August dances

By | September 10, 2019

Leading up.


  • Brighton le Sands a longways dance by June Jones based on this area of Merseyside.
  • Alice a Philippe Callens contemporary, longways dance in waltz time.
  • Barbarini’s Tambourine dance from the Walsh collection 1747. Music by Handel.
  • Whibsey Roundabout it will be no surprise to find that this dance is circular. A Gary Roodman 1995 dance and one of our big favourites.
  • Fret and Rejoice. Another Gary Roodman dance from 2015, there is an underlying story to this composition. The music is by Dave Weisler whose son apparently lost his favourite soft toy Tiger, hence the ‘Fret’ followed by the ‘Rejoice’ on finding it.
  • (The) Faithful Shepherd a longways dance with more music by Handel.


  • (The) Faithful Shepherd see last week.
  • Bonnie lads and lasses a new longways dance for us and for June.
  • Fret and Rejoice also see last week.
  • Shandy Hall a 4 couple dance x2. Choreography and music by George Middleton 1977. (lots of turns!)
  • Bonnets so blue a longways dance.


  • The Ladies of London a longways dance from 1718.
  • A Lady Remembered a John Wood longways dance with a haunting tune.
  • Hoop’t Petticoat, a new 2 couple dance, a nice little dance!
  • Monks’s March with the Wanders, another new dance, summed up by June “as interesting”. An interesting figure of 8; lots of clapping with partners and neighbours.
  • Namptwich Fair 1st appears in the John Young Dancing Master 1726.

23.09.19 Elfrida calling and recording the dances. With assistance from John.

  • Birthday Reel 4 couple longways danced x2.
  • We will down with the French 3 couple longways. John calling.
  • Orange and Blue 3 couple longways x2.
  • Leaving of Liverpool 3 couple longways x2.
  • (The) Farmer’s Joy, longways.