Digital Photography

Our aim is to share our knowledge of photography and the digital enhancement of photographs for the enjoyment of the photographer and also friends and relations with whom they may wish to share their experiences through photographs.

We have a wide range of topics and workshops, and we can also offer advice, eg on the purchase and use of the camera for beginners and how to attach photographs to emails for sharing.

The meetings will include judging the monthly Competition pictures.

Haskayne Village Hall
1st Thursday of the month
2.00 pm
  • Leaders:
  • Alan Starkie - 01744 884095
  • Bill Watkinson - 01695 422423
  • George Slawinski - 01695 421969


 Monthly Competition

The group encourages as many as possible to put entries into the competitions as it helps to develop both photographing and creative skills. Each month there are 2 competition topics, as below.


Topic 1


Topic 2


September 2019 Summer Snacks Farm Animals
October Pahway  Stones
November  Holes  Street furniture
December Landscape  Autumn Glory
January 2020 NO MEETING
February Bark  Catching People Unaware
March Bottles Gold
April Odd Couples Round Things
May Shoes Gravestones
June Money Locks


Examples of a skill required for a particular topic can usually be found on line.

If you Google for example “Tutorials for photographing Shadows” you will be able to find out more about that topic and what it involves. You will find lots of short videos on You Tube (some better than others) which are well worth looking at.

If in doubt, please ask a member with knowledge of a topic for assistance.



Competition Rules

  1. You can submit one entry in each topic
  2. Photographs must have been taken by yourself
  3. Photographs can be submitted with or without any digital manipulation
  4. Once a photograph has been entered in a competition, it cannot be re-submitted in future competitions
  5. Entries must be received by midnight on the Sunday before the competition judging on the first Thursday of the month

Please e-mail photographs to or take them on a memory stick to Horizons. Latest entry is the Sunday before the meeting.

There are no prizes to be won, just the opportunity to compare photographs taken by our own members with a view to improving standards. Winning entries are displayed on the U3A website.

June 2019 Competition Winners

Topic 1  Memory  click for slideshow

Topic 2  Contrasting Colours  click for slideshow



Our next meeting at Haskayne Village Hall is on 5th September 2019

                                The Competition topics for our 2019 – 2020  season are listed below:

Topic 1                                 Topic 2

  September  19      Summer Snacks                       Farm Animals]

 October 19               Pathway                                      Stones

  November  19          Holes                                          Street Furniture

December 19            Landscape                                Autumn Glory

January  20                                             NO MEETING

February 20               Bark                                          Catching People Unaware

March 20                  Bottles                                        Gold

April 20                      Odd Couples                             Round Things

May 20                       Shoes                                         Gravestones

June 20                        Money                                         Locks

Both Topics 1 & 2  should be your own photographs .

Images should accurately reflect the topic for which they are entered.

Images may be enhanced  sympathetically  by using Photo editing software.






If you are experienced in Photography/Photo. Enhancement, please come and share your knowledge with us.

If you are new to Photography, we are a friendly group who will always be pleased to help with advice on Camera equipment and how to take better pictures.

Submitting Competition Entries – a reminder

Please ensure that your competition entries are submitted in the correct format – i.e. as JPEG files – and at a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.  Please also remember to rename the files to include your name and the competition topic, e.g. Joe Bloggs – September Topic 1

May 2019 Competition Winners

Topic 1   Seven    click for slideshow


Topoc 2    Glass  click for slideshow