This is a fairly small and friendly group. No prior knowledge of philosophy is assumed. New members are always welcome.

Scout & Guide HQ
1st Friday of the month
2.00 - 4.00 pm
  • Leader: Cesar Guidi

The next meeting – on Friday 1st July – will be on Chomsky’s Philosophy of Language. Note that there will no meeting in June.

This will be a talk, followed by discussion.

Cesar has agreed to be the Leader/Coordinator of this group from henceforth – which will therefore continue.  Cesar has made it clear that he does not intend to give all the talks. Perhaps other members of the group will give talks, or guest speakers from elsewhere, or perhaps discussion will be based on prior listening, on the web, of e.g. philosophical items from In Our Time, or other such. The future programme for the group will be discussed at the next meeting.

This will be my last editing of this web page. Future edits will be done by Cesar.

Tim Miles

Please note – in the Group Page header area – that there is a new Leader, Cesar Guidi, who is  taking over from Tim Miles.  Many thanks to Cesar for helping the Group to  continue due to his volunteering to take on this role.

Many grateful thanks are also due to Tim for running this Philosophy Group for many years.  This included an excellent new ‘course’ that he organised towards the end of his tenure.  This was special and different as it encouraged u3a members who had not previously been members of the Group to join in.  As well as leading and organising the course, Tim gave talks on a good range of relevant topics  and provided helpful covering notes. Personally, I very much enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to attend this course.

As well as being Group Leader, Tim also did a great job of being the long-term ‘web author’ for the u3a website maintaing this Philosophy Group Page.  Thanks, Tim, for that too.  Very much appreciated.

Joyce Nolan (Web Manager)

Last Updated on May 20, 2022

Dipping in to Philosophy

With some Groups restarting in September, your Web Manager had a notion to try out something completely new.  I was seeking a non-techie subject that I’d never before studied.  Spotting a new series of 7 introductory talks being organised by Tim Miles of the Philosophy Group, I thought this might well fit the bill, took the plunge and signed up. Thoroughly enjoying the September talk on Ethics, I am now much looking forward to the next one on Friday 1st October on Politics!

Tim has indicated there may be room for a few more participants. A handout was provided for the September talk, so it should be easy enough to catch up.  If interested, further information and Tim’s contact details are on the Philosophy Group Page.

Joyce Nolan

Last Updated on October 9, 2021