u3a Open Day on 23 October 2021 – postscript

By | November 4, 2021

Firstly, many thanks to everyone who came along to help on a bright but cool day. Whether it was Leaders and Coordinators showcasing their groups, the Catering Team serving tea, coffee and biscuits, the Welcome Desk and Membership Teams dealing with newcomers and returning members, or music and dance groups entertaining us throughout the afternoon, it all added up to make the day a success.

There were also many others, too many to mention, who played a vital part in planning, preparing and running the event – agreeing a date and venue, inviting groups to join in, liaising with GLs over attendance and table layouts, advertising the event, producing name plates and signage, arranging tables and chairs (and putting them away).

And of course the day wouldn’t have been the same without the many members and friends who attended – we hope they enjoyed what they saw and will join more of the group activities on offer.

To accompany the Open Day, we produced a full colour Brochure, listing all the groups and illustrating a couple of groups from each of eleven ‘categories’: culture, dance, fitness and exercise, indoor games, language and literature, making things, outdoors, performance, social, sport, and technical. The idea is to open people’s eyes to the wider possibilities within our u3a than just the usual groups they attend. Thank you to all who contributed to the brochure and its production.

There are plenty of brochures now available for Group Leaders to pick up at Horizons and then hand out at their own meetings, along with a schedule of when and where the groups meet. You can also download a pdf version of the brochure here. There is also an online version of the groups schedule which is kept up-to-date.

From the Relaunch Team and the Communications Team