Curious about the planet we live on, how it has evolved, how we exploit it and how it affects our lives? If you have an interest in the subject, come and join us. You don’t need to be already knowledgeable.

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3rd Friday
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The meetings are on the 3rd Friday of the month at 2 pm

Meeting on Friday 15thDecember at 2 pm

Quiz by  John Crossley –  “Rocks, fossils and (some) minerals. A hands on quiz”.

A seasonal light hearted meeting with some identifying knowledge thrown in !!

Programme for 2024

 Friday 19th January

Talk by  Richard Fletcher – Charles Darwin’s Short Walk in North Wales

Friday 16th February

Talk by Bill Hale – Lake District Geology

Friday 15th March

Talk by Richard Fletcher – William Smith – Mapping the Mesozoic. 

In the 1790’s, the mining surveyor William Smith, travelled the country working on mine sites and the canal system, found that fossils were an effective means of distinguishing between rock formations and developed the stratigraphic column “the sequence of rock formations arranged according to their order of formation in time” and used this to produce the first geological map of Britain.

Friday 19th April

Talk by Richard Fletcher – Digging and delving around Ormskirk

Part 2 – Quaternary.  During the very cold climate when glaciers developed in many mountain areas, sedimentary deposits associated with a periglacial climate in south-west Lancashire formed the basis for two important industries.

Friday 17th May

Talk by Hazel Clark – “How the geology of the northwest put the Great into Britain!

Basically how geology drove the industrial revolution and it is not just coal and iron.

Friday 21st June

Talk by Richard Fletcher – The lost worlds of the Pacaraima Plateau in South America.

A large sandstone plateau that once covered the area between the Amazon Basin and the Orinoco River has been eroded to form a range of isolated table-top mountains that tower over the surrounding area by up to 1,000 metres (3,000 ft) and host some of the world’s most spectacular scenery.

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

Myths, Legends and Global Warming

Many ancient cultures have myths about a ‘Great Flood’ and ‘Lost Lands”. That there are Flood Legends from so many parts of the world suggests there was a common event experienced by many cultures, and a global rise in sea level is a very likely cause.

Members and potential members enjoyed this Geology Group Talk by Richard Fletcher on Friday 19th May 2023.

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

Special Geology Talk

The British Antarctic Research Station by Steve Hinde

On Friday 15th November 2019 the Geology  talk was given by Steve Hinde who had spent more than 7 years at the British Antarctic Rothera Research Station.

He told us about being there, the facilities and about the range of science carried out.  We were fortunate to have had Steve entertain us with a most interesting presentation.

Last Updated on December 2, 2023