February dances on the fabulous new floor.

By | February 26, 2024

There was no dancing on 2nd. February as a new floor was being laid at the Village Hall.

9.02.24 The floor has been completed and looks amazing, we’re almost afraid to dance on it but of course we do. Some of John’s birthday choices* & some of Liz’s **

  • *De’il tak the Warr a 3 couple set from 1721 reconstructed by Andrew Shaw 
  • **Mile of Smiles a longways dance by Joseph Pimentel, with the tune by Dave Wiesler.
  • **Young Phyllis of Wakefield a longways dance from ’24 Country Dances for the year 1715′ with interpretation by Andrew Shaw. From the Elephant Stairs CD 2007. On this track the jazzy piano is played by Rebecca King from California, includes clapping.
  • **Bar a Bar a longways dance  from The Walsh collection 1719
  • Drive the cold Winter away (we wish) a 3 couple dance from 1651 Dancing Master. x2.
  • The Queen’s Birthday a longways dance pub. Playford 1703.

A good session for longways dances as we had a good turn out, nearly a full compliment of dancers.


  • Jump Frogs Jump a 3 couple dance x2.
  • The Yellow Crocus a new longways June Jones dance still under construction.
  • Scotch Cap a 3 couple dance from The Dancing Master 1651.
  • Lord Fopp(ph)ington a longways Playford dance from 1701 with interpretation by Pat Shaw 1965. Lord Foppington was a character in the comic play The Relapse or Virtue in Danger!
  • She looked down her nose and sneered…a longways dance.

23.02.24 Elfrida recording the dances.

  • Fourpence halfpenny farthing L/w.
  • Yellow Crocus see last week. 
  • Morris On With Morris Heys, ‘we practised and practised until we got it right’.
  • Gold for the Matthews, one of Philippe Callens dances with Morris heys and gypsy moves, danced x2.
  • Forty bar jig, a good dance and not too challenging! L/w
  • Princess Royal also L/w.


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