We are a relatively small group who would welcome new members.

Scout & Guide HQ
3rd Friday of the month
2.00 - 4.00
  • Leader: Bill Hale - 01695 422472
  • Coordinator: Colin Redwood - 01695 578039

If you have an interest in the subject come and join us, you don’t need to be already knowledgeable.

The meetings are at 2 pm on the 3rd Friday of the month.

On Friday 16th November

Presentation by Bill Hale – About Ancient Man

 It will be follow up from Frank Nicholson’s recent presentation about Ancient Man.

He will bring to the meeting some stone tools and he has prepared an interesting presentation expanding on Frank’s account of the evolution of ‘Man’ in terms of the available fossil evidence and new information provided by DNA studies and he will explain how these have affected our estimates of timing of events.

In the second half, if time allows, he is to talk about ‘Marble and the Geology of southern Portugal’ following from a recent visit he made to the region.

Friday 21st December:

It is proposed to have a meeting on our usual 3rd Friday subject to agreement at our November meeting. It will be a light hearted meeting, there will be refreshments,  a quiz and no doubt rocks etc to see and talk about.

Friday 18th January:

For the first meeting of 2019 Bill Hale is to give the talk entitled ‘Black-box Geology – Man’s use of rock . The Stone Age did not end because Man ran out of stones – just the opposite, he started using them and this gave rise to Geology!

Friday 15th February:

Richard Fletcher is giving the talk about an unfamiliar part of the world entitled  ‘Baku  – The Land of Eternal Fire

The Caspian Sea is the oldest known oil producing region in the world. More than 1,000 years ago, Baku in the South Caspian region was known as “the land of eternal fires” because of burning oil and gas seeps and the region has been producing oil for almost 1000 years, first from hand-dug pits and, since 1848 from drilled oil wells

For the meeting in May, Richard is following on with a talk about the people who made their fortunes in Baku. 

Friday15th March:

Frank Nicholson will be with us again with talk entitled: ‘Iceland – Fire and Ice’.  

The combination of volcanoes and glaciers brings unusual hazards as well as offering spectacular sights and interesting tourism.