Shakespeare Revisited

The group meets to discuss Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets.

Scout & Guide HQ
1st Tuesday of each month
10.00 - 12.00
  • Coordinator:
  • Jean Leigh -  01695 312292

This is not an academic course but an occasion in which we can enjoy our greatest writer at any level we choose.

We have a small committed group but are now hoping to ‘recruit new members’ and a new ‘Leader’ for the group to continue. We will be making announcements at Horizons and also insert a piece in the enews.

Please contact the Coordinators if you are interested.

A Message from Shakespeare Revisited

We have recently received a thank you  and a plea from Jean Leigh – the Shakespeare Revisited Group Coordinator.

Our  Shakespeare group, which was formerly run by Joan Hughes, is  in need of a new leader.

Joan has been our guide  for many years and  now feels that she will need to spend more time at home.  We thank her for spending so much time with us;   for her patience and scholarship, which we all respected.

We are now in need of a new leader.  If you could spread the  word around we would be very grateful.  We have been meeting on the first Tuesday of each month.

Jean Leigh