French Conversation

Interested in learning or revisiting French? Improve your French through conversation.

Scout & Guide HQ / private address / Zoom
See below for details
See below for details
  • Coordinator: Margaret Pagett - 01695 422210

We started meeting via Zoom during lockdown and these meetings will continue in parallel with ‘in-person’ meetings for a while: 

1st Tuesday of the month:  2pm to 4pmZoom

2nd Tuesday of the month:  2pm to 4pm – Scout & Guide HQ

3rd Wednesday of the month:  10am to 12pm –  Zoom

4th Wednesday of the month:  10am to 12pm – Private Address

We are not quite like the image but would like to think we are. If you meet us you will find we are a small group with very varied levels of French fluency but are kind and tolerant of each others weaknesses. Any new people will be welcome to join us to decide if we are what you are looking for.

Our meetings are based on Rendez-Vous magazine, but other titles may also be used. All are welcome to have a taster. Spare magazine copy can be provided.

Please contact the Coordinator for further information.

Last Updated on February 7, 2022

Celebrating epiphany

Some photos from early in 2016:

Last Updated on February 9, 2022

Pete’s Media Sociale

J’essaie faire amitiés en dehors de “Facebook”, mais en employant les mêmes principes –donc, chaque jour, quand je me promène le long de la rue, je parle aux passants.

Je leur racconte les détails de ce que j’ai mangé aujourdhui, comment je me sens à ce moment-la, comment j’ai passé la soirée hier, et ce que j’ai l’intention de faire plus tard, et avec qui.

Je leur montre des photos de ma famille, de mon chien, et de moi travaillant dans le jardin, travaillant dans le garage, arrossant la pelouse, debout devant bâtiments célèbres, et faisant les activities que tout le monde fait tous les jours.

En plus, j’entends leurs conversations, leur donne le “thumbs up”, et leur dis que je les aime.

Et —-il fonctionne exactement comme “Facebook”! Me suivant, il y a deux agents de police, une journaliste, un pysychologiste, et un détective privé.

Pete Peterson

Last Updated on October 31, 2017