Group visits in October 2018

By | November 27, 2018

As there were five Tuesdays during this October, group visits were planned on both the second and the fifth Tuesday.

Visit to Brockholes on Tuesday 9th October

This was the group’s fifth visit to this Lancashire Wildlife Trust site adjacent to the River Ribble east of Preston.  A large site spread over 250 acres with a unique floating visitor centre and a wide variety of habitats it is always an attractive reserve to visit.  Seven members of the group attended and a total of 25 species were recorded.

Visit to Delamere Forest on Tuesday 30th October

This was our first group outing to Delamere Forest.  Four members of the group met at the Linmere Lodge visitor centre where we were joined by guest leader Peter Twist who lives locally to the forest and his extensive knowledge of the area and experience at identifying bird calls was invaluable.  After lunch Peter Twist took us to nearby Newchurch Common in the hopes of seeing the rare Smew.  Unfortunately the Smew did not show but we did record a number of species which had not been seen at Linmere.  In total 47 species were recorded on this visit.

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Brockholes – 9th October:
Species Number Seen
Blackbird A few
Black-headed Gull Many
Blue Tit A few
Buzzard 3
Carrion Crow Several
Coot Many
Cormorant c.10
Gadwall A few
Goldfinch A few
Great Crested Grebe Several
Grey Heron A few
Herring Gull A few
Lapwing c.12
Magpie A few
Mallard Many
Moorhen Several
Mute Swan Several
Reed Bunting 2
Robin Several
Shoveler A few
Song Thrush 1
Sparrowhawk 1
Teal A few
Tufted Duck A few
Woodpigeon A few


Delamere Forest – 30th October
Species Number Seen Comment
Blackbird Several  
Black-headed Gull c.30  
Blue Tit c.10  
Brambling 1 Peter T
Bullfinch 1 Peter T
Buzzard 1  
Canada Goose c.40  
Carrion Crow 5  
Chaffinch Many  
Coal Tit c.15  
Common Gull 7  
Coot c.20  
Dunnock 1 – Heard only  
Gadwall c.25  
Goldcrest c.20  
Goldfinch c.50  
Great Black-backed Gull 2 pm only
Great Crested Grebe 4 pm only
Great Spotted Woodpecker 2 – Heard only  
Great Tit Heard only  
Grey Heron 2  
Grey Wagtail 1  
Greylag Goose Several  
House Sparrow Several  
Jackdaw c.10  
Jay 9  
Lapwing c.20  
Lesser Black-backed Gull 1  
Long-tailed Tit Heard only  
Magpie 2  
Mallard c.20  
Mandarin 2  
Moorhen Several  
Mute Swan 2 pm only
Nuthatch 1 – Heard only  
Pied Wagtail 1  
Redwing c.35  
Robin c.12  
Shoveler 10 pm only
Siskin 8  
Stock Dove 2  
Teal 10  
Treecreeper 1 – Heard only  
Tufted Duck c.30 pm only
Wigeon 4  
Woodpigeon c.20  
Wren 4 – Heard only

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