Group Support Subcommittee

This Subcommittee exists to advise on setting up new special interest Groups, finding venues, sorting out  problems and such.  It provides ongoing support for Group Leaders and advice to members running events such as Short Courses and Workshops. Additionally, it may organise occasional meetings for New Members and for Group Leaders.
Please note that many of the usual Group and other u3a activities are not currently running in the normal way during this time of coronavirus lockdown.  But the Aughton & Ormskirk u3a Management Committee throughout have been working on plans on how to restart activities as and when commensurate with Government, National u3a and other relevant guidelines and advice.
Group Support Subcommittee Members:
  • Paul Andrews (Chair)
  • Jane Astles
  • Stephen Ellison
  • Alistair Gardiner
  • Ian Grant
  • Jeff Roberts


Please note, the answerphone is normally checked regularly each week, but there could be some extra delay in a response to your message during this time of lockdown due to the coronavirus, safe access to the Scout & Guide HQ etc.

For the same reason, the weekly Horizons Meetings, usually on Thursday mornings in the Scout & Guide HQ,  are not currently being run. In normal times, members of the Group Support Subcommittee are often contactible in person there. Watch out on this website for news of these meetings recommencing in due course.

Further Information:

  • see the Terms of Reference for this Subcommittee
  • refer to the web page for Groups
  • see also the web page on Short Courses
  • contact and talk to a member of this Subcommittee
  • ask the Subcommittee for a copy of their Group Leaders’ Handbook


Some forms useful for Group and Short Course activities, eg Attendance Register, Accident Report, Paying-in, Expenses and Funding, can be accessed from the downloadable Forms webpage.

If you cannot download a required form, then  contact the Group Support Subcommittee for copies.

Assets & Equipment for Activities:

The u3a has equipment  for use in Group and Course meetings and other such activities, as well as  for Official Administrative purposes. Check the Assets & Equipment webpage if you have a requirement  for such equipment.