Book Reading 1 – Monday

The Book Reading Group is a lively, interesting group with good social interactions.

Scout & Guide HQ
2nd Monday of the month
10.30 am
  • Coordinator: Diane Piggin - 01695 577 837
  • Coordinator: Maggie Broughton - 01695 574138

We read one book a month, supplied free of charge by Lancashire Libraries service from their Book Group collection. These are handed out at the previous month’s meeting. In addition we provide our own copies of  classic books chosen by our members to read at a more leisurely pace.

We aim to include all attending members in the discussion, opening the meeting by listening to each member in turn make a brief comment about their likes or dislikes before moving on to look at the book in more depth. We find ourselves reading books we wouldn’t normally choose, some we love, some we hate, some we never finish.  Often books disliked by the majority lead to the best discussion. What we all share is a love of reading.

Currently – group membership is full.

The books below can be collected at the meeting on the dates shown and will be discussed at the following meeting

11/02/19          The Cruel Sea          (Nicholas Monsarrat)

11/03/19          The Lowland            (Jjumpa Lahir)

8/04/19            Image of You            (Adele Parks)

13/05/19          This Perfect Day       (Ira Levin)

10/06/19         Shadow Queen         (Anne O’Brien)

8/07/19           Ministry of Utmost Happiness         ( Arundhati Roy)

12/08/19         The Gift          (Louise Jensen)

9/09/19           The Girl who fell from the Sky          (Simon Mawer)

14/10/19          The Girl who saved the King of Sweden          (Jonas Jonasson)

11/11/19           The Birthday Boys          (Beryl Bainbridge)

9/12/19            The Unseen world          (Liz Moore)

13/01/20         Burial rites          (Hannah Kent)














Our current three month book is  –

When God was A Rabbit

Sarah Winman – When God Was A Rabbit 

It’s not surprising to learn that Sarah Winman had a solid career as an actress in the likes of Holby City and The Bll before diversifying into writing with this, her first novel. One of the huge cast of eccentric characters is an actress, another is a Shirley Bassey impersonator and all are the sort of larger-than-life but thinly-drawn types that populate early-evening TV drama, with perhaps an added twist of eccentricity.

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