This is a small friendly group ~ only five or six members currently – so new members would be especially welcome. No previous knowledge of philo­sophy is assumed. Group members are always welcome to present issues, and sometimes have done. Otherwise I present the issues, but with lots of room for group discussion. Topics are agreed by the group.

Scout & Guide HQ (Computer Room)
2nd Tuesday of the month
2.00 - 4.00 pm
  • Leader: Tim Miles - 01704 880597 - email:

We cover a very varied set of topics – philosophy of science, of politics and of morality and more. Our recent topics have been: September – Moral Relativism or Moral Progress; October – Islamic Philosophy; November – the ‘Kalam’ Cosmological Argument; December – the Moral Equality of Combatants (based on an OU OpenLearn course); January – Marx.

Next Meeting – Tuesday 12th February – Schrodinger’s Cat and Anti-Realism in Science

Schrodinger’s Cat and other puzzles of quantum theory may lead one to wonder if the theory, the model, reflects things as they really are. Some philosophers have argued that even such things as electrons should not be regarded as real but only as aspects of a theoretical model that aids the prediction observable events. That is anti-realism. What are the arguments for and against it? Is it plausible?

Topics for further meetings have yet to be decided.