This is a small friendly group ~ only five or six members currently – so new members would be especially welcome. No previous knowledge of philo­sophy is assumed. Group members are always welcome to present topics and sometimes have done. Otherwise the Leader presents the topic but with lots of room for group discussion. Topics are agreed by the group.

Scout & Guide HQ (Small Meeting Room - see below for access)
2nd Tuesday of the month
2.00 - 4.00 pm
  • Leader: Tim Miles - 01704 880597

Access to the Small Meeting Room is either through the main hall ie the Ormskirk Room (where there may be another group) 0r by the rear door. From the car park, walk past the main door. The rear door is just round the corner, facing the same way as the main door. It is normally behind a steel shutter which I will raise for the meeting.

We cover a very varied set of topics – philosophy of science, of politics and of morality and more. Our recent topics have been:  February – Schrodinger’s Cat and Anti-Realism in Science; April – Testimony; May – Rationality,  and July – Plato and Popper on Democracy; August – What is mathematical truth? and September – Does global warming impose an obligation on individuals to restrict their carbon emissions?

There will be no meeting in October.

Next Meeting – Tuesday 12th November – Kant’s Moral Philosophy

Kant is famous for his Categorical Imperative – ‘Act only on that maxim that one can at the same time will to be a universal law’.  This is the basis of his rule based morality – ‘deontology’ – which is still one of the three main approaches to morality (the others being Utilitarianism and Virtue Ethics). But Kant stated this imperative in a number of alternative ways. We will look at how he derived this imperative, at whether the alternative statements are equivalent and at how far any statement of the imperative yields a viable basis for morality.

Topics for further meetings have yet to be decided.