Shakespeare Revisited

The group meets to discuss Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets. This is not an academic course but an occasion in which we can enjoy our greatest writer at any level we choose.

Ministry Centre (downstairs room)
2nd Tuesday of the month
14.00 - 16.00
  • Leader: Eila Wall - 01695 423341
  • Coordinator: Michael Lomax - 01695 573411

Sessions have been suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions.

During this period we are currently running a Zoom group on Tuesday’s – we are just starting with Macbeth. If you would like more information about this group – please contact Eila – 01695 423341

This is a very friendly group which focuses on exploring the world of Shakespeare through the study of individual plays. No previous know­ledge of Shakespeare is required and new members are very welcome.

Any member with an interest in Shakespeare is very welcome. Don’t worry if Shakespeare is a distant memory – no previous knowledge is required.

When sessions restart and you think you might want to join the group or find out more – please phone the Leader, Eila Wall.