Assets & Equipment

Policy and Procedures

The Stock/Asset list comprises equipment bought by the Aughton & Ormskirk U3A for the use of groups and for official administrative purposes.

Asset List

All Group Leaders and Management Committee members, past and present, should pay attention to this document.

To request the Purchase of Equipment

Complete a Request Form and return it to any member of Finances & Resources Sub-committee. (Forms are held in the leaflet dispenser in the Aughton Room at HQ, along with information about equipment.)

Pass all receipts/guarantees etc. to a member of the F & R Sub-Committee if you have purchased such items by personal payment, authorised by the Hon. Treasurer.


Equipment should be stored in HQ where possible; where this is not possible, equipment may be stored in homes of group members disclosed to, and approved by, the F & R Sub-Committee.

Conditions of use

  • all items should be available for the use of groups and members authorised by the Executive Committee
  • if items were initially provided for one group, that group will have priority use of those items
  • items borrowed from an initial group, should be returned within 24hrs of date of use
  • if you need to use items outside HQ, complete the Register of Borrowings and return the items within 24hrs of time of removal, or earlier at request of group requiring items for use in HQ
  • the Register of Borrowings is available on the desk in the Computer Room.

Unofficial equipment

Any member who uses U3A items not included in this official list should contact Dennis Morley with the details forthwith to ensure insurance cover, PAT testing and safety requirements.

If members /external tutors bring in their own personal equipment, they must insure such equipment.

Finance and Resources Subcommittee:

Assets and Equipment come under the auspices of the Finance & Resources Subcommittee,

Requests for further information: Dennis Morley, telephone  01704 545805