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By | June 20, 2023

Member, Julia Bate is Coordinator for the Health & Wellbeing Group which provides occasional talks on relevant topics for members to attend.

Additionally, Julia herself attends and reports back on regular meetings with the Patient Safety and the Patient and Public Involvement Groups attached to the North West Coast NHS Innovation Agency.  Interesting and comprehensive reports from these meetings are listed below. These meetings continue to be either face-to-face or via video-conferencing.

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Fingerprick blood tests, a mental health app and pulmonary rehabilitation

Happy Hearts website, patient opioid awareness campaign and a mobile phone app          for health monitoring


Renaming of the Innovation Agency, review of Patient Medication Review Literature         and review of new Happy Hearts website

  • September meeting
    Developing a questionnaire relating to an App into which details of home-monitoring of blood pressure etc are entered and submitted to the GP practice, a new means of befriending, and more about polypharmacy reviews.
  • July meeting
    Telehealth (a home monitoring service for long-term health conditions), more information on the system for recording the improvement in response to physiotherapy following knee surgery, and the link between deprivation and health inequalities.
  • June meeting
    A dementia-friendly photography group, a mobile phone app for accessing GP records, a portable ecg monitor worn for 14 days, and a system for monitoring response to physiotherapy
  • May meeting
    A digital physical activity hub, a system for recording clinical consultations, enabling patients to revisit a consultation as many times as they wish, and an update on a website for people with lung conditions.
  • April meeting
    A website providing fiction and creative writing as therapy
  • March meeting
    Reducing ‘addiction’ to mobile phones, update on medication reviews and reducing opioid prescribing.
  • February meeting
    Musculoskeletal pain relief via an App, an agency providing independent home carers, and a flu test and treat pilot project.


  • December meeting  Ability consulting, an App that demonstrates how life is for disabled people.
  • November meetings Triage for lung cancer patients, new website for patients with respiratory conditions, initial management of mental health conditions.
  • October Meetings Asthma reviews, blister prevention pads an update on socks for people with diabetes, and another follow-up on Endoscopy alternative.
  • July meetings – A tool for detecting deterioration in patients in care homes, follow up on Endoscopy Alternative, COPD questionnaire and training for Heart Heroes on blood pressure monitoring
  • June meetings – Music therapy, Genomic medicine, Endoscopy alternative, Medication review and Self-monitoring of blood pressure
  • May Meeting – self-referral to consultants using an App; spotting patients with severe asthma
  • April Meeting – Update on alcohol withdrawal project; Cardiac Network and Websites helping with management and prevention of heart disease; Blood pressure testing in barbers’ shops
  • March meeting – Update on Back Pain Management App; Chatbot with Mental Health Advice; Patient Safety (Opioid withdrawal and Medication review)
  • February meeting – Pillow with a hole; Back pain management App; Menopause Consultancy
  • January meeting – Influenza; Mental Health safety; Lipid management



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