Finance & Resources Subcommittee

By | March 22, 2019

The Finance & Resources Subcom­mit­tee (F&R) meets several times a year, usually a week before the Management Committee (MC).

Subcommittee members are:  Alan Starkie (Chair), Vacant (Treasurer), John Tomlinson, Derrick Fewings, Iain Smart, Sally Kirby, David Blanchflower
F&R responsibilities include:
  • Its main business is to consider applications from Group Leaders and others to provide funding for a special event or function, or to authorise the purchase of equipment.
  • It is also responsible for safeguarding the organisation’s assets, providing appropriate insurance and financial reporting to the MC.
  • In recent times, the U3A’s migration to the new Beacon accounting and membership system has occupied much of F&R time, especially in maximising its potential for greater transparency and in facilitating financial reporting and membership records.

Check the Subcommittee Terms of Reference (TOR) for more detail.