AGM 2018

The 15th Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 14th June, at 10.30 in Christ Church, Aughton.

Pamela Green, nominated by George Green, seconded by Eileen Lee

  • Trustee Nominees:

Cathleen Barnes, nominated by Doreen Sheard, seconded by Linda Burden
Mia Faza, nominated by Alan Bonner, seconded by Geoff Roberts
Pauline Jones, nominated by Geoff Maitland, seconded by Alan Nolan
Susan Watkinson, nominated by Bill Soens, seconded by Stan Bryan

As there were 4 candidates for 3 vacant positions, there was a ballot, and as a result, the following were elected to the Trustee Body:

Mia Faza
Pauline Jones
Susan Watkinson