Ballroom Dancing

We are learning and practising routines in many Ballroom, Latin-American, popular sequence, and some classical sequence, dances with new dances being added regularly.

Scarisbrick Village Hall, Smithy Lane, Scarisbrick, L40 8HH
Tuesdays (Groups 2 and 3);   Thursdays (Groups 4 and 1)
Group 2: from 1.00 pm; Group 3 from 2.15 pm; Group 4 from 12 noon; Group 1 from 1.30 pm
  • Teacher: Ann Breen               0151 531 0180
  • Leader: Duncan Galbraith    01704 892949
  • Treasurer: Jeff Roberts         01695 575708
  • Coordinators:

Group 1: Sue Galbraith                 01704 892949

Group 2: Irene Critchley              01695 577676

Group 3: Cathy Quirk                   01695  571549

Group 4: Barbara Carter              01695 570379



Sessions have been suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions. Continue to monitor the page.

The latest two sequence dances are the Stoneacre Saunter and the St. James Jive, both ‘hot off the press’. All these are taught by our fantastic duo of professional teachers, Ann and Kevin Breen, who both have 40 plus years of experience in teaching dancing. Ann and Kevin are brilliant and will repeat new steps many times until everybody has mastered them and also go over ‘old’ steps to refresh our memories.

If you are interested in exercising mind and body and need any further information, please contact one of the above team. At the moment we have limited space in some of the groups but, unfortunately, as all groups are at different levels, none would suit an absolute beginner. If you would like to know more contact Ann or Duncan or to see what we do, please come along one afternoon and have a look and a chat.

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Christmas Party 2016

Members of the Ballroom Dancing Group enjoyed their 2016 Christmas party at the Ministry Centre Christ Church

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Ballroom Dancing Christmas Party 2015

Ballroom Dancing Group Christmas Party 2015

Ballroom Dancing Group Christmas Party 2015

The Ballroom Dancing group once again enjoyed its annual Christmas Dance party which was held at the Ministry Centre.

Visit to Blackpool Tower Ballroom March 2016

ballroomdancing-20160212-ballroomThe Ballroom Dancing Group made its annual spring visit on Tuesday 15 March to Blackpool Tower Ballroom and enjoyed an afternoon of dancing. In the evening the group members had an excellent five course meal at the Hilton Hotel in Blackpool. At a total cost of £32 for the coach, ballroom entrance and meal this was excellent value for money.

The members of the Ballroom Dancing Group who number in excess of 100 certainly enjoy the group’s activities and are looking forward to future visits to the Blackpool Tower Ballroom.