walsh collection 1719 a longways dance reinterpreted by Fried de Metz Herman.
  • Happy Heys a 3 couple dance, as the name suggests, full of ‘heys’.
  • Professor Martin’s maggot a 3 couple dance.

” The notated melody & dance directions were discovered in the back of a ‘Playford book’ among the papers of Professor Martin of Liverpool university after he died c. 1930.”

  • 1st. April appropriate for April’s dances. pub. Thompson 1780.


  • Upon a Summer’s day x2 Playford 1651.
  • The Militia x2 a 3 couple dance.
  • The Pursuit a challenging longways dance. Pub. Walsh 1719.
  • Of Noble was Simkin 1695.
  • My Lady Winwood’s maggot a 3 couple dance from Dancing Master 1728.
  • Fitleworth Frolic danced in a circle for 5 couples by Francis Hawkins 1987.
  • Whim of the Moment a longways dance pub. Thompson 1791.

28.04.23 with some more of Elfrida’s requests.

  • Toney’s Rant a 4 couple dance with a snappy tune.
  • Morrison’s Reel a 5 couple dance.
  • Diamond Diversion for 4 people in a diamond formation.
  • Fret & Rejoice a longways dance by Gary Roodman with music ‘ Without his Tiger” by Dave Weisler.
  • Sam’s maggot a 3 couple dance x2 from the Walsh collection 1728.

Last Updated on May 2, 2023

Country dances in March

3.03.23 Some of John’s Birthday choices.

  • Trip to Bavaria a Scottish 4 couple dance by James McGregor Brown. We danced it twice.
  • Eastbourne Grove a 3 couple dance by Kevin Prigmore 2015 also danced twice.
  • Sam’s Maggot a Traditional 3 couple dance from 1728 reconstructed by Andrew Shaw, also danced twice.
  • Posties Jig a 4 couple dance devised by Roy Clowes of Ormskirk. One theory is that the ‘arches’ section of the dance symbolises ‘the tying up of a parcel’ We certainly created a few knots!
  • Gasconne see 3.02.23.

10.03.23 No Dancing due to snowy conditions.

17.03.23 with an Irish theme to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Dancing with Friends a longways dance choreography by Elizabeth Goossens 2013. Music by Sue Stapleton from Irish tunes from Liverpool.
  • (The) bonny lad & the bonny lass by John & William Neal 1726
  • Giant Steps a June Jones 4 couple dance to the tune ‘Blind Mary’ played on the Irish Harp.
  • Season of Mists a longways dance.
  • The Princess Royal a longways dance by Pat Shaw.
  • Shandy Hall a 4 couple dance with circles & half stars.

24.03.23 some more of John’s Birthday choices.

  • Criss Cross Jig a 5 couple dance.
  • Nonesuch 2 a longways dance.
  • Trip to Bavaria see 3.03.23.
  • Peace be with you contemporary longways dance by Fried de Metz Herman.
  • Fourpence Halfpenny Farthing a traditional longways dance from 1709.
  • Dancing with Friends see last week.

31.03.23 still more of John’s choices…

  • Frances Ann’s Delight by George Middleton 1975 for his wife Frances Ann!
  • (the) Italian Disappointment a longways dance pub. Neal 1726.
  • Marching to Praetorius a Gary Roodman 2 couple dance 1996.
  • Indian Princess a Colin Hume 1984 longways dance. Danced to the tune of the Indian Queen.
  • Upton Priory a 4 couple waltz time dance.
  • Nampwich Fair a longways dance Playford 1726.

There will be no dancing next week as it’s Good Friday

Back on the 14th.April.

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Dances in February

Correction from 6.01.23. Floss Galliard should read Slof Galliard. (a Morecambe and Wise moment, all the right letters, in the wrong order!)


  • Brighton le Sands a June Jones longways dance x2. People always ask, ‘Where is Brighton le Sands?’ x2

It is between Blundellsands to the North, Waterloo to the South and Gt. Crosby to the East.

  • Valentine’s Day a longways dance called by Elfrida in preparation for 14th. pub. 1670 Playford. x2
  • Up to no Good another June Jones 3 couple dance. 1st. version.
  • No Taxes from 1791.
  • A Lady remembered a longways dance remembering all former dancers who have ‘passed on’.
  • Gasconne a longways dance from 1706 with interpretation by Pat Shaw.


  • Portsmouth a longways dance from 1701.
  • Roll the Line a longways dance with some ‘travelling’.
  • Harvest Reel a 3 couple dance x2.
  • Diamond Diversion unsurprisingly, in Diamond formation for 4 people.
  • Morrison’s Reel a 5 couple longways  dance. x2
  • Nampwich Fair a longways dance pub. Playford 1726, interpretation by Pat Shaw 1964.

17.03.23 some of John’s Birthday choices.

  • (The ) Farmer’s Joy a Joseph Pimentel longways dance.
  • Two’s Lead a longways dance.
  • D’e’il Take the Warr a 3 couple dance from 1721.
  • Triplicate danced with 3 in a line, choreography Peggy Roe.
  • New German Waltz a longways dance.


  • The Spaniard a longways dance 1777.
  • Zephyrs and Flora  a longways dance from the Walsh collection 1715.
  • (The) Slof Galliard a Pat Shaw dance 1975 for 4 couples.
  • Homebound Duet a 2 person dance by Judy Keeling 2020, to the tune Elizabeth.
  • Pilgarlic a 3 couple dance from 1751.
  • Comical Fellow always a favourite longways dance with clapping. pub. Thompson 1776.

Last Updated on March 3, 2023

Welcome to the New Year dances.



  • Gasconne from 1710 with an interpretation by Pat Shaw. A longways dance.
  • Homebound a dance compiled during lockdown by Judy Keeling, a duet in diamond formation with ‘Petronella turns’.
  • Floss Galliard a 4 couple dance x2.
  • Nonesuch from 1615 Playford “Both these dances are not danced enough” June’s quote. Another 4 couple dance x2.
  • Two’s Lead a longways dance.
  • The Comical Fellow always a favourite longways dance.


  • The Maid peeped out the window OR the Friar in the well, a 1650 longways dance.
  • Chelsea Reach a 1657 Playford style dance in square formation with some J.J adaptation.
  • Consequences a 4 couple dance.
  • Broom the Bonny Bonny Broom a 1651 Playford dance longways formation. x2.
  • Delia a 3 couple dance choreography & music by Ellen Taylor x2.

20.01.23. Liz’s Birthday choices.

  • Mendocino Redwood a contemporary longways dance by Mary Devlin, Bob Fraley & Elizabeth Zekley from 2005. Tune Woodlands Walk.
  • Handel with Care a 2 couple dance circle formation. By Gary Roodman 1992 with music the Bouree from Handel’s Water Music.
  • Winter in Brasstown a longways Philippe Callens dance 2004. ( Rather a lot of turning)
  • one of Geraldine’s requests. Marching to Praetorius another Gary Roodman 1996 dance for 2 couples in circle formation.
  • Sir Watkins jig a 3 couple Traditional dance from 1750.
  • Mile of Smiles another longways contemporary dance by Joseph Pimentel with the tune by Dave Wiesler.


  • Monday Night a longways dance.
  • Pandemonium another longways dance x2.
  • Belle of Amherst a 3 couple dance by Gary Roodman x2 another of Liz’s birthday choices, looks lovely but tricky & not universally enjoyed! x2
  • Tipu Sahib a longways dance we haven’t danced for a while, in waltz time but quite nippy. x2
  • Fourpence Halfpenny Farthing a 1709 longways Playford dance.


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