AGM 2016


AGM 2016 Minutes

AGM 2015 Minutes

AGM 2016 Accounts for 2015-16 (as presented)

Groups Accounts for 2015-16 (usual format)

Main Accounts for 2015-16 (usual format)

Members elected  to the Management Committee

Doreen Baker – proposed by Idris Williams, seconded by Pat Boylett

Val Bullen – proposed by Lily Bunner, seconded by Norman Williamson

Gerard Latham – proposed by Patrick Foy, seconded by Richard Quirk

Deirdre Slater – proposed by Edna Lally, seconded by Jackie Roscoe

Peter Trigwell – proposed by Bob Carlton, seconded by Sue Watkinson

As there were 5 nominations for 5 positions, all five candidates were elected en bloc.

Members elected to the Trustee Body

Margaret Gibbon – proposed by Lorna King, seconded by Pauline Jones

Ted Morrell – proposed by Jeff Roberts, seconded by Alex McMinn

Jeff Roberts – proposed by Ann Roberts, seconded by John Critchley

Margaret Wiechers – proposed by Eila Wall, seconded by Bob Carlton

AGM 2016 Notice – 13th Annual General Meeting – Thursday 2nd June 2016

AGM 2016 Agenda

Nomination Form – election to the Management Committee

Nomination Form – election to the Trustee Body

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