March 2023 Writing

By | March 14, 2023

In March we wrote short stories of 100 words, maximum. Here is a selection:

A Nice Cup of Tea


She waited with her sister, seeking reassurance. “It will be alright.”  Her sister replied sympathetically. “What if she wakes up?” She fidgeted nervously.” We’ll stay up all night, watch TV and drink tea.” Her sister replied. “She said some terrible things.” Tears welled up in her eyes. “It’s the illness, she can’t help it.” They talked about the past, particularly their childhood, and their mother’s illness.

A noise came from above. A creak, a shuffle of slippered feet on the linoleum floor. The door opened. “Hello girls. You’re up late. Got a nice cup of tea for your old Mum?”



Avril suspected Brian was up to something when he claimed he had taken up jogging. She followed him but he only got as far as the High Street when he went into a flat above the haberdashers. The Perspex sign next to the door that led to the flat above said ‘Miss Jenkins Piano Tutor, phone number Melton 62145’. The following evening Brian claimed he was going jogging. Twenty minutes later Avril phoned Miss Jenkins on the home phone and simultaneously phoned Brian’s mobile using her mobile. As Miss Jenkins said ‘Good evening’ Brian’s mobile rang in the background.



Another Phone Call


“Oh Mum! Please don’t ring school.”

“You can’t go. It’s my bridge night and your father’s out.”

“But Mum I’m fourteen. I can walk home.”

“Not on a dark, winter’s night you can’t.” Justin cringed as he listened.

“Mr Marlowe? Mrs Carey here. I’m afraid Justin can’t attend your special rehearsal. There’s no-one to collect him. I see, but if he’s really needed, could you change to a more sensible time or arrange for him to be brought home. What’s that? You’ll run him home yourself. Fine. Good evening.”

Rehearsal over, Mr Marlowe pedalled off with Justin running beside him.


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