Autumn is here – October’s dances.

By | October 27, 2023

6.10.23 Elfrida recording the dances.

  • Duke of  York’s cotillion – 3 couple dance (deferred)
  • Prince Rupert’s March see last week.
  • Bartlett Bells also danced last week.
  • Greengage a nice longways dance & music.
  • James’ Park – longways, also deferred.
  • Whim of the moment – longways, went well , all went home happy.


  • The new Rigged Ship a 3 couple dance.
  • Fine Dame a 4 couple dance by Simone Verheyen.
  • Nonesuch a 4 couple dance pub. Playford 1651, adapted by Pat Shaw 1964.
  • On the Edge II a June Jones 4 couple square formation dance with Grand Squares.
  • Lord Caernarfon’s Jig a 4 couple dance from 1651, reconstructed by Cecil Sharpe 1910.


  • Hit and Miss a 2 couple dance, pub. by Playford 1651 in The English Dancing Master.
  • St. James Park  a longways dance from 1718, source John Young.
  • Fret and Rejoice a longways Gary Roodman dance from 2015.
  • If all the World were Paper… a traditional 4 couple dance from 1651 in a square formation.
  • She looked down her nose and Sneered a longways dance and a fascinating title!
  • Nampwich Fair a longways Playford dance.


  • Barbara Walton’s delight a 3 couple dance, apparently written by her friend Irene Crew. Barbara was due to retire but sadly died before this happened. Published in 1999.
  • The Slof Galliard a 4 couple dance by Pat Shaw in 1975, everyone is dancing all the time in this flowing dance. (a belated birthday request from Wendy)
  • Handel with Care a 2 couple Gary Roodman dance.
  • On the Edge II see 13th. danced a few times.
  • Jamaica a 4 couple Playford dance from 1670 adapted by Tom Cook.

A good selection of both Traditional and Contemporary dances.


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