Visit to Woolston Eyes SSSI – 30th May 2017

By | September 10, 2017

Access to this ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’ is restricted to permit holders and we were guided on this visit by Douglas Buchanan, a member of the Woolston Eyes Conservation Group.  From the ornithological point of view this site is home to a breeding colony of the rare Black-necked Grebe and we were fortunate enough to see about ten adult birds along with several chicks.  (None of us managed to get a good photograph this year however so this picture is one taken by group member Graham Cawdell last year.)

The conservation group’s website includes lists of sightings, photographs and other interesting information which can be reached by clicking here.

Another interesting sighting this year was a pair of immature (2nd summer) Mediterranean Gulls, one of which was ringed and the conservation group’s website includes an on 31st May showing where this bird has been recorded since it was ringed in 2015.

Six members of the group attended this visit and a total of 44 species were recorded.  For a complete list of sightings click ‘Continue Reading’:

Species Number Seen Comment
Blackbird Several  
Blackcap Heard only  
Black-headed Gull Hundreds Nesting
Black-necked Grebe c.10 + chicks
Bullfinch 2  
Buzzard 2  
Canada Goose Many + chicks
Carrion Crow A few  
Chiffchaff Several  
Coot Many + chicks
Cormorant A few  
Common Sandpiper One  
Gadwall Several  
Goldfinch A few  
Grasshopper Warbler Heard only  
Great Crested Grebe c.10 + chicks
Great Spotted Woodpecker One  
Great Tit One  
Greenfinch A few  
Greylag Goose 2  
Jackdaw A few  
Lapwing A few + chicks
Linnet A few  
Little Grebe A few  
Magpie Several  
Mallard Many  
Mediterranean Gull 2  
Moorhen A few  
Mute Swan Several + cygnets
Pheasant Heard only  
Pochard Several + chicks
Reed Bunting One  
Reed Warbler 2  
Robin Several  
Ruddy Duck 2  
Shelduck Several  
Shoveler Several  
Stock Dove 2  
Swift A few  
Tufted Duck Several  
Whitethroat Heard only  
Woodpigeon Several  
Wren One  
Unidentified Gull One (Immature)


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