Management Committee

The organisation is managed by a committee of volunteers elected at the Annual General Meeting.

For more detailed information on the Management Committee members, see  their photos and roles.

Also you can refer to the Aughton & Ormskirk U3A magazine for their phone contact details.

Some people can additionally be reached via the website contact form as indicated by links below.

Management Committee Members  for 2016-2017

  • Chair: Ian Grant – contact via form
  • Vice Chair: Peter Trigwell
  • Honorary Secretary: Linda Burden – contact via form
  • Treasurer: Gerard Latham
  • Assistant Treasurer: tba
  • Minutes Secretary: Dermot Glennon
  • Membership Secretary and Data Protection: Ian Haskell – contact via form
  • Assistant Membership Secretaries:
    • Deirdre Slater
    • Doreen Baker
  • Magazine Distribution:  Peter Trigwell
  • Sub-committee Chairs:
    • Communications: Alan Starkie
    • Finance and Resources: Dennis Morley
    • Learning and Group Support (interim): Peter Trigwell
    • Social: Val Bullen
  •  Other Members:
    • Brian Yates


Each Sub-committee has produced a Terms of Refererence (TOR) document ratified by the Management Committee at their November 2016 meeting.

Use the sidebar links to access more information on the Sub-committees that help in the running of the U3A.