We are a relatively small group who would welcome new members.

Scout & Guide HQ
3rd Friday of the month
2.00 - 4.00
  • Leader: Bill Hale - 01695 422472
  • Coordinator: Colin Redwood - 01695 578039

If you have an interest in the subject come and join us, you don’t need to be already knowledgeable.

Friday 8th June:

There is to be a field trip along the North Wales Coast Road accompanied by Frank Nicholson following on from his recent talk about the geological problems encountered in building the road.

If you would like to join the visit, it is planned to travel in cars, get in touch with either Leader  or Coordinator. It is planned to meet at 10:30 to start at the Chester Services at Junction 14 on the M56.

As there is limited parking space at some of the stops we need to coordinate the arrangements to minimise the number of cars.

Friday 15th June:

Member John Crossley will talk about Roy Chapman Andrews who was an American explorer, adventurer and naturalist who became the director of the American Museum of Natural History. In the early 20th century he lead a series of expeditions into Mongolia and the Gobi Desert which made important discoveries and brought the first-known fossil dinosaur eggs to the museum.

In the second half we will have a video about the 1992 expedition, mounted by the American Museum of Natural History, which followed in Andrews’ footsteps.

Wednesday 25th July to be a visit to Ingleton to be led by Richard Fletcher.

If you would like to join the visit get in touch with either Bill Hale or Colin Redwood, further detail re the visit will be available nearer the date.

Ingleton is a fascinating geological area, where hundreds of years of mineral exploitation have contributed to the economy and landscape of this part of the National Park. It has a varied geology, with rocks laid down in different geological periods, Carboniferous Limestone, Yoredale Series, Millstone Grit and Coal Measures; and a classic unconformity.

This visit will cover a number of geological concepts, such as:

1) Structural geology: the Craven Faults, synclines, anticlines and isosclinal folds:

2) Stratigraphy: the different geological periods of the Ordovician, Carboniferous Limestone, Yoredale Series, Millstone Grit and Coal Measures; and a classic unconformity:

3) Petrology: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks:

4) Karst landforms:

6) Quaternary glacial landforms

Friday 20th July the meeting to be an introduction to the Ingleton visit

Richard Fletcher will give a talk on the geology of the Ingleton district of the Yorkshire Dales in preparation for the visit on the following Wednesday, 25th  July.

There will be no meeting only in August, resume on Friday 21st September; this a change from the previous information.