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Music Appreciation – reports on previous meetings

26th April 2022 : Open forum / BYO

Several members were not able to attend the meeting so missed an enjoyable and enjoyed selection of pieces from a mixture of musical styles , orchestral , instrumental and vocal , opera and  film  with some old favourites and some rarer offerings.

Playlist :

Franz Lehar “ You are my heart’s delight “ – sung by Placido Domingo

Philip Glass:   “ Glassworks” – final movement “ Closing”

Charles –Marie Widor : Organ Symphony No 5 – Toccata and Fugue

Played by Ian Tracey at the Liverpool Cathedral Organ .

Paul McCartney: “ Yesterday”  played by Yorkshire Imperial Metals band

Sydney Bechet: “ Dans les rues D’Antibes”

Played by the Bar Marina All Stars

Sergei Rachmaninov : “Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini”

Played by Nicholai Evrov with the Bulgarian State Philharmonic .

Ennio Morricone:  Theme from “ Cinema Paradiso” Irene

Played by Chloe Hanslip ( violin) with the BBC Concert Orchestra

A.M, Goodheart : “ Variations on “Tipperary”

played by Irene Scharrer (piano)

Joachin Rodrigo : Concerto de Aranjuez

vocal  version by Segovia  as “ En Aranjuez con tu amor”

Sung by Andrea Bocelli

George Gershwin: “Rhapsody in Blue” * start)    Played by Boyan Vodanitcherov (piano)  with the Bulgarian State Philharmonic.

Benton Overstreet & Billy Higgins : “ There’ll be some changes made”

Played by the Bar Marina Jazz All Stars


March 22nd 2022  – “ Listen to the wind”  a presentation by Norma Wardle

Norma started by introducing the instruments forming the wind section of a concert orchestra , The flute and piccolo , single reed instruments like the clarinet and saxophone  and double reed instruments like the oboe , Cor Anglais and Bassoon .

Rosemary Fletcher had brought along her flute to demonstrate the technique of playing it but declined to demonstrate it on the grounds of being “too rusty “.

It therefore fell to “the man with the Golden Flute “  i.e. James Galway to play part of Danzi’s flute Concerto and 2 more of Danzi’s works were used to demonstrate the clarinet  and the complimentary combination of flute and clarinet .

The largest of the wind instruments was demonstrated by part of Hummel’s Grand Concerto for Bassoon .

In the second half of the programme the bassoon showed it’s humourous side with Debussy’s “ Goliwogs Cake Walk” before we moved to jazz venues for works featuring Artie Shaw  on clarinet and Paul Gonzalves on tenor saxophone .

The presentation finished with combining the wind instruments in the gran finale of one of the finest works written for small wind ensemble the  -Mozart’s Serenade in B flat .

This was an interesting and informative presentation that was evidently enjoyed by those present .

Playlist :

1 ) Danzi – Concerto for flute and orchestra   – played by James Galway  (flute)        and the Wurttemburg Chamber Orchestra

2)  Mozart – Oboe Concerto  – played by John Anderson and the Royal  Philharmonic Orchestra

3) Dvorak –  Cor Angalais solo from the start of “ New World Symphony “

4) Danzi – Fantasia for Clarinet and Orchestra – played by Sabine Meyer     and the Wurttemburg Chamber Orchestra

5) Danzi – Concerto for flute and clarinet – played by James Galway and Sabine Meyer  with  the Wurttemburg Chamber Orchestra

6) Hummel – Grand Concerto for Bassoon & orchestra    played by Michael Werba and the Wiener Strechen solisten

7) Antonio Mario Romera – Cuban “ Charanga “ music –  played by Enrique Navarro (flute)  wit the Rotterdam Conservatory Chamber Orchestra

8) Bellini – Oboe Concertino in E flat major    –  played by Nicholas Daniels and the Peterborough String Orchestra

9 Debussy – Golliwogs Cake walk – arranged and played by Daniels Smith

10) Artie Shaw – “ Nightmare”

11) From the CD “Duke Ellington at Newport” – the Paul Gonzalves “set” on tenor saxophone .

12) Mozart – Serenade in B flat “ Gran Partita”  – finale  – played by Members of the Academy of St Martin in the Fields  c. Neville Mariner


February 22nd 2022  Restart of meetings : 

In this presentation , Nick Williams gave members his interpretation of a musical Grand Tour .

It was introduced by Nat king Cole’s ” Around the world” then on to China and the Yellow River piano concerto  before crossing into India for 2 items from the stage musical ” Bombay Dreams “. We then travelled west to Europe for ” a Fantasia on Hungarian Folk Melodies” by Franz Liszt  before heading North to Scandinavia to hear a track from Abba’s  album ” Voyager” . Moving southeast we headed for a voyage though Bohemia and the Czech Republic down the river Vltava  (or The Moldau)  curtesy of Bedrich Smetana and the last movement of the suite ” Ma Vlast”. Westward to the Republic of Ireland and  the title number from the stage show ” Firedance”  with music by Bill Whelan  , then further west to finish in the USA  with 2 unusual versions of pieces by George Gershwin .       These were arrangements  for Harmonica and Orchestra by the master of that instrument , Larry Adler with George Martin .

The journey would have been a nightmare for a travel agent to arrange but the trip was obviously thoroughly enjoyed by the group members .


Feb 2022 Playlist

1“Around the World” –  Sung by Nat King Cole

2   “ The Yellow River Concerto – 4th movement –“ Defend the Yellow River”

Played by Yin Chengzong  -piano ( one of the 4 composers)       and the Slovak Radio   Symphony Orchestra  conducted by Adrian Leaper

3 “Bombay Awakes “ and “ Bombay Dreams” from the CD of the  musical      “ Bombay Dreams”    by the “Bollywood” film composer AR  Rahmen  –

4    “Fantasia on Hungarian Folk Melodies”   by Franz Liszt 

Berlin Philharmonic  conducted by Herbert Von Karajan ( 1971 recording)

5“ I still have faith in you “ from the latest  Abba  CD  “ Voyager “

6    “ Vltava” (alternately called the Moldau river) – 3rd movement of “ Ma Vlast” by Bedrich Smetana

Played by the national Youth Orchestra of Great Britain           conducted by Sir Roger Norrington

7  “ Firedance” from the stage show of the same name . From the the 25th Anniversary CD with the RTE Orchestra .

8   Two pieces from “ The Glory of Gershwin” CD , a tribute to the composer with arrangements of his works by Larry Adler and George Martin for Harmonica and orchestra .

“ Rhapsody in Blue” (originally for piano)  with Larry Adler on harmonica .

Summertime” ( from the opera “Porgy and Bess”)  with Larry Adler ( harmonica) and Jazz saxophanist Courtney Pine                                                                      with the George Martin Orchestra


November 23rd  2021 “ Open forum / BYO “

Members enjoyed a wide selection of music including “ Christmas” items like “ Unto us a Child is born “ from Handel’s “Messiah” and part of JS Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio” .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             There were some lesser known items –  Anton Rubinstein’s Piano Concerto No 4 , Gerald Finzi’s “ Romance for String Orchestra”  and Gounod’s “ Juxex” from his “Mars et Vita” .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mozart was represented by the Rondo from his “Oboe Concerto in C” and Bruch by his well-known and much loved “Violin concerto No 1 “.

We were also asked to guess the language of a song which proved to come from an album by an Australian aborigine singer  – certainly a first for our group. As a reminder that we no longer have a Jazz appreciation group running ,we were  treated to a Jazz arrangement of a familiar piece which turned out to have been the introductory music to TV’s “ Cinema” with Barry Norman .

We ended with a “guess the theme”  in a set of variations – Dohnanyi’s “Variations on a Nursery Song”  – Twinkle, Twinkle , little star”  .                                   Everyone seemed to go home smiling so a most enjoyable afternoon.


Handel :  “ Unto us a Child is born” from “ Messiah   Sung by The Scholars Baroque Ensemble with soloists

Max Bruch : Violin Concerto No 1  – 1st movement     Played by Pinchas Zuckerman with the London Philharmonic        conducted by Zubin Mehta

JS Bach :   Christmas Oratorio    Sung by Coro della Radio Svizzera Logano and soloists  plus  I  Barochisti conducted by Diego Fasolis

Gounod: “ Judex”  from “ Mars et Vita              Played by The  RLPO with Libor Pesek

Anton Rubinstein:  Piano Concerto No 4  in D minor – 1st   movement   Played by Natasha Paremski with the Moscow Philharmonic                                                                                                                                                                                 c. Dmitry Yablonsky

Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunapinga :  “ Wyathal”  from his album “ Gurrumul”

Gerald Finzi : Romance for String Orchestra         Academy of St. Martin in the Fields c. Sir Neville Marriner

Richard Carroll Lamb: “ I wish I knew how it would feel to  be free”         Played by Jeff Goldblum (p) with The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra

Erno Dohnanyi : “Variations on a Nursery Song   – Introduction , theme and  first 2 variations                                                                                 Played by Erno Dohnanyi (p)       with the Royal Philharmonic  Orchestra c, Sir Adrian Boult


October 26th 2021  “ Tchaikovsky and friends “

This was an informative and interesting  presentation by Vaughan Wall about the composer and some of the people who provided  financial or emotional support during his career . It was illustrated by some entertaining anecdotes and excerpts of some of his lesser known works (see playlist below).


1) Suite No 4  “ Mozaritana  Played by The New Philharmonia Orchestra c . Antal Dorati

2) Symphony No 2 “ Little Russian “  -second movement                                                                                                                                                                                                Played by the Berlin Philharmonic c. Herbert von Karajan

3) The Snow Maiden  “ Dance and Chorus of the Birds                                                                                                                                                                                        Played by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra c, Igor Golovshian

4) “Souvenir d’un lieu cher”  – Played by Ilya Kaler (violin)                                                                                                                                                                                                  with the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra c. Dmitry Yablonsky

5)   Swan Lake – The Waltz from Act                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Played by the London Symphony  Orchestra c. Andre Previn

6)  Piano Concerto No 2 – first movement =                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Played by Peter Donohue (piano)  with The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra c. Rudolf Barshai

7)  Symphony No 4 – first movement                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Played by the Berlin Philharmonic c. Herbert von Karajan

8)  Festival Coronation March                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Played by the USSR Ministry of Culture Symphony Orchestra   c,  Guennadi Rojdestvenski


Restart meeting   28th September 2021 :   ” Humour in Music ” 

To celebrate our restart of the group , David Sunderland  presented a selection of examples of humour in  music , humourous songs, humour from hearing the unexpected and musical parodies  – familiar music but in the style of another composer .

As promised , every one left with a smile  !


Track 1   Ibert – Divertissement  – Parade and finale                                                                                                                                                                                                Played by the Bournmouth Symphony Orchestra c, William T, Stromberg        

Track 2        “On the trail”  from the Grand Canyon Suite by Ferde                                                                                                                                                                       Played by the Bournmouth Symphony Orchestra c  Andrew Litton

Track 3  Gilbert and Sullivans “ the Mikado “  – My object all sublim                                                                                                                                                                   Sung by  Donald Maxwell  as the Mikado at the 2007 Buxton Gilbert   and Sullivan Festival

 Track 4   The Hippopotamus song by Flanders and Swan     Sung by the operatic bass Ian Wallace

   Track 5       E.J Moeran and  Peter Warlock setting of    ” MaltWorms”       Sung by Nielsen Taylor

   Track  6    “The Mermaid”  Trad  arr Whitworth  sung by the Kings Singers

   Track 7      Mussorgsky’s setting of “Mephistopheles  song of the flea “            from Goethe’s ” Faust                                                                                                                    Sung by the British bass Sir John Tomlinson                

Track 8         Haydn  String Quartet   Op 33 No 2 “ The Joke”  –     Adagio “ 

Track 9   –   Sibelius Symphony No 5      -end

Track  10     Chopin  – Mazurka No 47  Opus 68 no 2      played by Vladimir Ashkenazy

Track 11     Chopin  – Mazurka No 47  Opus 68 no 2     arr for 4 Tubas by Daniel Abrams                                                                                                                                          Composed for the 1956 Hoffnung Music Festival .

Track 12  Andante from Haydn’s Symphony   – known as the”  Surprise” Symphony   –  excerpt                                              

  Track 13   Donald Swan’s version of Haydn’s “Surprise” Symphony                                                                                                                                                                   Played by the Hoffnung Symphony Orchestra  at the1956 Hoffnung  Music Festival       

Track 14 :  Beethoven Parody composed by Dudley Moore      Played by the concert pianist Piers Lane

 Track 15:   Eric Fenby – “ Rossini on Ilkls Moor”     Royal Ballet Sinfonia  c Gavin Sutherland


February 25th 2020 : ” Let’s Dance”

Nick Williams started with the classic waltz of Johann Strauss the Younger and jazzed up versions from Dave Brubeck and Dmitri Shostakovich . He moved on to examples of dance music from Stage and film Musicals and “modern” ballet via Mexican traditional dances before returning to more music from Stage and film Musicals .( See playlist below )
While not managing to move any of his audience to get up and dance , there was definitely some foot tapping and shoulder swaying going on,
An afternoon of music much enjoyed by a good attendance .


Johan Strauss II – Emperor Waltz   Played by the Strauss Festival Orchestra  c  Andre Lenard

Dave Brubeck – ” It’s a Raggy Waltz”

Dmitri Shostakovich : “Waltz No 2″ from ” Jazz Suite No 2 ”  Played by The Russian State Symphony Orchestra
” Tahiti Trot”                                               Conducted by Dmitry  Yablonsky
(Reputedly , for a bet , he completed this re-orchestration from memory in 45 minutes after listening to a version of “Tea for Two” )

Leonard Bernstein – ” America” from ” West Side Story” – a recording of a Broadway stage production starring Marie Kesselman.

Harry Warren & Al Dubin – ” 42nd Street ” Stage production with Wanda Richert

Aaron Copland – ” El Salon Mexico ”                                                                 Played by the BBC Philharmonic c. John Wilson
Four Dance Episodes from “Rodeo” – “Saturday Night Waltz ”              ”                    ”
– “Hoe Down ”                                                                                                        ”                      ”

George Gershwin – ” An American in Paris ” (Ballet sequence)
2015 Broadway Production

Lerner & Lowe – ” My Fair Lady ” – ” I could have danced all night”
Sung by Katherine Jenkins

George Merrill & Shannon Rubicam – ” I wanna dance with somebody” Sung by Alexandra Burke from the Stage production of the musical “The Bodyguard ”


January 28th 2020 : ” One -hit classical wonders ?”
Some well-known pieces are by composers few of us can name or , if we can , we cannot recollect another work by that composer . In most cases there were other works by that composer that were popular but are now rarely or even never performed . In some cases any other works have been lost so to call them “A one-hit wonder” is appropriate . In his presentation David Sunderland introduced four composers as examples of both types . These were Johann Pachelbel , Paul Dukas , Luigi Boccherini and Samuel Barber. .He played parts of other works by 3 of these composers and left the group members to decide if the title ” One-hit wonder” was appropriate .


JOHANN PACHELBEL – Canon in D Played there by the London Symphony Orchestra
PAUL DUKAS “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”
Played by the National Youth orchestra of Great Britain conducted by Semyon Bychkov in a Prom concert of 2010

“Villanelle for horn and orchestra”
Played by Esa Tukia (french horn) with the Finnish Radio S.O.

” Symphony in C ” opening of the first movement
Played by the BBC Philharmonic conducted by Yan Pascal Tortelier

LUIGI BOCCHERINI – “String Quartet in E major, G275 (Minuet) ” Played there by Richard Lesser with the Vanburgh Quartet
” Cello Concerto No 9″ – 3rd movement Played by Jaqueline Dupre with the English Camber Orchestra                   conducted by Daniel Barenboim in 1967
“Guitar Quintet No 4” – Fandango. Played there by Eros Roseli and the Magnifica Comunita

SAMUEL BARBER – Adagio for Strings Played there by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra conducted by Marin Alsop
Violin concerto – second movement Played by Isaac Stern with the New York Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstein
The School for Scandal Overture Played by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra conducted by Yoel Levi
Symphony No 1 – first movement Played by the St Paul Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leonard Slatkin


November 26th 2019 :   Humour and music 

To compensate for the gloomy weather , Norma Wardle cheered up the members  with a much appreciated selection of music showing different aspects of musical humour .  These included comedy songs  by Flanders and Swann , comedy monologues about music by Victor Borge  , comic sounding music like the cats duet by Rossini , and music that simply made one smile and feel good .     I am sure that all of those attending went away happier than when they arrived . Most appropriate for our last presentation before Christmas .


1. Shostakovich Jazz Suite   – Waltz and Polka  Played by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra c. Riccardo Chailly

2. Johann Strauss II:  “Banditen Galop”   played by the Vienna Philharmonic c. by Willi Boskovsky

3. Victor Borge   “A Mozart Opera

4. Ferdinabd Hérold –    “Clog Dance” from the ballet ” La Fille mal Garde”  Played by the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House ,       Covent Garden  and arranged and conducted  by John Lanchberry

5. Vaughan Williams English Folksong Suite  – Folksongs from Somerset     Played by the RLPO c by John Wilson

6. Flanders & Swann :   ” Misalliance”  and ” Kokorati”  from the album “At the Drop of a hat”

7. Hans Christian Lumbye :  ” Champagne Galop ”  and “Copenhagen Steam Railway Gallop”   – Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra c by Gennady Rozhedestvensky

8. Bob Hagart and Yank Lawson’s World’s Greatest Jazz Band playing ” Big noise from Winetka”  for double bass and drums

9 The Pasadena Roof Orchestra   playing ” Everything stops for Tea”.( very appropriate just before the interval ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

10. Rossini –   Cats Duet     with Felicity Lot  and Ann Murray  (a wonderful performance  on video)

11  Lionel Hampton  – “How High the Moon”

12. Edouard Strauss:    ” Ohne Bremse”   (“Without  Brakes ”  – a fast and furious polka)                                                                                                                                                            Vienna Philharmonic  c Willi Boskovsky

13. Carl Orff Carmina Burana :  –  “Olem lacus colueram”  ( The roasting swan song)

18. Offenbach:   Gaieté Parisiemme :  Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra  c, Andre Previn


October 22nd 2019 :  Open Forum / BYO 

Playlist of members choices:

Chopin – Piano Concerto No 2  – 2nd movement  played by Garrick Ohisson with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra    conducted by Jerzy Maksymiuk .

Mantovani and his orchestra playing their signature tune ” Charmaine” 

Max Bruch “Canzone” transcribed for Flugelhorn and played by  by Sergei Nakariakov with the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy

Tchaikovsky – ” The Snow Maiden” incidental music – the introduction  played by the BBC PHilharmonic Orchestra conductd by Vassily Sinaisky

Elgar – ” Introduction and Allegro”  –    played by the BBC Symphony Orchestra conducted by sir Andrew Davies

Elgar :  ” Symphony No 1 ” – first movement  –  an old recording ( remastered) with Sir John Barbirolli conducting the Halle Orchestra

Rod Stewart singing his version of ” Maggie May” in a live concert recording

Chopin – ” Berceuse” played by Daniel Barenboim

Tchaikovsky – ” The Snow Maiden” incidental music – ” The Dance of the Tumblers – played by the BBC PHilharmonic Orchestra conducted by Vassily Sinaisky

Steve Goodman : ” City of New Orleans”  a ballad about a long distance railway journey – sung by Willie Nelson


September 24th :   A showing of the video of “Elgar”  – a documentary by Ken Russell for the BBC                                                                           – made in 1962  for the “Monitor” series 

This was an excellent documentary , covering Elgar’s humble background  , his difficulty in gaining recognition and an acknowledgement of the important supporting role played by his wife . Most informative and greatly enjoyed by the group members.. (This video is available on request for loan  to those group members who were unable to attend on the day)

August 27th 2019 : Open forum / BYO

Bank holiday week , holidays or grandchild minding duties may have been responsible for an exceptionally low attendance at this meeting but this did give those present the chance to play more than one track each for a change !
These were mainly vocal numbers but came from opera , film , folk , jazz and popular music. There was a particularly beautiful rendition by Nataria Devrath of ” Bailero” from Canteloupe’s “Songs of the Auvergne ” and an amusing piece by the pianist Stephen Hough based on a well-known Australian song tune.
Mozart had a good day with arias from three of his operas as did Alexander Armstrong wearing his singers hat.
To make up for the demise of the Jazz Appreciation Group , there were two interesting settings of Shakespeare sonnets by John Dankworth , sung by the inimitable Cleo Lane .
We also heard a section of one of the more accessible works by the experimental composer Charles Ives .
So an enjoyable variety of music.


Mozart – “Queen of the Night” aria from “The Magic Flute” sung by Luciana Serra with the Staatskapelle Dresden c. Sir Colin Davis

Mozart “Laudate Dominum” from ” Vesperai solonnes de Confessione Sung by Edith Mathis with the Leipzig Radio Chorus and the Staatskapelle Dresden c. Sir Colin Davis

Mozart “La, ci darem la mano” from ” Don Giovani” sung by Thomas Allen and Marie McLaughlin with the Academy of St Martins-in-the Fields orchestra conducted by Sir Neville Mariner

Mark Knopfer : “Going Home” and ” The Mist covered Mountain ” from the film ” Local Hero ”

Eric Coates : ” By the Sleepy Lagoon”
( Desert Island Discs signature theme)

Alexander Armstrong singing ” When a Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square ” , ” Over the hills and Far Away” and ” Stranger in Paradise”

Canteloupe : ” Bailero” and ” Three Barrios ” from ” Songs of the Auvergne” sung by Nataria Devrath

John Dankworth: ” Where the bee sucks” and ” Shall I compare thee” from his settings of Shakespeare sonnets – sung by Cleo Lane

Charles Ives : ” The Alcotts ” , part 3 of his ” Piano Sonata No 2 titled Concord , Massechusetts ” in an orchestrated version by Henry Brant

Stephen Hough: “Matilda’s Rhumba” variations on a well-known Australian song tune – played on the piano by the composer


July 23rd 2019 : ” The Natural World interpreted in music “

Many composers have attempted to picture in music the wonders and mysteries of the Natural World. Alma and Roger Abel played some of their favourite examples . These covered the  sea and mountains , the weather and the seasons not forgetting two  of the planets living creatures at different ends of the size scale – the lark and elephants !

A good turn-out of group members enjoyed an afternoon of glorious music  on a very hot day. Perhaps Alma and Roger could have included ” We’re having a heat wave , a tropical heatwave !  .

Play list

” Utopia” by George Fenton  (  from ” The Blue Planet” series)

” Dawn Chorus” from John Barry’s ” The Beyondness of Things ” – English chamber Orchestra

“Land of the Mountain and the Flood ” by Hamish McCunn – Scottish National Orchestra conducted by Sir Alexander Gibson

“The Wave”  composed and played by Ludovico Einaudi

Beethoven Symphony No 6  (Pastoral”) – Storm scene   – London Symphony Orch  c Wyn Morris

“Winter” and “Spring ” from Glazunov’s ” The Seasons”   Scottish National Orch c. Neemi Jarvi

“Summertime” from Gershwin’s ” Porgy and Bess ”  sung by Rene Fleming

” Autumn” from Glazunov’s ” The Seasons” Scottish National Orch c. Neemi Jarvi

” Elephants” from Saint-Saens ” Carnival of the Animals ”

” The Lark Ascending” by Vaughan- Williams – Nicola Benedetti (violin) with the LSO conducted by Andrew Litton

“Nocturne” from the ” Durham Concerto” by Jon Lord  – RLPO conducted by Mischa Damev

“Judex” from ” Mors et vita” by Charles Gounod  – RLPO c by Libor Pesek


June 25th 2019 :  ” The versatile Piano” 

Marjorie and Stan Bryan reminded us of  the various roles that can be taken by the piano ; as solo instrument , to accompany another instrument  in concerti , in chamber music groups and to accompany a vocalist . The presentation was illustrated with well chosen examples (see playlist below ) which were obviously enjoyed by the group members .  A good afternoon’s listening  for piano fans !

(Notes on this presentation can be provided on request )


Solo instrument :

Liszt        – Lieberstraum ( Daydream) No 2     played by Kun Woo Paik

Beethoven –  Piano Sonata No 23 in F minor Op57 -III   Played by Vladimir Ashkenazy

Schubert : Moments musicaux  D780  – No 4 – played by Andras Schiff

Scott Joplin : “The Entertainer ” and ” Pineapple Rag” – played by Joshua Rifkin

Two Pianos :

Rachmaninov :  Suite No 1 for 2 pianos  – ” Easter” played by Peter Donohoe and Martin Roscoe

With another instrument :

Rachmaninov : Cello sonata in G minor Op 19 – 3rd movement                                                 –                                 played by Benedick Kloeckner (cello) and Anna Fedorova ( piano)

Puccini : “Storiells d’amore”   and  “Sole e amore” arranged for trumpet by Tine Thing Helseth                  with Kathryn Stott on piano

Accompanying a singer :

Schubert : ” An Die Music ” D 547 and ” Auf dem wasser zu singen”  – Felicity Lott ( soprano)                             with Graham Johnson on piano

In Chamber music : 

Schubert : Piano Quintet  D667 ” The trout quintet”  Played by The Hagen Quartet plus                                     Andras Schiff on piano

In piano concerto with full orchestra : 

Shostakovich : Piano Concerto No 2 in f major Op 102 – 2nd movement                        played by                   Boris Giltburg with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic  conducted by Vasily Petrenko

Beethoven :  Piano Concerto No 4 in G Op 58  – 3rd movement     –played by John Lill                                    with the Scottish National Orchestra conducted by Sir Alexander Gibson


May 28th 2019 :  ” The Best of British “

Nick Williams presented a selection of music that represented the best in several genres of British music . There were familiar works by British classical composers  – Elgar , Delius and Britten plus Richard Addinsell.                     The world of popular music  was represented by performances by British singers , Elton John , Phil Collins and Matt Monro with Katherine Jenkins singing ” I vow to thee my country ” based on a theme from Holst’s “Planet suite                                                                                                                         Two numbers from  the success of British musical “Billy Elliot ” brought in the world of  musical theatre .

This was a varied programme which deserved a larger audience but was appreciated by those attending .

                                 Play list :

Edward Elgar – Cello concerto  (1st movement ) played by Felix Schmitt with The London Symphony Orchestra conduced by Rafael Frubeck de Burgos

Ralph Vaughan-Williams  – Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis                                                                            Played by the LSO as above

Frederick Delius – “The Walk to the Paradise Garden “                                                     Played by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra  conducted by Meredith Davies

Benjamin Britten :  “Dawn”  from ” Four Sea Interludes”  ( from his opera ” Peter Grimes” ) played by the BBC Symphony Orchestra c, Andrew Davies

Richard Addinsell :  ” The Warsaw Concerto ”  ( written for the 1941 film ” Dangerous Moonlight” )  played by Cristina Ortiz (piano) with the Royal Philharmonic c. Moshe Atmon

Elton John : “Crocodile Rock” 

Phil Collins : ” Two Hearts

Matt Monro : Wednesday’s Child 

” Deep in the ground” Sung by Tim Healy (Billy)and “Electricity” sung by Haydn Gwynne (as his father) from the musical “Billy Elliot”                Music by Elton John / lyrics by Lu Hall

Katherine Jenkins singing “ I vow to thee my Country”   Words by A. Patrick to music from Gustav Holst’s ” Planet Suite “

April 23rd 2019 :   Open forum / BYO 

As usual a wide selection of music was presented by the group members . Two members independently chose duets by a duo comprising an opera singer and a “pop” singer ( see below) . There were connections between two other items  , Ferde Grofe’s ” Grand canyon Suite ” and George Gershwin’s ” Rhapsody in blue”  ” ( Grofe  orchestrated Gershwin’s piece composed for piano solo ) .                                               With the demise of the Jazz Appreciation Group , a former member of that group used this opportunity to add to our members  jazz  education via  Stephane Grappelli and the Diz Disley Trio. Two operatic sopranos were given an airing in works by Mascagni and Villa-Lobos and the harp had two items . A Varied and enjoyable selection .

Playlist :

Andrea Bocelli Duet with Dua Lipa singing “If only ”

Easter Hymn from Cavalleria Rusticana by Mascagni – sung by Maria Callas

” Come fly with me” sung by the inimitable Frank Sinatra

“Claire de Lune” from “Suite Bergamasque” by Debussy played by Dame Moura Lympany (1988 recording) (piano)

” Lover come back to me” played by Stephane Grappelli (guitar) and the Diz Disley Trio (1975)

“Sunrise ” from ” The grand Canyon Suite” by Ferde Grofe played by the New York Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstein

Bachiana Brasilieros No 5 by Villa-Lobos for soprano and cellos
Sung by Kiri Te Kanawa and the Lyn Hanrill Ensemble (1983)

Pachelbel’s Canon – a version for solo Harp played by Sarah Hill

” Poeme for violin and Orchestra ” by Ernest Chausson
Played by Maurice Hasson (v) and the BBC Concert Orchestra c, Barry Wordsworth

” Perhaps Love” -a duet version sung by Placido Domingo and John Denver (1981)

” The Eternal Dream” by Carl Jenkins – played by Catrin Finch (harp)

The andante from ” Rhapsody in Blue ” by George Gershwin
Played by Boyan Vodenichenko (piano) with the Balkan state Orchestra c, Jo Alfidi

March 26th  2019   :     ” Water ” 

Rae Martin drew on his technical knowledge of the properties of water to introduce music related to the vapour , liquid and solid phases of this substance vital to life on Earth.

We went from the grey clouds of Liszt’s  ” Nuages Gris ” through Chopin’s ” Raindrops prelude ” to the “Lonely waters ” of E.J. Moeran , Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake ” , Thea Musgrave’s ” Loch Ness” ( complete with monster) and Smetana’s ” Die Moldau” . and the pace ( and volume level)  increasd with  the thunder of Grofe’s ” Niagara Falls  suite “.

The temperature then dropped with Georgy Svirdov’s ” Snowstorm Waltz ”  to the eerie chill of Vaughan Williams ” Antarctic Symphony ” . We returned to warmer climes with Debussy’s ” La Mer ”  and ended on an optimistic note with Judy Garland singing ” Over the Rainbow ” .

An interesting theme illustrated with good music choices – much appreciated by the group members present .

February 26th 2019 :  Selections from the Classic FM list of the top-selling classical Album of the last 25 years.

It may have surprised some of our members  that, according to this Classic FM survey , 7 out of the top 20 albums are by Welsh artists and the best selling living composers are Howard Shore, Ludovico Einaudi . John Williams and Karl Jenkins . However  Vaughan Wall managed to find a wider selection of music that made for an afternoon of pleasant listening . It was a shame that so many of our regular attendees were not present to enjoy it !


Shostakovich       – Jazz Suite No 2  – Waltz 2   from the ” Shostakovich Jazz album”

Holst  – Uranus from the Planet Suite   played by the CBSO c Simon Rattle

Andrew Lloyd-Weber :     ” Music of the Night ” from “Phantom of the Opera”  sung by Katherine Jenkins on her  album “One fine day”

Luciano Pavarotti  singing ” Caruso” from his album ” Love Songs

Blake singing ” Swing low , sweet chariot” from their album “Blake”

Ludovico Einaudi playing ” Primavera ” from his album “Islands”

Michael Nyman :  ” The heart asks pleasure first” from the album of the soundtrack of “The Piano ”

Nigel Kennedy playing ” Unknown Soldier ” from the album ” Classic FM album 2005 ”

Andrea Rieu  playing “Love theme from the film Romeo and Juliet ”  from the album ” Music of the Movies”

Andrea Bocelli singing  “Canto della terra ” from his album ” Sogno”

Hayley Westenra   singing ” River of Dreams ” from her album “Pure”

Russell Watson singing “Nella fantasia” from his album ” The Voice”

January 22nd 2019 :  Howard Hanson – American neo-romantic composer “par excellence”  and educator 

Howard Hanson was among the first 2oth C American composers to achieve widespread prominence .He was described as “the American counterpart of Rachnaninov , though with a Scandinavian-American accent” . Yet , outside the USA his works now are rarely heard . To remedy this David Sunderland gave an introduction to the  life and music of this composer who wrote over 40 works including 7 symphonies , an opera plus music for chamber orchestra , choir and Band . In addition  as  conductor of the Eastman- Rochester Orchestra  he premiered hundreds of works by other American Composers .


Track 1 – “The Interlochen theme ” – used in the film “Alien”
( From Symphony No 2 )

Track 2 Symphony No 2 —- first Movement
Seattle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gerald Schwartz

Track 3 “Fantasy Variations on a Theme of Youth ”

The pianist was Carol Rosenberger with the New York Chamber Orchestra ,
conducted by Gerald Schwartz .

Track 4 Symphony No 1 – first movement
Nashville Symphony Orchestra c, Kenneth Schermerhorn

Track 5 Merry Mount Suite – IV Prelude to Act II and Maypole Dances
Nashville Symphony Orchestra c, Kenneth Schermerhorn

Track 6 Symphony No 4 Requiem -IV Lux aeterna
Seattle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gerald Schwartz

Track 7 piano concerto in G Op 36    II , III & IV
The pianist was Carol Rosenberger with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gerald Schwartz

Track 8 “Pastorale for Oboe , strings and harp ”

.Track 9 ” Mosaics” ( 1957 )
Seattle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gerald Schwartz

Track 10 Symphony No 7 – 3rd movement
Seattle Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gerald Schwartz