Welcome to our u3a

The Aughton & Ormskirk u3a is a self-help, member-run organisation for people no longer in full-time employment. Members share their knowledge, skills & experience in a variety of ways  through meetings, talks, social events and special interest groups  – all in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Some activities are currently curtailed due to social distancing.  But others have managed to carry on remotely for much of the time – see Speaker Meetings and  Our Virtual u3a.

Following the current guidelines in England, certain Outdoor Groups, or those that can meet outside or are elligible to meet indoors, have already restarted.  For example, see:

Restart Hope

Keep an eye on the new Restart Page for ongoing information on possible restart of activities.  Please bear in mind that this is subject to the dates in the Government Roadmap being achieved. And as we have recently heard in the National News, lifting of restrictions in June at Step 4 has been delayed.  This means that some of the June and July Restart Dates mentioned on individual Group pages are no longer viable and subject to change. Contact the Group Leader / Coordinator to check on when the Group may be re-commencing.

In the meantime …………..

 …………………. Stay Well, Stay Hopeful

If your Group is not planning to restart till later in the year, do not despair. Remote Meetings can easily be arranged.  See our Zoom Sessions Calendar and Zoom Support.

If you are thinking that you might like to join u3a,  you are welcome to browse the Aughton & Ormskirk u3a website for an idea of the organisation in more normal times.  Here are some starting points for you to explore: