Film Appreciation

Why not come along and spend a pleasant Monday morning with the Film Appreciation Group. You will be very welcome!

Scout & Guide HQ
4th Monday of the month (except Bank Holidays)
9.45 am for tea or coffee and biscuits followed by the film at 10.00 am
  • Leader: Pat Morton - 01695 570039
  • Coordinator: Colin Russ - 01695 571360

There will be a short discussion after each film for those who wish to stay. Come along and sample our new, improved sound system. You will be very welcome.

Film Appreciation:  March – June 2019

25th March:    A Place in the Sun (1951)

George Eastman(Montgomery Clift) is a poor young man determined to better himself and win a place in respectable society. He gets involved with two very different women, a factory girl ( Shelley Winters) and a rich socialite (Elizabeth Taylor). The former has a dark secret which threatens to ruin Eastman’s professional and romantic prospects. Consumed with fear and desperation Eastman is driven to take desperate measures which unravel his world forever. The film is in black and white and was considered a classic of the time. It won multiple awards and guaranteed screen immortality f or the two stars.

22nd April.  The Girl with the Pearl Earring (2003).

Seventeen –year-old Griet becomes a maid in the house of Johannes Vermeer and soon attracts the master painter’s attention. The relationship develops and is observed by Van Ruijven, Vermeer’s wealthy patron. He commissions a portrait which becomes one of the greatest paintings ever created.





27th May.  Charlotte Gray (2001)

1943. The world is at war. Charlotte Gray, a young Scottish woman, is parachuted into France to liaise with the French Resistance. Unofficially she is also looking for her lover, Peter, an airman missing in action in France. As she becomes more deeply involved with the Resistance she realises that her love of France and its people will change her life forever.




24th June.  The Queen (2006)

Following the death of Diana, the Queen (Helen Mirren) and her family remain hidden behind closed doors. Tony Blair, the new and increasingly popular Prime Minister, battles to convince the monarchy that its desire for privacy could lead to its downfall.