Visit to Speke Hall – 14th July 2017

By | September 10, 2017

Seven members of the group attended this, the group’s second visit to this site.  It was a mostly cloudy but clear morning with good visibility across the Mersey Estuary where we could see there were lots of waders on the far side but they were too distant to identify even through a telescope.  A total of 25 species were recorded, mainly in the grounds and woodland surrounding the hall – for a list of species seen, click ‘Continue reading’:

Species Number Seen Comment
Blackbird A few  
Blackcap Heard only  
Black-headed Gull Hundreds  
Carrion Crow Several  
Chiffchaff Heard only  
Collared Dove Several  
Cormorant A few  
Curlew 3  
Goldfinch Many  
Great Black-backed Gull Two  
Greenfinch A few  
Herring Gull Several  
House Martin Many  
House Sparrow Heard only  
Kestrel Two  
Lesser Black-backed Gull Several  
Magpie Several  
Mallard Two  
Moorhen A few With Young
Reed Warbler Heard only  
Robin A few  
Swallow Many  
Swift Several  
Stonechat Heard only Peter C
Woodpigeon Many

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