Our electronic newsletter, or enews, was developed so that information, updates and important news could be sent out to members at more frequent intervals than the magazine. It is sent out each month to all members who have given us their email address.

It is intended primarily for news or updates which have not been previously advertised including:

  • Information for any new or changed group activity
  • Information for any new or changed social event, speaker event, short courses, etc.
  • Details of U3A events other than those published in the previous magazine or a few other non-U3A events which may be of interest to our members

Information for the enews should be concise. If you have a large amount of information that cannot be accommodated in the enews, this can be placed on the website, if required, with a link from the enews. Dates, times, venues, cancellations, etc. should be included.

Items for the enews should be sent by NOON on the last Monday in the month for publication soon after.

Please send enews items to:



use the contact form on the web contact page selecting enews Editor from the drop-down list.

Note that if you want the same information to be published in the Magazine, face book or the Website, you need to send it in separately to the appropriate editors.