This is a small friendly group ~ only five or six members currently – so new members would be especially welcome. No previous knowledge of philo­sophy is assumed. Group members are always welcome to present issues, and sometimes have done. Otherwise I present the issues, but with lots of room for group discussion. Topics are agreed by the group.

Scout & Guide HQ (Computer Room)
2nd Tuesday of the month
2.00 - 4.00 pm
  • Leader: Tim Miles - 01704 880597 - email:

We cover a very varied set of topics – we’ve discussed philosophy of science, of politics and of morality and more. For example our recent topics we have been as follows: April – Oriental Philosophy – Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism; May – ‘What is there?’; June – Skepticism; July ‘Critical Commonsensism’; August ‘David Hume on Causation’; September – Moral Relativism or Moral Progress; October – Islamic Philosophy.

Next Meeting – Tuesday 13th November -The Kalam Ontological Argument

This is an argument of natural theology (i.e. making no appeal to revelation) for the existence of a creator God. It’s essence, as I understand it, is that there must have been a point of creation since a physical universe stretching back endlessly in time is impossible. It would amount to an actual infinity and no actual infinity is possible. (The term ‘Kalam’ – more or less meaning ‘theology’ – is used because this kind of argument was first put forward by some Islamic philosophers from the 9th century.)

Topics for further meetings have yet to be decided.