Tai Chi

We are fortunate in currently having three Tai Chi classes, catering for participants at different levels and with varying requirements.

Aughton Village Hall
Wednesdays and Thursdays
Afternoons - see times below
  • See below for Tutors and Coordinators.
  • Please contact an appropriate Coordinator for detail on cost and availability of places.

Tai Chi 2

Yang Style 24 & 108 Forms Tai Chi

Wednesday 2.00pm -3.00pm

Tutor:  Bob Broughton


  • Elva Marsh 01695 574869
  • Diane Piggin 01695 577837

This is an advanced class.

Tai Chi 3

Qigong and Tai Chi for Health

Thursday 2.00pm – 3.00pm

Tutor:  Heather Reade

Coordinator: Pam Collier 01704 894396

This class studies both Qigong and Tai Chi during the hour – a great intro­duction to both disciplines.

Tai Chi 4

Tai Chi for Health

Thursday  3.15pm – 4.15pm

Tutor:  Heather Reade


  • Jane Francis  01695 421821
  • Sue Linnell  01695 580436

This class focuses on the Tai Chi for Health forms: Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Diabetes and Tai Chi for Osteoporosis. A few spaces available.

Last Updated on January 31, 2022