This is a small friendly group and new members are always welcome. No previous knowledge of philo­sophy is assumed. Normally the Group Leader presents the topic but with lots of room for group discussion. Topics are agreed by the group.

Scout & Guide HQ, Large Hall
1st Friday of the month
2.00 - 4.00 pm
  • Leader: Tim Miles - 01704 880597
  • Please note the change in date and venue from September 2021

NB. The meeting due in February 2022 has also been cancelled. Topic 7  will still be on Free Will but will, hopefully, be held on 4th March.

Following some consultation with the long-standing group members, we have decided that for the next 7 consecutive meetings – beginning on Friday 3rd September – I will give a series of introductory talks. These talks will take up less than half of the session, followed by coffee and discussion. The titles of the talks are as follows:-

  1. Ethics – what principles should we act on in our personal lives?
  2. Politics – what counts as a good society and how should it be governed?
  3. Meta-ethics – how do we decide about ethics?
  4. Religion – looking at some philosophical arguments for the existence of God.
  5. Free-will – as an example of philosophy of mind. Arguments for and against.
  6. Scepticism – do we know anything, and if so how?
  7. What is philosophy?  – what kind of answers does philosophy seek? How are they like or different from the answers of science?

Topics for further meetings will be decided by the group. It has been suggested we should look at philosophers’ answers to the question of what is The Good Life.

Last Updated on January 13, 2022

Dipping in to Philosophy

With some Groups restarting in September, your Web Manager had a notion to try out something completely new.  I was seeking a non-techie subject that I’d never before studied.  Spotting a new series of 7 introductory talks being organised by Tim Miles of the Philosophy Group, I thought this might well fit the bill, took the plunge and signed up. Thoroughly enjoying the September talk on Ethics, I am now much looking forward to the next one on Friday 1st October on Politics!

Tim has indicated there may be room for a few more participants. A handout was provided for the September talk, so it should be easy enough to catch up.  If interested, further information and Tim’s contact details are on the Philosophy Group Page.

Joyce Nolan

Last Updated on October 9, 2021