Creative Writing

If you are a professional, an amateur or a would-be writer, and would like to pursue your interest in writing in the company of like-minded people, please come and join us.

Scout & Guide HQ larger hall
2nd Monday of the month
14:00 - 16:00
  • Leader: Joan Potter - 0151 924 6027
  • Coordinator:  Sue Watkinson

We are an informal group who enjoy writing in a variety of styles, from articles to stories and poems, with some friendly discussion and a few tips. Members’ suggestions are always welcome. Meetings take place on the second Monday of the month, 2pm – 4pm, in the larger room at Scout and Guide HQ. Homework is optional!

Next Meeting: 11th July 2pm

July Writing Prompt:  The last words of the piece to be ‘….and that’s how I ended up, up in a tree.’

Since this is in the main a discussion group numbers are limited but if you are interested in joining us, please contact Joan Potter on 0151 924 6027.

See the Post below called Creative Writing Group During Lockdown for information on how we creatively carried on when socially distancing and to read one of our joint effort stories!  There is also a Post with the Winning Short Stories from the 2020 Competition.

Last Updated on June 14, 2022

Creative Writing Group During Lockdown

When we heard that we’d no longer be able to meet up for our usual monthly sessions, the Creative Writing Group decided that we’d still like to write something every month and share it via email. We knew it wouldn’t be half as enjoyable as getting together but it was better than nothing. However, with the next ‘meeting’ several weeks away, someone suggested we created a WhatsApp group so we could keep in touch in the meantime. What a great idea! National lockdown was looming but we were prepared.

We’ve got to know each other surprisingly well. Through the WhatsApp chat we’ve heard snippets of lives past and seen present day photos from daily walks. We’ve even had the odd glimpse into each other’s homes via Zoom. Strangely, during this time apart, acquaintances are becoming firm friends.

One day, a bit of banter on WhatsApp sparked a couple of lines of fiction and everyone joined in adding their own couple of lines. Before we knew it we had a page-worth of words that could have been lifted from a spy novel. It was a bit of fun so we decided we’d have a proper go with a new story. We’ve written seven so far, including one round of poetry. The six of us keeping ourselves amused with these exercises are set in a new order every time and then write two or three paragraphs each, usually two rounds per story.

Follow this link to see our most recent creation!

With all of this, plus our short story competition entries, we’ve done more writing in the last three months than most of us ever do under normal circumstances and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of lockdown.

Last Updated on February 3, 2022