West Lancs in Autumn

By | October 19, 2020

Following a request in the September enews, members have sent us a great selection of fine photos taken in their gardens and on local walks. Many, many thanks to all contributors.

Now, to set the scene, here is a timely poem from our resident poet, Judy Ingman.


Summer’s ended. Now it’s Autumn’s call
Leaves unlinking, feathering to fall
Oranges, yellows, reds all down
As Autumn changes greens to brown.

Stormy rains wet paths and flood
Slimy grounds become slushy mud.
Fields stripped bare to the horizon strain
While walkers trudge on the uneven terrain.

Clouds and Sun intermix together
Whilst our Planet accepts the cooler weather.
Landscapes open into Nature’s soul
As all life adapts for Winter’s cold.

Judy 1/10/2020


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As an extra treat of a seasonal music and photos, check out this YouTube video suggested by CXLVII.