April’s Dances

By | May 10, 2018

6.04.18 Elfrida calling today’s dances, our thanks to her.

An appropriate start to the month with:-

  • The First of April  a longways dance, from 1773.
  • The Farmer’s Joy  a contemporary dance by Joseph Pimentel 2012.
  • Whim of the Moment a longways dance, pub. Thompson 1791. John made his debut as a caller of dances & he made a great start.
  • Criss Cross Jig a 5 couple dance.
  • Comical Fellow from Thompson 1776.
  • Guildhall a contemporary dance by Naomi Alexander.

13.04.18 June returns to call the dances & our thanks to her.

  • Ladies of London
  • Shrewsbury Lasses a triple minor dance.
  • The First of April (June missed it last week)
  • The Short and the Tall a 4 couple contemporary dance by Ron Coxall from the  ‘Jogs to the Memory’ collection. We all need those at times!
  • Wolverton Hall a longways dance.
  • Holborn March longways dance from 1740’s.

20.04.18 recorded by June.

  • Nampwich Fair a longways dance.
  • Upton Priory and
  • Fields End are both modern dances with unknown choreographers.
  • My Lady Winwood’s Maggot a 3 couple dance.
  • Love’s Triumph another 3 couple dance.

27.04.18 called and recorded by Elfrida.

  • once again The first of April
  • The Farmer’s Joy. see 6.04.18
  • Leaving of Liverpool 3 couple dance. X2
  • Birthday Reel (not celebrating anyone’s Birthday) A 4 couple dance.
  • Holborn March a longways dance.
  • Comical Fellow and Guildhall also longways dances.