Management Committee Minutes

Management Committee Meetings usually occur quarterly.

Draft copies of Management Committee Minutes may be viewed on the website following a meeting.  They are ratified at the next Management Committee Meeting and subsequently published on the website.

Note : Currently, the Minutes need to be emailed to the Web Team for conversion to pdf format, saving in the WordPress Media Library and publishing in the list below.


But the Management Committee keeps ownership of and responsibility for the originating Master Copies of their Minutes files. Queries about Minutes, therefore, should be addressed to the Management Committee.

Hard copies of Minutes may also be posted by the Management Committee in the Scout & Guide HQ.

Committee Minutes for 2019-2020

Committee Minutes for 2018-2019

Committee Minutes for 2017-2018

Committee Minutes for 2016-2017

Committee Minutes for 2015-2016

Committee minutes for 2014-2015

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