We have a wide range of abilities and a number of options open to everyone.

Various - Local and the North West
Various - see below
Various - see below
  • Coordinator: Mark Breen - 01695 570932


9-Hole Golf


Please find below the dates for the 9-hole games that commence in January. They are all the last Friday of the month.


Venue Date
Yarrow Valley 25th Jan
Porter’s Wood 22 Feb
Tarleton 29th Mar
Aintree 26th Apr
Poulton Park 31st May
Alder Root 28th Jun
Charnock Richard 26th Jul
Highfield 30th Aug
Pennington Flash 27th Sep
Allerton 25th Oct
TBA 29th Nov



Cheap & Cheerful

Cheap and Cheerful will run throughout the year as normal. We will try to inform you of the upcoming game the weekend before.


18-Hole Golf

Dates and venues TBA

For another Golfing opportunity with the U3A, please see: