June 2023 Writing

By | June 13, 2023

Mike M set us the task of writing a piece up to 500 words that had to include words that we’d each picked randomly from the dictionary. The words were:

Question, Dialogue, Lithe, Premium, Misunderstanding, Puffin, Wall-to-wall, Integral


Duncan and Phylis had first met at the athletics club. Both were keen runners and trained three times a week. Duncan was immediately attracted to Phylis. She was a very good 800 metres runner. Extremely fit and lithe, the result of many hours exercise and training. Initially their conversation and dialogue was faltering. They were both shy but after a few misunderstandings their friendship eventually blossomed into more than that of training partners. After 18 months Duncan ‘popped to the question’ and Phylis accepted.
They decided to honeymoon in Iceland. Iceland is notoriously expensive but after much research they decided to pay a premium for their accommodation in a classy downtown hotel. Their room was amazing and beautifully appointed and it even had its own integral sauna.
On their second evening they chose a very traditional restaurant. The dining area was like a baronial hall with wall-to-wall elk antlers jutting from the wooden panelled walls.
They browsed the menu but were none the wiser because it was all in Icelandic. Although the waitress obviously appeared to speak English they decided to be daring and choose unaided. Phylis saw ‘Lunda’ as an option and liked the sound of the word. Duncan agreed and so that’s what they ordered.
It had an unusual taste and was similar to chicken or even pork and they thoroughly enjoyed it.
Back in their hotel they looked the word up on their mobile phones and discovered that it was puffin.


How Can Elephants and Puffins Be Friends?


‘The question is’ the elephant said,

As he pranced from wall to wall,

‘Is whether animals and birds can really mix

A little or never at all?’

‘This’ said the puffins extending their chests

And chunnering through the fog

‘To create no misunderstanding

We must have a dialogue.’

‘An integral meeting is what you need’

Sang a premium voice from outside.

‘Puffins and elephants must make up a dance

To prove that they both can be lithe.’

‘A jigging together can be quite upbeat

To help them enjoy feeling nice

Yes, a good old feathery fling together

Will certainly break any ice.’


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