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Christmas Card Gallery Guidelines

At a recent Zoom meeting of the Communications Subcommittee, a suggestion came up of publishing a u3a Christmas Card Gallery on the website  – see sample gallery.  If that idea appeals to you, please do get creative and produce a card using your painting, drawing, cartooning or hand-made card skills. For practical and technical reasons, there have to… Read More »

Covid-19 advice on u3a activities

Following the introduction of government restrictions, the National U3A has published some Covid-19 advice on u3a activities. You can also read messages from our Chairman Alan Starkie and Trustee Sue Watkinson about what our u3a is doing in the meantime. Of course, any restarting of activities in the foreseeable future will involve assessment of risk and acceptance of… Read More »

Zoom Sessions Calendar

Various groups now meet using Zoom. Our local U3A now has a license which enables groups to have meetings without a restriction on duration. For further details contact Willem Wiechers by email at: elearning@aughton-ormskirk-u3a.co.uk Last Updated – Friday, September 11, 2020

Lockdown Gardening Newsletters

During this time of various levels of social distancing,  Gardening Group has been sending out excellent newsletters to the regular members of the group via email. Last Updated – Monday, November 9, 2020