Curious about the planet we live on, how it has evolved, how we exploit it and how it affects our lives?
Our group looks at many aspects of earth sciences by way of talks and field excursions in ways that can be easily understood by those with only a passing interest in the subject.
We have a wide range of topics and outings and draw on expertise both from within the group and occasionally from outside.

Scout & Guide HQ
3rd Friday of the month
2.00 - 4.00
  • Leader: Bill Hale - 01695 422472
  • Coordinator: Colin Redwood - 01695 578039

If you have an interest in the subject come and join us, you don’t need to be already knowledgeable.


Friday 21 February – Water supply – by Frank Nicholson

The topic looks at groundwater and water supply, the environment and the water cycle.

Looking at the sources of water in Britain and how they are managed (the River Dee is a classic River Regulation scheme to provide a reliable water supply.

How the variations of rock type affect groundwater movement and hence many aspects of development.

Friday 20 March – Rare Earths, – what are they & do they matter? – by Patsy Colvin

They are chemically similar elements which get used in many unexpected devices,

Rare earths have been in the news a lot recently especially in the financial papers. Will Trump manage to break the Chinese ?!!

Friday 17 April – Eruption of Mount Mazama and its consequences – by Dr Joanne Egan – Senior Lecturer at Edge Hill University

The eruption of Mount Mazama in Oregon State, USA about 7600 years ago was quite enormous, it is said to have resulted in the mountain summit lowering by about one mile. The volcanic ash (tephra) was deposited over a very wide area extending into present-day Western Canada. The talk will discuss the fallout and the consequent effects on the area on which it was deposited.