Visit to Woolston Eyes – 14th May 2019

By | June 7, 2019

Nine members of the Bird Watching group attended this our fourth visit to this ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’. Access to the site is restricted to permit holders and our thanks go to reserve volunteer David for unlocking the gates for us and helping with some of the sightings.

Photo taken by group member Graham Cawdell when we visited this site in 2016


The site is well known as the home for probably the largest breeding site in the UK for the rare black-necked grebe.  This year there are 26 of them although we only saw a fraction of this number as many were on their nests hidden among the reeds.

Amongst the total of 39 species recorded another special highlight was the sighting of a Garganay.


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Species Number Seen Breeding
Blackbird A few  
Blackcap 1
Black-headed Gull Many  
Black-necked Grebe A few  
Blue Tit 1
Buzzard A few  
Canada Goose Several With Young
Carrion Crow A few  
Chiffchaff 1 seen, many heard  
Coot Many With Young
Cormorant 2  
Dunnock A few  
Gadwall Many  
Garganey 1  
Great Crested Grebe A few  
Great Spotted Woodpecker Heard only
Great Tit 1
Greenfinch A few  
Grey Heron 1  
Grey Wagtail 1  
Greylag Goose A few With Young
House Martin A few
Lapwing Several  
Lesser Black-backed Gull 2  
Magpie A few  
Mallard Several  
Meadow Pipit 1
Mediterranean Gull 1  
Moorhen A few  
Mute Swan A few  
Pheasant 1  
Pochard A few  
Reed Warbler Heard only  
Robin A few  
Shelduck Several  
Tufted Duck Several  
Whitethroat 1  
Woodpigeon A few  
Wren 1

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