New dancers for the new year

Welcome to five new dancers so far this year, it great to have new people join us. 7.02.20 Some of Liz’s birthday requests.(L) (The) Farmer’s Joy a Joseph Pimentel longways dance, with joyful tune by Adam Broome. Pine Cones a 3 couple Pat Shaw dance from 1974. (L) Alice longways dance by Philippe Callens 2002 in waltz time.… Read More »

2020 here we come…

10.01.20 Elfrida calling the dances today starting with:- The first of April ??? a longways traditional dance from 1780. Childgrove another traditional dance 1701. My Lord Byron’s Maggot a longways dance with clapping 👏🏼. The Leaving of Liverpool to the tune the Merry Flirt. A 3 couple dance. Liberty from The Yorktown Victory Ball, a 3 couple dance 1781 to the… Read More »

Last dances in the year 2019.

6.12.19 Elfrida recorded the dances. Childgrove – longways Turning by threes – 3 couple longways, danced it twice after lots of practice. The soldier and the sailor – longways, danced it before, with poussettes and half figure eights. Jamaica – 4 couple dance. Gloster reel – longways. Then 16 of us enjoyed the meal at the Stanley. 13.12.19 Several of… Read More »

November dancing

1.11.19 some chosen by Pat as her birthday requests. The Pursuit x3 a longways dance with several layers of complexity from the Walsh collection 1714-19. Trip to Bavaria by James MacGregor-Brown a 4 couple set danced twice. Rostillion from J&W Neal 1726 collection. (The) Working Masons in Merlin a longways dance, also from Neal collection 1726. What an amazing title. St.… Read More »

October dances including ‘June’s Master Class’

4.10.19 Elfrida recording. ‘June’s Master Class’ by default. We must nearly all have decided to holiday at the same time as only 3 dancers were present today, hence the 2 couple dance ‘Master Class’. It certainly tested June’s ability to improvise & succeed! Well done dancers and June. Handle with Care 2 couples facing each other, music by… Read More »

September dances

6.09.19 Liberty from the Yorktown Victory Ball 1781. A 3 couple dance. Trip to Sheringham a square set 4 couple dance. The Jackdaw a Scottish 4 couple dance. Bells of Oxford a longways dance. (The) Irish Lamentation a longways dance from the Walsh Collection 1735.  Whibsy Roundabout a circular dance by Gary Roodman 1995. A big favourite, everyone is… Read More »

and one more week for August…

30.09.19 St. James Gardens a longways dance. Bonnie lads and lasses a longways dance by the Neal brothers, John & Will 1726. We were praised by June for the timely execution of this dance.⭐️ Six for Gold 3 couple dance by June Jones, for inspiration: see 5.07 19. Roundabout our coal fire Music & choreography Bride 1776, interpretation… Read More »

August dances

2.08.19 Brighton le Sands a longways dance by June Jones based on this area of Merseyside. Alice a Philippe Callens contemporary, longways dance in waltz time. Barbarini’s Tambourine dance from the Walsh collection 1747. Music by Handel. Whibsey Roundabout it will be no surprise to find that this dance is circular. A Gary Roodman 1995 dance and one… Read More »

July dancing

🎂 A very special Birthday event took place on Wednesday 3rd July, one of our country dancers celebrated her 90th. with a Grand dance, live music and guests from all her dancing groups, with June calling the dances.        😘 We wish her many more dancing years. It was good fun. 5.07.19 Elfrida recorded these dances-… Read More »

June country dancing & a bit of May!

Oops…..see May, I missed the 31st May (as I wasn’t there) & had all the dates wrong, we appeared to be dancing on Saturdays not Fridays……apologies. 31. 05. 19 Elfrida recording. Pilgarlic the bald man, danced x2 Merry Andrew, with half turns & both left & right diagonals. Both these dances practiced for a big Birthday event in July. Lady Lucy’s… Read More »

Dances in May

4.05.19 Corelli’s Gavotte a lively longways dance, with lots of right/left challenges! Bouzer Castle a longways dance that we danced last week , but to a different tune. The Temple of Health a 3 couple dance from the Ken Sheffield collection. Grimstock Heys and diagonals. another 3 couple dance Dunant House Waltz, by Colin Hulme 1993. A Lady Remembered a John Wood longways… Read More »

April dances. See 12th for the 1st of April!!

They say variety is the spice of life, we test that theory in April as we have three Dance Mistresses:- June, Clare and Elfrida. 5.04.19 Clare is calling the dances today with live music from Frank on violin/fiddle, Ian on guitar and Will on concertina. Many thanks to them for giving up their time and making a most… Read More »

Many dances in March….

and under the Arch….. Five Friday dance sessions in March with the addition of a joint dancing session with Upholland U3a country dancers. 1.03.19 Jim’s Birthday requests:- Childgrove 1701 longways Playford dance with Cecil Sharpe reconstruction. Geud man of Ballangigh a longways dance 1728. Black Nagg a short sharp 3 couple dance from 1657, still popular after all these… Read More »

February, full of birthday requests.

some birthday requests from Marion  and Liz. 1.02.19 Alexander’s Birthday a 2 couple contemporary Gary Roodman dance. (Liz request) Newcastle a 4 couple dance Playford 1651 (Elfrida request) Eastbourne Grove a 3 couple dance, see last week. (Marion request) De’il tak the Warr another 3 couple dance from last week. (also Marion’s request) Mile of Smiles another contemporary dance, by Joseph… Read More »

Joyous January

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR LEADER & DANCERS, may 2019 be a healthy & happy one. Already 11.01.19 Elfrida is our Dancing mistress today. (the) Farmer’s Joy a Joseph Pimentel longways dance from 2012. the First of April another longways dance but from 1733. Leaving of Liverpool a 3 couple set, danced twice. Liberty from the Yorktown Victory Ball 1781.… Read More »

December country dancing

Country Dancing Group – 7.12.18 A special treat today as we danced to a live band The Lancashire Workshop Band and had refreshments afterwards. They kept us on our toes and we and the band earned those excellent refreshments. Dances :- Sprigs of Laurel a longways dance published by Ann & Peter Thompson 1794 Young Phyllis of Wakefield another… Read More »

Country dancing in November

A few statistics:- from October 2017 – October 2018 we have danced 132 different country dances. the Top Ten ie danced 4 times or more are:- 1st. joint Comical Fellow and (The) Farmer’s Joy 3rd. The First of April 4th.  joint Namptwich Fair and Whim of the Moment 6th. Jamaica and Indian Queen         Young Phyllis of Wakefield and Captain… Read More »

October – preparing for 15th U3a birthday demo!

5.10.18 Thanks to Elfrida for recording once again. Longways – Amazonian Archers 2×4 couple – Trip to Bavaria Indian Queen Oxford Bells 3 couple – Black Nag Longways – Freeford Gardens. 12.10.18 ‘ the volunteer’ country dance group of 6 dancers (no room for more) practise their moves on stage. Spanish Jig longways dance The following 3 dances are to… Read More »

September dances

7.09.18 Elfrida recording. Whim of the Moment danced twice, longways dance. Tipoo Sahib another longways dance. Upon a summer’s day 3 couple dance. Princess Royal longways dance. Indian Queen another longways dance. 14.09.18 The Farmer’s Joy, a Joseph Pimentel longways dance. Tambourine Dance from the Walsh collection (with some reconstruction) Lord Caernarvon’s Jig a 4 couple Playford dance, adapted by Cecil Sharpe 1910. Alexander’s… Read More »

Five sessions of August country dancing.

I looked for a holiday theme in our dances this month, and found a few:- Sea Breezes, and The Brighton Review seemed the most obvious. 3.08.18 Some of Wendy’s Birthday requests. Newcastle a 4 couple square set traditional dance 1651, which we danced twice. The Slof Galliard a Pat Shaw 4 couple longways dance 1975. A challenge but we… Read More »

Dances in July

6.07.18 Princess Royal a Pat Shaw longways dance, check out a good video by typing into Google. Pat Shaw dances. The New Exchange a 3 couple dance. The Prince Regent 1815 – 3 couple dance of unknown attribution. the first of Wendy’s Birthday requests ( more next week) :- Leah’s Waltz a contemporary dance 1889 by Fried de Metz… Read More »

Joyful June (five dancing Fridays)

1.06.18 Elfrida recording the dancing today. Starting with-  Young Phyllis of Wakefield practising cloverleaf turns… Deodar a longways dance Captain’s Maggot a 3 couple dance. Bar a Bar a longways dance, interpreted by Fried de Metz Herman (see 18.05.18) Grimstock 3 couple dance. 8.06.18 Hyde Park a square set dance from 1651. Portsmouth longways dance pub. Playford 1701. Music- Portsmouth.  (here’s a… Read More »

Welcome in the May (see 11th.)

This month’s dances:- 4.05 18 Brighton le Sands a longways dance by June Jones. Practice of straight heys. The Doldrum a 4 couple square set dance from 1797, in The Maggot Pie Collection. (ref Colin Hume) 1st block of new English country dances for maybe 80 years, certainly since  John Playford’s day. Written by Marjorie Heffer & William Porter from… Read More »

April’s Dances

6.04.18 Elfrida calling today’s dances, our thanks to her. An appropriate start to the month with:- The First of April  a longways dance, from 1773. The Farmer’s Joy  a contemporary dance by Joseph Pimentel 2012. Whim of the Moment a longways dance, pub. Thompson 1791. John made his debut as a caller of dances & he made a… Read More »

March, not very Springlike!

2.03.2018 Today we danced:- Nonesuch a 4 couple longways dance. Playford 1651 one of the first published. The Mulberry Garden a longways dance. Playford 1670.  The Soldier and the Sailor another longways dance. Honeysuckle Cottage a contemporary dance from 2003 choreography Gary Roodman. In his classification this is one of his easier dances. I didn’t find it too easy! Fittleworth Frolic a circular… Read More »

February dances & ‘brain work’.

2.02.18 Elfrida recording this session. June made our brains work today, lots of new dances! Maiden Moor – 4 couple, by Tom Cook 1980. An enjoyable dance. Kind and Easey – longways, Kynaston 1716 with Andrew Shaw adaptation, sedate. Sea Breezes – 3 couple longways, a June Jones composition.( the name may change as there are other dances with… Read More »

2018 Happy New Year.

 Another year of enjoyable country dancing awaits. Many thanks once more to Dancing Mistress Elfrida for taking this session. When June has a holiday it’s thanks to Elfrida that we are able to have a dancing session, which we all enjoy. 5.01.18 Farmer’s Joy a longways contemporary dance by Joseph Pimentel danced to a joyful tune. A very… Read More »

dancing in December

1.12.17 Ladies of London 1718 longways dance to music from The Beggar’s Opera. Jonda’s Jig a 3 couple dance with chevrons. Friday Frolic a longways dance. Scotch Cap 1651 published by Playford with diagonals. Have a look at William and Mary Heritage Dances video on You Tube. Fourpence Ha’penny Farthing 1709 longways dance Playford. Indian Queen 1701 longways. 8.12.17 Sailor’s Wives… Read More »

*New (& old) dances in November.

3.11.17  Some dances this month are Geraldine’s Birthday requests:- * Princess Royal a three couple Pat Shaw dance. A good video if you look for Pat Shaw dances. Comical Fellow Loose Ends Mirror Me a three couple dance, 2007. Marching to Praetorius a contemporary dance from 1996. Freeford Gardens a longways dance by David & Kathryn Wright. 10.11.17  Elfrida… Read More »

October. Ten years of country dancing.

Strictly speaking we celebrated 10 years of U3a Country dancing last month. On behalf of all current and former dancers a very big Thank You to June for leading us so well all these years. Of the 125 dances this year (so far) the 10 most danced are :- Birthday Reel Holborn March Guildhall Indian Queen (The) Farmer’s… Read More »

September, five Friday’s for dancing.

1.09.17 Merry milkmaids 1615, one of the very early 4 couple dances. It would be hard to find ‘a milkmaid’ these days, merry or not. Trip to Sheringham a 4 couple square set dance, danced twice as we liked it. Hunsdon House 1657 another 4 couple dance incorporating ‘the grand square’. Hearstease 1651 a longways Playford style dance. a good… Read More »

If it’s August it must be Whitby Folk week.

We keep country dancing through August. 4.08.17 The Welch dance (not a spelling mistake) danced to music from The Beggars Opera. Of Noble Race was Shenkin. Sailors Wives Choreography by June Jones. With a chevron formation. Two Birthday requests for Margaret Upon a Summer’s Day The Archbishop a contemporary dance by Fried de Metz. and The Braes of Dornach a 3… Read More »

I got it wrong!

Amendment to the post on 28.07.17. I wrongly attributed the dance Sailor’s wives to Elfrida Izzett when it was composed by June Jones. Apologies to both. Elfrida says it’ll be a long time before she is composing dances! Liz. Last Updated – Saturday, August 5, 2017

July summer is here

1.07.17 The U3a Summer social & buffet with ‘entertainment’ from the Country dancing group. June called the dances and after a short demonstration there was lively dancing for all, accompanied by much laughter. Then back to our usual sessions:- 7.07.17 Bonnets so Blue -longways dance. Wooden Shoes another longways dance. Meillion a 5 couple dance from Wales. The Ladies… Read More »

Jaunty July

The month started with our group leading the annual U3a summer social -Country dancing & buffet. June called the dances and we did a short demonstration followed by lively group participation with lots of laughter. back to our weekly dance entries. 7.07.17 Bonnets so Blue a longways dance. Wooden shoes another longways dance. Meillion a 5 couple dance of… Read More »

June (Jones) in June

            2.06.17 Dances:- O’er the hills and far away (The) old wife behind the fire 1726 Neal. In spite of this grim title, it was danced to a very jolly tune from the Beggar’s Opera. Old Hob or The Mousetrap a longways dance. Mirror Me a contemporary dance by Loretta Holz 2007. I think this may… Read More »

The Merry Month of May

No dancing around the Maypole but plenty of dancing on:- 5.05.17 Greenbank Park one of June’s dances premiered in July 2016. A 3 couple dance. Low Hill another of June’s dances including a Morris Hey, also 3 couple. My Lady Whinwood’s Maggot Chestnut Playford 1615 Braes of Dornach 12.05.17 recorded by Elfrida. Wits End a 2 couple dance. The Baffled… Read More »

Just three sessions in April

5.04.17 We start with- Namptwich, the old name for Nantwich in Cheshire. Greenbank Park, a three couple dance, choreography by our own June Jones. Ranelagh Gardens another of June’s dances (a work in progress she called it.) Ranelagh Gardens was a famous pleasure garden in the time of Jane Austen. I don’t know if this has anything to do with… Read More »

March was a busy month

Our Taster sessions in January have produced some new and enthusiastic dancers so welcome to them. In addition to our usual Friday sessions, on March 7th. we had an additional dance, June’s significant Birthday Tea Dance, we were joined by Parbold & Upholland U3a country dancers and other dancers associated with June. It was a most enjoyable afternoon… Read More »

A New Year post.

6.01.2017 Our new year starts with Dancing mistress Elfrida calling the dances. Holborn March. pub. 1740 Liberty Guildhall Spanish Jig Spirit of France. Country dances of Colonial America. Indian Queen   13.01.2017 June is back taking the session. Sprigs of Laurel Go to the Devil and shake yourself. What an amazing title but we all seemed to survive!… Read More »

Birthday & group requests

  Dances 4th November Hen Run which you can see on You Tube. Shrewsbury Lasses published Thompson 1785 Leah’s Waltz a contemporary dance 1989 choreographed by Fried de Metz Herman.  A lovely flowing dance. Postie’s Jig The Leamington Dance 1811 11th November dances more of Geraldine’s birthday requests Gued Man of Ballengigh (possibly James IV of Scotland) Queen’s Jig … Read More »

updating our news

2nd September dances Shrewsbury Lasses 1765 Thompson Williamson Square Nonesuch 1651 Playford style Jamaica Birthday Reel 9th September dances For Rebecca Trip to Bavaria (from Wendy’s birthday requests) The Hen Run– Bernard Bailey. The music to this dance sounds a lot like chickens! Duke of Kent’s Waltz. Vocal accompaniment “The Dancing” by Julie Tabor. All about going dancing… Read More »

dancing in August continues

5th August. Nonesuch Two ( not to be confused with Nonesuch) a 4 couple dance The Introduction another 4 couple. Lots of diagonals to keep us on our toes! Terpsicourante a Gary Roodeman dance from 2000. Quite a challenge, with lots of turning! check it out on dance Americans are obviously far less self conscious than us,… Read More »

Dancing in August

We do not have a holiday break from Country dancing so if you are at a loose end on a Friday morning at 11.00, now is your chance to try our country dancing group. You would be most welcome. We have had an enjoyable few months dancing many new and familiar dances. In MAY we joined the Parbold… Read More »

Queen Elizabeth, Angela Rippon and Elfrida.

What you may wonder do this group have in common? Two have had recent birthdays and all are fit for their respective age! Angela Rippon’s recent T.V programme How to Stay Young advocated dancing as one of the best ways to stay fit, although we had some debate as to whether we danced with sufficient vigour! On the… Read More »

Catch up

Please note there will be no dancing on Friday 25th. March Good Friday.     More Birthday requests, Pat has her choices, Leah’s Waltz a contemporary 3 couple dance from 1995. Music-Amelia’s waltz. Scotch Cap 1651, 3 couple Playford style; October’s Child 1980 & Disbanded Officer 1789 both Longways dances. The following week’s dances included some we are demonstrating for… Read More »

Birthday requests 2016

John, Liz, Jean & Pauline are all another year wiser…. requests included Guildhall, Calderstones with the Dolphin Hey, which looks really impressive, see below. Birthday Reel, Trip to Bavaria both 4 couple dances.  Whibsey roundabout a circular Gary Roodeman dance. Have a look at (Click on English country dance, modern.) A Welsh folk dance Meillionen mid 17thC, Octobers child a Naomi… Read More »

into the new year

our new year started with another  ‘volunteer’ dance mistress, Elfrida and some favourite dances including Christ Church Bells (June’s choreography), Maids of March, Jamaica, Birthday Reel, Liberty and Sprigs of Laurel. To see how the dance is performed in costume, view at :                              … Read More »

Some dances to catch up on from the end of 2015

Hyde Park a square formation four couple dance, Mr Haynes Reel a longways set, School for Scandal 1778 either 3 couple or triple minor longways, Braes of Dornach 1757 a 3 couple dance and Grimstock 1651 longways. If all these descriptions sound a bit complicated, it really just shows the variety of dances covered. As June explains each dance and we walk it through, it… Read More »

June’s choreography

June not only calls our dances but choreographs new ones. We have just danced St. James gardens & Calderstones, the titles seem to follow a local or Liverpool theme. More enjoyable dances Merry Andrew & Childgrove. Less successful was Absent Friends which won’t be repeated!   Last Updated – Friday, November 27, 2015

Volunteer caller

As June is taking a break, one of our “group volunteer callers” Wendy is dancing mistress. (3 have been brave enough so far to try calling) with me assisting on the CD player. Dances: Comical Fellow a dance from 1776 Mendocino Redwood 2009. This dance was created as the result of a Gary Roodman dance writing workshop, inspired by the… Read More »

Birthday requests

Following on from last week we completed a Birthday request list, some 10 dances! June hopes this will set a precedent for us all to emulate. Try to select 8 when it’s your Birthday, to help you with this, I plan to list each week’s dances for reference. Since June started the group over 400 dances have been… Read More »