Film Appreciation

Why not come along and spend a pleasant Monday morning with the Film Appreciation Group. You will be very welcome!

Scout & Guide HQ
4th Monday of the month
9.45 am for tea or coffee and biscuits followed by the film at 10.00 am
  • Leader: Pat Morton - 01695 570039
  • Coordinator: Colin Russ - 01695 571360



There will be a short discussion after each film for those who wish to stay. Come along and sample our new, improved sound system. When available on the DVD, we will add the subtitles option to assist those with hearing problems/hearing aids.  You will be very welcome.

Film Appreciation:  November 2019 –   March 2020

25th November: The Constant Gardener (2005).

A diplomat on the hunt for his wife’s murderer uncovers a treacherous conspiracy which will destroy millions of innocent people unless he can reveal its sinister roots. It is from the book by John le Carre and stars Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz.







There will be no meeting in December.


27th January: Quartet (2012).

Three friends living in a home for retired musicians lead the residents in a concert every year on Giuseppe Verdi’s birthday. The arrival of a famous opera singer and ex-wife of one of the three causes the plans to start to unravel. This is a comedy starring Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly, Pauline Collins and Tom Courteney.







24th February: Brief Encounter (1945, black and white).

Laura, a married woman, has a chance encounter at a railway station, with Alec, also married. They fall in love with unexpected consequences for both of them. This is classed as one of the best romantic dramas of all time starring Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard. The soundtrack is Rachmaninoff’s unforgettable second piano concerto.







23rd March: Revolutionary Road (2008).

In 1948 Frank and April meet, marry and have children. They are both unfulfilled in their lives and seeking to gain some meaning from their dull existence in a middle class area of suburban Connecticut. They decide to sell up and go to Paris to find themselves. But will it work? It stars Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet.