Walking E-Thursday Longer

The walks are at a leisurely pace on not too difficult terrain. The distance is usually between 7 and 11 miles. Please wear good footwear and carry waterproofs.

Last Thursday of the month.
10.00 am for 10.15 start.
Coordinator: Tom Hodson - 01695 421676

Guidelines to Rambling

During the life of the U3A walking groups (certainly during the last eight when I have been co-ordinator) we have operated using a series of guidelines which have been a combination of common sense and courtesy. However in the last 18 months or so I have noticed bad habits creeping in which have to be addressed.

The following are guidelines for leaders:

  • On your e-mail description of the walk include distance of the walk and height we are climbing.
  • How many stiles are on the walk.
  • The underfoot conditions we can expect.
  • Roughly the time we expect to take.
  • Meal arrangements.
  • A mobile number.

Whilst on the walk the leader should appoint a back marker and ensure people do not pass themself nor stray away. The leader should always be in control of the group.

Guidelines for Walkers:

  • If you intend joining a walk ring (or email) the leader and “book on”. If for some reason you cannot make it let the leader know! If you realise you are running late ring the leader’s mobile who will decide whether there is time available to wait or make an arrangement to meet later on.
  • Unless told otherwise walkers should meet at 10am for a 1015am start.
  • Bring the correct waterproofs-do not assume it will be dry and sunny all day especially when climbing!
  • Know your capabilities-you should be able to maintain the pace set by the leader which is normally quite reasonable.
  • Do not go wandering ahead or off on your own agenda without asking the leader if there is time to do so.

Any persistent offenders will be asked to toe the line or join another walking group.

We are an ageing walking group so if you have any doubts ask the leader if he / she thinks that this walk is for you. I have no wish to curtail anybody’s walking but please, for the benefit of all, stop and think. We are a fantastic walking group and many friendships have been forged – long may we continue!

Barry has compiled a list of telephone emergency numbers (purely voluntary). If you are not on the list please give him a contact number for same.


Les Thomas.

If you would like your name added to the mailing list, please contact;-

Barry Carr – details in Walking (E) section of magazine.






 31 January

 Eddie Sims


 Lathom & B’co

 8½ miles

28 February

 Tom Hodson




28 March

 Joy Taylor

423 694







Arnside Knott, Thursday 27th July 2017

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