July – dances.

By | July 28, 2023

7.07.23 Elfrida recording the dances. More of Wendy’s birthday choices.*

  • Black Nag (see last week)
  • *Leah’s Waltz ditto
  • Leaving of Liverpool ditto
  • *Trip to Bavaria 4 couple Scottish dance by James McGregor Brown.
  • *Wibsey Roundabout a 5 couple dance in circle formation, by Gary Roodman 1966.
  • *Morrison’s Reel another 5 couple dance.


  • *The Rakes of Rochester  a longways dance from 1756 by Rutherford.
  • Money in both pockets a longways dance c1800.
  • One is One… a longways dance by Fried de Metz Herman 1994.
  • Black Nag, Leah’s Waltz, Leaving of Liverpool these 3 dances are being demonstrated at the U3a 20th Celebration later this month.
  • Irish Lamentation a longways dance c1735 pub. Walsh.
  • Christina a Naomi Alexander longways dance.


  • Six for the Six proud walkers…another Fried de Metz Herman dances 1995.
  • The 3 demonstration dances, practise makes perfect!
  • Double Jubilee a 3 couple Gary Roodman dance c2015. Tune (a great one) by Dave Wiesler.
  • Giant Steps a 4 couple June Jones dance, we’re still making a giant effort to improve this .
  • Summer Waltz a longways dance
  • Gasconne a longways dance from 1710 reinterpreted by Pat Shaw 1965.


  • Waters of Holland a Pat Shaw dance from 1977 x2.
  • a June Jones – in progress dance, possibly named the Cat’s pyjamas! we will see.
  • the 3 demonstration dances -final rehearsal for tomorrows celebration.
  • The Baffled Knight a 4 couple dance by Heffer & Porter 1932 one of the early contemporary choreographed dances. (Becoming less baffling!)
  • Nonesuch a 4 couple dance Playford 1651
  • Lord Caernarfon’s Jig another 4 couple dance from 1651 reconstructed by Cecil Sharpe 1910

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