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Black Puffer Jacket

A  jacket was picked up from the coat rack in  Christ Church Scout & Guide HQ by mistake. The label is ‘New Look’.  If this is yours – please contact Maureen Boumphrey on 01695 424413 or 07762 943566 so she may return it to you.

u3a Advent Celebration

The Choir and the Recorder Groups (along with the pupils of St James Primary School, Westhead) are presenting an Advent Celebration:

  • at Christ Church, Aughton
  • on Thursday, 7th December 2023, 11 am

Click or tap for full view.

Do come along and bring your friends and family!

Ageing Better December Workshop

Following the success of  Ageing Better with an Active Mind, run through the Wellbeing Group in conjunction with Edge Hill University last winter,  the project continued this year at the beginning of November.

The first session (Workshop 4) was on Friday 3rd November at 11 am in St Michael’s Church Hall, with a talk on the topic of  ‘The Sense of Touch’.

Even if you missed this one, you can still come along to Workshop 5  on 1st December at the same venue,  where we will have ‘Dance Contact Improvisation’ delivered by a dance lecturer.

If you are interested in attending, please contact the Coordinator of the Health & Wellbeing Group, Julia, via: or 01744 883086

For further info, click or tap on the Edge Hill poster below.



Southport University Extension Society

Aughton & Ormskirk u3a are planning a new, collaborative venture with Southport University Extension Society (SUES), whereby members of our respective organisations will be able to take advantage of each other’s talks and other events. If you are interested in attending any of the following, please contact Pam Ball in the first instance on 07974 749362.

Forthcoming SUES learning opportunities include:


Friday 8th December 2023

Ed Montana-Williams – Turner and Constable, Rivals for Greatness

Friday 26th January 2024

Robert Eden – Bugs Everywhere – From Stinky Ponds to cracked North Sea Pipelines

Fri 23rd February 2024

Julia Clayton – The Fiction of Forgery: Art and Authenticity in the English Novel

Friday 22nd March 2024

Stephen Lloyd – Shakespeare, the Earls of Derby and the North West

Friday 26th April 2024

Alan Crosby – ‘The great and terrible wilderness, peopled by untutored savages’: providing elementary education in Victorian Lancashire

Short Courses

Roger Mitchell on Colonial and Post Colonial America – History, Art and Architecture

2024: January 8, 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12, 26, March 4 (Eight sessions: Course Fee £40)

Alan Potter on Technology – Understanding just how things work !

2024: April 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 29 (Six sessions: Course fee £30)

Peter Firth on The History of the University Extension Movement in Southport

2024: May 13, 20 June 3, 10 (Four sessions: No fee – open to non-members)

Publicity “Deadlines”

Do you need to publicise a u3a event or activity? Here are the deadlines for advertising in the various publications:

u3a Magazines

  • copy for next magazine: deadline as publicised

(The next Magazine is due out in late January 2024.  So please send in your items to the Magazine Editor before the end of 2023.)

Monthly enews

  • deadline for enews items: NOON on the last Monday of the month

u3a Website

  • Group and other News and Events, Photos etc:  Anytime

u3a Facebook

Horizons Slideshow

  • Projected in the Scout & Guide HQ halls during Horizons:  Anytime

Horizons Announcements and Flyers

  • Notes of announcements to be read out  and / or  prepared flyers for the tables: Bring to the meeting

Please refer to the Communicating within our U3A webpage for more information on these ways of advertising and how to contact their “editors”.

Remember that you need to separately contact the editors for all of the various publications where you want your item to appear.  Sending to one does not necessarily mean that it will  automatically appear in the others.

Local History Outdoor Visits 2023

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum, Leyland

Saturday 13th May 2023

The history of commercial vehicles in the home town of truck and bus making. An indoor museum with over 50 well maintained vehicles on display, from an 1895 horse drawn steam fire appliance to the Popemobile.

Musical Theatre

The Musical Theatre Group presents  ‘Once upon a Time’  at Ormskirk Civic Hall’ in November.

The show – set in an apartment building called ‘Falling Stars’ – is for retired thespians.  Next to the building is a meeting hall called ‘Stage Door’ – which is the residents meeting place. The residents lack lustre and are depressed – until – a new resident called Penny joins them. She will take you on a journey to meet all the residents and what they did with their lives.

With witty tales and upbeat music, we go on the roller coaster ride as they fight to save their hall from becoming the next car park!!!

Tickets are on sale from September at Horizons:

Adult  £8.50  –  Children  £5.00

See Musical Theatre Group for other methods of procuring tickets and for more information about the Show.

HEOG Xmas Party

The Helping Each Other Group Xmas Party for 2023 is on Wednesday November 29th,  2-4 pm at the Scout & Guide HQ.

Cost £5 to cover expenses.

A Social Afternoon with light refreshments, punch, music and jolly fun.

All u3a members are welcome even if not been to the Helping Each Other Group before. Just come along and join in with the fun.

Please bring a small inexpensive wrapped gift to put in lucky dip box.

Any questions, please ring Judy Ingman 01695 423141.

Techie Advice

The Monday morning Computer Advice Group will open for the last time before Christmas on December 11th and will re-open on Monday January 8th 2024.

Bill S and Alan S, however, will be present at their usual table in the Aughton Room during  the Horizons coffee mornings up to December 21st, for any general Computer and Photography advice. And as usual at most Horizons Meetings, Alan N and Joyce N will also be around and about in the Scout & Guide HQ (often in the Computer Room) available to provide techie advice.

Philharmonic Visit – November

Thursday 16 November:   Beethoven’s Symphony No.7.   Concert programme also includes Rossini’s Overture  – The Italian Girl in Algiers  & Walton’s cello concerto. Please check for further details on the groups’ Philharmonic web page and also for programme notes on the October’s concert.

The Philharmonic now requires booking confirmation 4 weeks in advance and there can be a demand for tickets – so book early to avoid disappointment. 

Ageing Better Again

Following the success of  Ageing Better with an Active Mind, run in conjunction with Edge Hill University last winter,  the project is continuing this year at the beginning of November.

The first session (Workshop 4) will be on Friday 3rd November at 11 am in St Michaels Church Hall, with a talk on the topic of  ‘The Sense of Touch’.

This will be followed on 1st December at the same venue, by Workshop 5 where we will have ‘Dance Contact Improvisation’ delivered by a dance lecturer.

For further info, click or tap on the Edge Hill posters below.


If you are interested in attending either or both events, please contact the Coordinator of the Health & Wellbeing Group, Julia, on





u3a Bookstall

Most Thursday mornings at Horizons, there is a Bookstall where members can procure a variety of paperbacks, ideal for reading on the dark winter days ahead.

You are welcome to bring in books for the stall, but please only paperbacks, not hardbacks (due to lack of space). A variety of genres are appreciated. (There tends to be an preponderance of crime fiction at the minute!)

Research Study with Edge Hill

Title of this new study: The underlying neural mechanisms of working memory in elderly populations.

  • Description: “In this experiment, we will use a non-invasive technique called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to explore the brain regions involved in working memory. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive method used to stimulate small regions of the brain. It uses electromagnetic induction to generate an electric current across the scalp and skull without physical contact. This current induces activation and/or deactivation of the neurons under the site of stimulation. This method is FDA-approved and it is used mainly in clinical and experimental settings (here you can see how they use it for other conditions in the NHS:
  • Objective: our goal is to compare the effect of this stimulation at two sites in the brain in order to test their contribution to the performance of some working memory tasks. To measure working memory we will use computerised tests and to measure the brain activity we will use an electroencephalography (EEG) cap. The EEG cap contains electrodes that are attached to the scalp with conductive gel.
  • Number of sessions 3: introductory, session 2 and session 3 (session 2 and 3 must be in consecutive weeks).
  • Duration of each session: introductory (1.5hr), session 2 (3.5hrs), session 3 (3.5hrs).
  • Benefits: Participants can learn more about their cognitive skills and their brain functioning. Furthermore, your participation will help us to understand more the underlying neural mechanisms of working memory in elderly populations.

To find out more about the project, and to check your eligibility, contact Esteban Leon Correa on 07575 087865, or by email to Esteban León Correa <>

Helping Each Other

A day trip to Golden Days Garden Centre at Appley Bridge’ Monday 16th October

We will be leaving St Anne’s Social Centre at 10.40am – the Scout HQ Long Lane at 10.45am, and Aughton Village Hall at 11.0am.  For anyone who hasn’t been before – the Garden Centre also sells clothes and other articles and has a cafe where people can buy lunch.

For further details – select ‘Helping Each Other’ web page.

Helping Each Other

Day trip to ‘Golden Days Garden Centre at Appley Bridge’ on Monday 16th October.

We will be leaving St Anne’s Social Centre at 10.40am – the Scout HQ Long Lane at 10.45am, and Aughton Village Hall at 11.0am.  For anyone who hasn’t been before – the Garden Centre also sells clothes and other articles and has a cafe where people can buy lunch. Select Helping Each Other for further details.

“Silver Saturday” Coffee Morning

Free Event in celebration of Silver Sunday – a National Day for Older People.   Aughton & Ormskirk u3a  will have a table at this event displaying promotional materials explaining what we are all about and the benefits of membership.

Click or tap on flier to view full-size.

Cyber Crime

A recent Speaker Meeting featured Dave Carlos (Cyber Volunteer for Lancashire Police) talking about Cyber Crime with detailed advice on passwords, scams and online security. Here are more details of his talk.

See details of the next Speaker Meeting organised by Pam Ball.

(Many Thanks Pam for your ever excellent series !)

Drama Group Autumn Shows

Our next performances will be on Friday 24th November and Saturday 25th November at Aughton Village Hall.  Curtain up 7.30.

“Never Mind The Butler” a two act play by Lou Treleaven.

Trials and tribulations in a country estate – upstairs and downstairs.  Think Downton Abbey – with a twist!

Tickets cost £13.50 each and this includes a hotpot supper and a sample of Mrs Purvis’ baking.  As usual please bring your own drinks and glasses.

Tickets will be on sale at Horizons from 14th September or you can telephone 01695 227503/578207

July Speaker Meeting

A message from Pam Ball:

We had a very good response to the Speaker Meeting on 6th July, between 70 and 80 members present. Dave Carlos gave an excellent talk on Cyber Crime and has since emailed some useful links, which I’ve posted on Pam’s Past Speaker Meetings page on the website.

The next Speaker Meeting will take place on 7 September.  See the Speaker Meeting page for details,

20th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday 29 July at Aughton Village Hall – 2 to 5 pm

Join us for afternoon tea and a glass of Sparkling Wine

Entertainment by our Music and Dance groups

Free Raffle

Tickets £5 (non refundable) available at Horizons or phone 01695 577614

Health & Wellbeing Reports

Member, Julia Bate is Coordinator for the Health & Wellbeing Group which provides occasional talks on relevant topics for members to attend.

Additionally, Julia herself attends and reports back on regular meetings with the Patient Safety and the Patient and Public Involvement Groups attached to the North West Coast NHS Innovation Agency.  Interesting and comprehensive reports from these meetings are listed below. These meetings continue to be either face-to-face or via video-conferencing.

For further information, email Julia on:



Renaming of the Innovation Agency, review of Patient Medication Review Literature         and review of new Happy Hearts website

  • September meeting
    Developing a questionnaire relating to an App into which details of home-monitoring of blood pressure etc are entered and submitted to the GP practice, a new means of befriending, and more about polypharmacy reviews.
  • July meeting
    Telehealth (a home monitoring service for long-term health conditions), more information on the system for recording the improvement in response to physiotherapy following knee surgery, and the link between deprivation and health inequalities.
  • June meeting
    A dementia-friendly photography group, a mobile phone app for accessing GP records, a portable ecg monitor worn for 14 days, and a system for monitoring response to physiotherapy
  • May meeting
    A digital physical activity hub, a system for recording clinical consultations, enabling patients to revisit a consultation as many times as they wish, and an update on a website for people with lung conditions.
  • April meeting
    A website providing fiction and creative writing as therapy
  • March meeting
    Reducing ‘addiction’ to mobile phones, update on medication reviews and reducing opioid prescribing.
  • February meeting
    Musculoskeletal pain relief via an App, an agency providing independent home carers, and a flu test and treat pilot project.


  • December meeting  Ability consulting, an App that demonstrates how life is for disabled people.
  • November meetings Triage for lung cancer patients, new website for patients with respiratory conditions, initial management of mental health conditions.
  • October Meetings Asthma reviews, blister prevention pads an update on socks for people with diabetes, and another follow-up on Endoscopy alternative.
  • July meetings – A tool for detecting deterioration in patients in care homes, follow up on Endoscopy Alternative, COPD questionnaire and training for Heart Heroes on blood pressure monitoring
  • June meetings – Music therapy, Genomic medicine, Endoscopy alternative, Medication review and Self-monitoring of blood pressure
  • May Meeting – self-referral to consultants using an App; spotting patients with severe asthma
  • April Meeting – Update on alcohol withdrawal project; Cardiac Network and Websites helping with management and prevention of heart disease; Blood pressure testing in barbers’ shops
  • March meeting – Update on Back Pain Management App; Chatbot with Mental Health Advice; Patient Safety (Opioid withdrawal and Medication review)
  • February meeting – Pillow with a hole; Back pain management App; Menopause Consultancy
  • January meeting – Influenza; Mental Health safety; Lipid management



Myths, Legends and Global Warming

Many ancient cultures have myths about a ‘Great Flood’ and ‘Lost Lands”. That there are Flood Legends from so many parts of the world suggests there was a common event experienced by many cultures, and a global rise in sea level is a very likely cause.

Members and potential members enjoyed this Geology Group Talk by Richard Fletcher on Friday 19th May 2023.

Outdoor Visit May 2023

The British Commercial Vehicle Museum, Leyland will be the first ‘outdoor visit’ of the year for our Local History Group. (All u3a members are welcome to sign up for this trip.)

At this museum, we can learn about the history of commercial vehicles in the home town of truck and bus making. It is an indoor museum with over 50 well maintained vehicles on display, from an 1895 horse drawn steam fire appliance to the Popemobile.

  • Saturday 13th May 2023
  • Coach departs at 1pm near Scout & Guide HQ and returns at 5pm approx.
  • Cost (Coach and Museum Admission) is £20
  • Café onsite

All members are welcome to any of the Local History Group indoor meetings and outdoor visits. Places are limited on outdoor visits and access/safety issues may need to be discussed. Please book outdoor visits at the end of meetings or at Horizons.

E Bikers

Peter Lloyd has started up a group for electric bikers.

Peter Says:

He has had long experience with our u3a cycling groups, but he thinks now is the time to enjoy some help with the pastime for “not so young legs” – pedal power greatly enhanced, let’s say.

Usually on a Wednesday, 10:30 start, local area. Very much social rides to include a cafe stop, fun and friendship. Weather permitting, of course. Not too far at 15/20 miles, with plenty of stops.

Contact Peter on 07801 106335 if interested or for more information.

Special Recorder Group Recital

The Recorder Group will be performing on 24th March at 2pm  at Aughton Park Care Home. It would be nice for any members who know residents there to join us. This will be our first recital in a care home.

2023 Spring Show

Our next performances will be on Friday 19th May and Saturday 20th May at Aughton Village Hall:

“More Tea Vicar?” a one act play by Geoff Buckingham followed by “What Happens in Vegas” – the adventure continues with music and dance.

Curtain up 7.30 p.m.

Tickets cost £13.00 each and this includes Afternoon Tea.  As usual, please bring your own drinks and glasses.

Tickets are now on sale at Horizons or phone 01695 227503/578207

March HEOG Meeting

The March Helping Each Other Group (HEOG) Meeting will  place on 29th March from 2.00pm to 4.00pm in the Scout & Guide HQ (large room).

We are going to be entertained by a u3a Trio, who are going to bring along guitars and a ukulele to help us learn more about these instruments and to join in a singalong as well as enjoying light refreshments and getting to know one another.

Any u3a members who have not attended this group before are always welcome to join us.
If wanting more information, please phone Judy Ingman on 01695 423141 or talk to her at Horizons on a Thursday morning.

A Special Opportunity

This event was a great success! look our for a report in the next u3a Magazine.  Many thanks to all those involved both at Edge Hill and within A&O u3a. And thanks too to all those who attended – Edge Hill staff and students, u3a members and the local community.

As a follow on from the successful collaboration with Edge Hill University on the Ageing Better Project, the leaders are holding a free Showcase Event at the University on 11th February 2023, starting at 10 am in the Arts Centre. The purpose of the event is to present and discuss the findings of the workshop series attended by a number of our u3a members. The event will feature  talks about brain and ageing and will include  dance performances and a calligraphy stall.

Continue reading

Off the Wall

u3a members from all over the UK will descend on Hadrian’s Wall on 10 May 2023 to celebrate the building of the wall and the influence that the wall has had on our creative lives.

The wall extends from coast to coast across Northumberland and Cumbria – from Wallsend on the River Tyne in the east to Bowness-on-Solway in the west, and once marked the north western border of the Roman Empire.

For more details and booking for this special u3a event, see


Social Events

Our u3a provides many opportunities for learning. But we also have a vibrant social dimension to our activities. They bring together people from across a wide range of special interests,  in a convivial atmosphere, simply to enjoy themselves. These excellent events are mostly organised by the Social Subcommittee.

This year, however, there was a special event to mark the 20th Anniversary of Aughton & Ormskirk u3a organised by an Anniversary Team.

There are  usually committee members at the weekly Horizons meetings from whom you can get more details on their events and book places or buy tickets.

2023 Events

*  Summer Dance
  • Friday 16th June 7pm at Aughton Village Hall
  • Dancing to Rollercoaster

* Aughton & Ormskirk u3a 20th Anniversary Celebration

  • Saturday 29 July at Aughton Village Hall, 2-5 pm
  • An afternoon tea and a glass of fizz; also free raffle and entertainment
  • See the September 2023 Magazine for report and photos.

* Quiz Night

  • at the Scout & Guide HQ on 29 September

* Christmas Lunch Party

  • At the Christ Church Ministry Centre on 8 December
  • Dancing to Rollercoaster
  • Tickets now on sale at Horizons!

Note that some Groups also organise learning and social events open to all members ie not just their regular attendees.  They are usually well advertised on the run-up to their dates in the monthly enews / the occasional magazines / at Horizons / on our u3a facebook presence and  elsewhere on this u3a website such as the News page and the Front Page sidebar.   Check the various  Communication methods regularly so you don’t miss out!

Examples of Past Events in 2022

    • Vegan Lunch – 23 March

      • at St Michaels Church Hall
      • on Wednesday 23 March, 12 noon for 12:30
    • Queens Jubilee Event – 25 June

      Click on Poster to view details full-size

    • Quiz Night with Hotpot Supper – “Battle of the Groups” – 30 September

        • Friday 30th September
        • Venue – Scout & Guide HQ
    • Christmas Lunch Party – 9 December

See details and photos of this very successful and enjoyable annual event.




2021 Highlights

Click on u3a Christmas Lunch  for a gallery of photos from this social event, the first for a long time due to Coronavirus lockdown and social isolation rules.

View Past Social Highlights

Healthy Ageing Research

Are you interested in healthy ageing?

If so, you may be interested in a study being run at Edge Hill University by one of the PhD Research students, Esteban León Correa.

Esteban is still looking for volunteers, and you can read further details in the poster below. If you wish to find out more, email Esteban at

Alice in Cuckooland

This was the Drama Group‘s first attempt at a pantomime for many years and at first we had some reservations.  There were challenges along the way in terms of scenery design and costumes and also rehearsing Christmas songs in the summer heatwave!  We all really enjoyed the experience and the audiences got into the spirit right from the start (oh yes they did!).

Thank you to everyone who came to support us – we do appreciate it.  We look forward to seeing you at our next production. Dates for your diary – 19th and 20th May 2023. Tickets are already selling fast at Horizons Meetings!

Here is a selection of the photos from the show. (Click or tap on any picture to run the Gallery as a Slideshow.)

Photos by Bill Soens

Christmas Lunch Party 2022

Once more the Social Subcommittee pulled out all the stops to lay on a superb Christmas Lunch followed by a 60’s/70’s Party – dancing to the music of the talented Roller Coaster Band.

Click or tap on any image to run the gallery as a slideshow.

View details of the other u3a Events organised by the Social Subcommittee in 2022.  And remember to revisit that web page during 2023 for future social opportunities.

WWT Martin Mere

Martin Mere has now re-opened following the recent temporary closure after a case of Avian Influenza affected a bird in their collection.

See the WWT website for full details.

Age UK Winter Resilience

Worried about the cost of living and rising fuel bills? Would you like more information on how to save energy and find out what financial support is available?

Click on Poster to enlarge.

Age UK Lancashire held an event recently at New Church House in Ormskirk with representatives of Lancashire Fire and Rescue, Electricity North West and Lancs County Council Safe Trader Scheme able to provide information and advice on how to get through the winter.

If you missed this event, Age UK has some useful information about ways to keep well this winter on its website.

On Thursday morning 10 November our Guest at Horizons was Anne Oliver from Age UK, who updated us on the latest scams.

If you missed this event, there is an Age UK booklet called Avoiding Scams in the pigeon holes in the Aughton Room at the Scout & Guide HQ.  Please return it to its pigeon hole after reading.



Computer Advice

Computer Advice is running on Monday mornings during  the Autumn / Winter term, in its usual room in the Scout & Guide HQ. Computer Helpers will be there, glad to hear all about your problems with your various devices – computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras etc.  And then they try to help where they can.

If you can’t attend on a Monday morning, then there are usually Computer Helpers hanging around at Horizons Meetings on Thursday mornings.  They can often be found lurking in the Computer Room or ensconced at the Digital Photography / Computer Desk in the far corner of the Aughton Room.  Ask at the Welcome Desk if you cannot spot a Computer Helper.

You can also email for help via:

L H meetings return

Local history meetings returned to our indoor venue at the S&GHQ from Tuesday, 4 October. Please see details of future talks on our webpage Local History

A Warm Welcome to see a Film

An invitation from the Film Appreciation Group:

Hello everyone,

Just a quick message to remind you that the next film will be in the big room at the Scout & Guide HQ on Monday 26th September at 1.45. It is Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. Please come and support the Group. You will be very welcome.


Pat and Colin


Horizons Guests & Events

Now and then, during specified Thursday morning  Horizons Meetings,  Aughton & Ormskirk u3a welcomes outside Guests from whom we can learn about something relevant, new or useful to our membership.  Also at some other Horizons Meetings, we are fortunate to host special Events with our own u3a members running a demo or display.

In November 2023, we were very pleased to welcome Roger Mitchell from Southport University Extension Society (SUES). He described the types of lifelong learning opportunities provided by this long-standing local organisation and explained how our members could join in. Check out the list of upcoming SUES Lectures and Courses.

Look out for advance publicity of Horizons Guests and Events here and in the usual publicity places:

HEOG Tea Dance

Cancelled due to lack of numbers!

Helping Each Other Group  have planned a Tea Dance at the Sefton Park Palm House on 13th September. But if they do not get more people signed up by this coming Tuesday, 6th September,  it will regretably have to be cancelled.

Please phone  Judy ASAP on 01695 423141 if you would like to go on this outing. All welcome, even if you do not usually attend HEOG.

Visit to Beverley Minster and St Mary’s Church

The coach excursion to Beverley – in Yorkshire’s East Riding – has been rearranged for Tuesday 16 August by the Church History Group

Our main aim will be to enjoy the medieval glories of Beverley Minster, a former abbey church that is larger than one third of all English Cathedrals.

The coach will collect us at Four Lane Ends Mission at 9 o’clock and we should arrive in Beverley in time to disperse and find somewhere for a quick lunch. At 2 o’clock we will re-assemble at the West door of the Minster to begin our visit. If time allows, over lunch, the wonderful St Mary’s church is also worth looking into.

We would be leaving Beverley around 3.30pm and arriving back around 6.30pm – depending on the traffic.

The cost of this trip will be £33.00 per person. If you would like to join us for this visit, please contact Peter Gateley on 07518 685807.

Summer Computer Advice

Computer Advice is available over the summer holidays this year on Thursday Mornings at the weekly Horizons Coffee Meetings.  Computer Helpers are usually to be found at the Digital Photography / Computer Desk in the Aughton Hall or in the Computer Room off the Ormskirk Hall or just around and about.  If you can’t find a Helper, ask at the Greetings Desk.  You can also be put in contact with a Computer Helper by emailing or .

One reason for the current suspension of the Monday (and former) Tuesday Computer Advice Group sessions is that there have been very few clients to make use of these facilities for some time now. If not utilised they may disappear or be adapted in some way to suit changes in members’ needs.

Summer Dance

To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Social Subcommittee organised a

Summer Dance on Saturday 25 June. 

This turned out to be a most enjoyable and jolly ‘do’.  The dance floor was never empty while the excellent band – the Rollercoasters – rocked out a series of old favourites from the 50s through to the 80s. The eatables – finger food on this occasion – was very suitable, tasty and plentiful. And it was a great opportunity to reunite with u3a friends and meet some new folk. So, all-in-all, this was a very successful event, with many, many thanks due to all those Social Team members involved in making it so.

(Don’t miss out on future opportunities arranged by the u3a! Take a few minutes to check out some other events that are coming soon, as advertised via the sidebar of this Front Page and elsewhere on the website.)

Computer Advice

Computer Advice session will be suspended for the summer months i.e. June –August. Computer Advice will still be available, during this period, at Horizon sessions, or by e-mailing The reason for this suspension is that there have been very few clients to make use of these facilities. If you don’t use them they may disappear altogether. For further information contact the e-mail address given above.

Sunday Socials Soon

Next Sunday Social – all members welcome.

Sunday 26th June

Bill Evans will be entertaining us with one of his VIDEO shows. Plenty of comedy is assured, but also a sprinkle of serious stuff too. So, sit back and enjoy.

Film Appreciation Restart

The Film Appreciation Group will be restarting on 23rd May at 9.45 for coffee followed by the film which is A Good Year based on the novel by Peter Mayle. See the website Group Page for further details.

It is a good film which will take place in the big room. The charge is £2.00.Colin and I look forward to seeing you.

Regards Pat Morton (Group Leader)

The Choir is still looking for an Assistant Musical Director!

Our present Choir Group musical director, Paul Dickie has successfully led us for the past 18 months and in spite of the challenges of covid we organised and performed the u3a advent service under his direction. However, to secure continuity for the future we would like to bring in someone else with the necessary musical knowledge and creative skills to assist Paul, help take the choir forward and build on our success.

We are a very friendly, sociable group with 30 members and like to sing a wide range of music including; Musical Theatre, Folk, Sacred and Popular. We enjoy the challenge of three part singing as well as a good unison sing-a-long at most of our sessions.

We give one formal concert a year in the summer and organise the annual U3A Advent service. We are also regularly invited to sing at several local nursing homes.

We meet every Wednesday morning at Aughton Village Hall from 10 am until 12. (Broadly following school holidays). We have a well organised team who take care of admin, finances and hall bookings.

If you are interested in finding out more then please contact choir leader Ann Henders 07847 364330.

Please note there is no remuneration for this role.

Southport Flower Show – Discounted Tickets

Southport u3a are creating a Show Garden at this year’s Southport Flower Show (18 -21 August).  It  will be built and managed by their Gardening Group to celebrate the u3a’s 40th Anniversary. It is the aim to include many aspects of the diverse nature of the u3a as features in the design.

Alongside the Show Garden will be a u3a Stand enabling the promotion of the u3a in general and to talk to existing and prospective members.  Southport u3a’s  “Performing Groups” will also be playing on the Music Stand at times throughout the Show.

In recognition of this support for the Flower Show, ALL u3a members will be able to book tickets for the show at a specially discounted rate of £18, compared to the gate price of £27 using the promotional code, ‘u3a’ when buying tickets on the website  Southport Flower Show.

Local History Outdoor Visits Restart

Local History outdoor visits restarted on 30th April 2022. Further Information on the Local History  Group Page and from the Local History Desk at Horizons.

All members are welcome to our outdoor visits and our indoor meetings.

Margaret Gibbon (Group Leader)

Speaker Meetings

Speaker Meetings usually take place on the first Thursday of the month at the  Scout & Guide HQ, starting at 11 am and lasting just over an hour. Last orders for tea and coffee 10.45 am. All the usual Horizons facilities (apart from the book stall) will be available until then.

The final Speaker Meeting of the year will take place on Thursday 14th December, when Carol Rogers MBE, Director, House of Memories, National Museums Liverpool will speak about the multi-award-winning House of Memories, a flagship dementia awareness programme for National Museums Liverpool.

House of Memories is making a difference to people living with dementia, their carers, families and communities. More than 60,000 people have benefited from the programme, which continues to expand across the UK and globally in USA and South East Asia.

In January 2015, Carol was acknowledged by HRH Queen Elizabeth II and awarded an MBE (Member of The British Empire), for her role leading House of Memories. She has developed a notable career at National Museums Liverpool. Her profile is well known across the North West of England and she maintains an extensive national and international network of education, museum, health and social care partnerships. Her work is recognised for its creativity, innovation and enterprise; successfully connecting cross-sector organisations and resources.

Carol is noted in the UK museum sector for her creativity, passion and commitment to enable inclusive museum education and participation, for everyone.

House of Memories programme achievements to date include the following national and international awards:

  • Winner, Liverpool City Region Culture & Creativity Awards 2020, Impact Award – International Reach
  • Winner, Exceptional Achievement Award at the Museums Association Museums Change Lives Awards 2018
  • Runner up in the Outstanding Person initiative category at the Liverpool Older People’s Awards 2017
  • Commendation Winner, Jodi Awards 2017
  • Winner, North West NHS Clinical Improvement Awards 2017
  • Runner up, North West Adult Learners Awards Health and Care 2016
  • Winner, Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia-Friendly Awards 2015
  • Winner, Excellent Smart Health Innovation Award 2015 (Think Dementia Conference)
  • Winner, Innovate Dementia European Award (The World Health and Design Forum 2014)
  • Winner, National Institute of Adult Continuing Education 2014
  • Winner, Museums and Heritage Awards 2014 – national educational initiative
  • Highly Commended, Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friendly Awards 2014

Carol’s interest to develop House of Memories began through a personal family experience of dementia, which prompted her to realise her belief that museums are uniquely placed to look after and represent everyone’s memories (be they historical or yesterday), and by doing so, museums can play a valuable role to support the dementia community. Her presentation will include an overview of the House of Memories programme, supported by photography and short film clips.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Speaker Meetings this year. A full programme has been arranged for you for 2024 – watch this space!

Please keep an eye on news, website, Horizons slideshow and flyers for the latest information.

Southport University Extension Society (SUES)

We are planning a new, collaborative venture with SUES, whereby members of our respective organisations will be able to take advantage of each other’s talks and other events. If you are interested in attending any of the following, please contact Pam Ball in the first instance on 07974 749362.

Forthcoming SUES lectures and courses include:

Friday 8th December 2023

Ed Montana-Williams – Turner and Constable, Rivals for Greatness

Friday 26th January 2024

Robert Eden – Bugs Everywhere – From Stinky Ponds to cracked North Sea Pipelines

Fri 23rd February 2024

Julia Clayton – The Fiction of Forgery: Art and Authenticity in the English Novel

Friday 22nd March 2024

Stephen Lloyd – Shakespeare, the Earls of Derby and the North West

Friday 26th April 2024

Alan Crosby – ‘The great and terrible wilderness, peopled by untutored savages’: providing elementary education in Victorian Lancashire

Short Courses

Roger Mitchell on Colonial and Post Colonial America – History, Art and Architecture

2024: January 8, 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12, 26, March 4 (Eight sessions: Course Fee £40)

Alan Potter on Technology – Understanding just how things work !

2024: April 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 29 (Six sessions: Course fee £30)

Peter Firth on The History of the University Extension Movement in Southport

2024: May 13, 20 June 3, 10 (Four sessions: No fee – open to non-members)


See Pam’s Past Speaker Meetings for info on previous events.

Please email any ideas for Future Speaker Meetings to Pam Ball, our Speaker Meeting Organiser,  at:  or phone 07974 749362.

Dancing Fools

Musical Theatre Group came back!

Thank you for supporting your u3a Musical Theatre Group as they endeavoured to get back to doing shows. The pandemic  hit the group hard, so their numbers  were low by March 2022, but they still had a great show to present to you.

Although not a musical, the “restart” production – “Dancing Fools” –  had songs and dance from Musicals both old and new, comic songs and the like, and other items that took you back.

Poster for the Spring 2022 Show

You may wish to join us on or off stage as a group member. Whatever you decide to do, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Visit to Martin Mere – 14th December 2021

The final Bird Watching Group visit for 2021 was to the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust site at Martin Mere.  Eight members of the group enjoyed an excellent morning’s visit despite the mist hampering visibility at times and a total of 43 species were recorded.  Thanks to new group member Ken for these pictures taken at Martin Mere:

Click ‘Continue reading’ for the full list of species seen:

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Message from the Chair

Hello everyone, here we are at Christmas once again and despite Covid Aughton & Ormskirk u3a has continued to thrive through these difficult times.

Since lock down ended in the late Summer almost all our groups and activities have started meeting again, and in fact some of them are oversubscribed and have a waiting list! So thank you all for your support.

Let’s hope that 2022 sees restrictions easing and some normality returning.

I’m sure you will all enjoy the Christmas break and the opportunity to spend time with your friends and families.

Good wishes for Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

John Tomlinson

Gardening Group News

The Group Leader and Coordinator of the Gardening Group have decided to step down from their positions.

This Group has a history of being very popular over many years under several generations of Leaders and Coordinators.

Please consider if you individually or as part of a small team could take on the leadership role to ensure the future of this Group. If you would like more info on what is involved, please contact Group Support via

In the meantime ………many many thanks are due to the retiring Leader and Coordinator – Pam Higgins and Helen Wilson – for providing interesting, useful, fun and helpful meetings, newsletters and quizzes over recent years, including during lockdown

Christmas Lunch 2021

After the cancellation of the u3a Christmas Lunch in 2020 because of Covid, we were so pleased to get together once again. The Social subcommittee pulled out all the stops to arrange a lovely meal courtesy of Martin’s Caterers and dancing to the music of the Phil Shotton Trio with vocalist Adee Lifshitz.

All the photographs show that the afternoon was a great success and that everybody will be looking forward to the next Christmas social to be held on the 9th December 2022.


A Walk in Tawd Valley

A report of the 20th September 2021 walk

The September Monday u3a Walking Group walk was in the Tawd Valley Park, Skelmersdale, which is an area of green open space of 65 hectares running from Skelmersdale town centre and following the line of the River Tawd as it heads northwards to join the River Douglas.

Those participating in the walk soon realised that Tawd Valley Park is a hidden jewel in the heart of Skelmersdale. The site surrounds the River Tawd as it meanders its way from Yewdale across a large section of the historic town of Skelmersdale through to Cobbs Clough Brow. The area is a haven for a wide variety of wildlife with birds of prey soaring above the meadows and Kingfishers patrolling the riverbanks.

Barry Carr the walk leader did an excellent job in explaining the history of the area, with the ruins of an old mill, millponds and capped mineshafts providing a glimpse into the area’s industrial history.

Everyone agreed it was an excellent afternoon walk in an area that was previously unknown to most of the walk participants.

Film Appreciation Returns

The first film of the new season will take place on 25th October in the Scout & Guide HQ in the small room. The film is ‘Revolutionary Road’ with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

For more details please consult the Film Appreciation Group Page.

The film will start at 10.00am preceded by coffee. Please feel free to bring your own drinks if you wish. Our treasurer, Derek, has informed us that we will have to pay more to cover the price of the room. This means that the cost will now be £2.00. I will pay for the refreshments as I have  some spare film money from previous sessions.

Please try to come regularly as the u3a needs the funds and of course Colin and I will be pleased to see you all back at Film.

Pat Morton.

Our u3a Open Day

We are holding an Open Day on Saturday 23 October in the Scout & Guide HQ.  It will be open from 10.30 to 3.30 and will showcase groups and other activities that our u3a has to offer its members.
We have over 80 interest Groups ranging from Aerobics right through to Zumba.  Indoors or out, active or leisurely, doing or listening – all our groups are run by our members, for our members and there is usually room for extra people to join in.
This is a special opportunity to look into learning about or experiencing something new or returning to an activity you used to enjoy.  What is Mah Jong?  Did you enjoy writing or painting at school?  Do you need more exercise? Could you try again with French or Spanish?  You may already be in one group but why not now also try something new?
Come along to our Open Day and find out more, talk to those who run the groups, or sign up for a sample session.
And remember, if there’s something you would like to do that’s not already on our list, you can suggest a new group.  Talk to Group Support  at the Open Day and they’ll be able to help.
Tea/coffee and biscuits will be available throughout the day. Everyone is welcome, so bring a friend or neighbour who might appreciate what u3a has to offer!

Creative Writing Vacancies

This is in the main a discussion group, so numbers are limited, but we now have a small number of vacancies. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Joan Potter on 0151 924 6027.

Ukulele Group Plays Again

The Ukulele Group has now restarted!

If you fancy joining, then just contact Tony Crimlisk on 01695 421602 for further information.  Beginners are most welcome too, even if you can only play a few chords.

If you don’t yet have a Ukulele, then come along and sing with us anyway to see what fun it is and also that it is not too difficult an instrument to get started on.   We meet on the first and third Fridays of the month 10.00-12.00 at the Christ Church Ministry Centre (Main Hall).   Next session is 15th October.

For more info, visit the Ukulele Webpage.

Website Review

Most Groups have now restarted following on from the times of  lockdown, tiers and  social isolation during 2020 and the first half of 2021. If you are a Group Leader of a Group without a Group Author, please check your Group Page and contact the Web Team as to any updates your Group Page you require to bring it up-to-date.

Dipping in to Philosophy

With some Groups restarting in September 2021, your Web Manager had a notion to try out something completely new.  I was seeking a non-techie subject that I’d never before studied.  Spotting a new series of 7 introductory talks being organised by Tim Miles of the Philosophy Group, I thought this might well fit the bill, took the plunge and signed up. Thoroughly enjoying the September talk on Ethics, I am now much looking forward to the next one on Friday 1st October on Politics!

Tim has indicated there may be room for a few more participants. A handout was provided for the September talk, so it should be easy enough to catch up.  If interested, further information and Tim’s contact details are on the Philosophy Group Page.

Joyce Nolan

EGM – 11th October at 1pm

In case you missed reading about it in an email dated 6 September 2021 and sent to all members with email addresses on  Beacon,  here is a special  Message from the Secretary about an Extraordinary General Meeting in October:

Dear Member,

Due to the Annual General Meeting held on 26.08.21 not being quorate, any votes taken were indicative only.  It is, therefore, necessary to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting to vote on the following resolutions –

Resolution 1 – To approve the Accounts 2020/21.

Resolution 2 – JVSA to be appointed as the Independent Examiners of the Accounts for the year 2021/22.

This meeting to be held on Monday 11th October, 2021 at Scout & Guide H.Q. at 1.00 p.m.  All members are welcome but please note members attending will be quorate irrespective of the number, as per our Constitution.

Megan Tomlinson


Gardening Help

Help is needed to run the Gardening Group.  Please contact Pam Higgins on 0151 364 0041.

In the meantime, restart has been to defered  till New Year.